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Built-in kitchen furniture: obvious advantages

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Case furniture continues to fill homes and apartments, but the built-in furniture - this is a breakthrough in terms of space saving. Especially useful built kitchen, if the size room only 5-7 square meters.

Beautiful furniture that person kitchen

When ordering built-in kitchen:

  1. If you want to hide the shortcomings of communication and walls.
  2. If you want furniture on individual request, What others do not.
  3. If you want to fully take advantage of the space, or save space in a small room.
  4. If the headset is, proposed furniture stores, you do not like or do not fit the desired design.

beautiful kitchen

Pros and cons of built-in kitchen in the apartment and a private home


  • layout of furniture uses 100% space, therefore, do not appear blind corners or gaps between cabinets;
  • owner regulates the financial costs of set - he chooses material for furniture, the location on the wall, the size, complexity, decor and functional additions;
  • taking part in the planning, owner has lockers, shelves and equipment so, as it is convenient and comfortable;
  • built-in appliances - it also saves space, Besides, hidden behind the facades of the doors do not interfere to create a single style headset.

Built in furniture


  • kitchen under the individual order size is worth more than a free-standing furniture;
  • layout and location of the equipment it is necessary to think before, how are you going to create a kitchen design, after installation will not change anything;
  • at breakage art, dismantling hurt the integrity countertop or headset.

Technique for Embedded Kitchen

One of the advantages of custom kitchens - a built-in appliances. So, for façades hidden headset products, which are not in harmony in color, style and general appearance. Besides, built-in appliances eliminates the gap at the junction with furniture, and it will not allow dust to accumulate, dirt and crumbs.

Technique for Embedded Kitchen

That technique fully fit into the set, planned location of each product.

  1. Plate. Ordinary plate is better to replace the hob. It does not require separation of the worktops, It saves space below for boxes, and the oven can be replaced by an infrared oven, which is not necessarily set in the bottom row. The surface of the gas sold, electric and combined, so the choice is up to the owner, as it is convenient.
  2. extract. It is a necessary thing for the kitchen, but its appearance does not suit some housewives. With built-in hood furniture can be placed at a comfortable height, a hide box for the upper cabinets. Of course, as an option, You can leave the hood open, if it complements the style of the interior.hood for embedded kitchens
  3. Fridge. At the request of the customer can remain separate from the kitchen units, incorporated partially or fully fit, but the door is not veneered façade.
  4. Dishwasher and washing machine. These two articles are arranged by the owner. Often the washing machine is installed in the bathroom, leaving the owner to place the cabinets and shelves. Dishwasher may be missing. This technique for the kitchen is not considered mandatory, but, undoubtedly, It saves time. Besides, built-in appliances is quieter.
  5. Microwave. This technique is not necessarily built, but to maintain the style can be placed in a locker. For room hi-tech style of the microwave is better not to frame the facade panels.

microwave for embedded kitchens

triangle rule

This is the basic rule, which is used in the layout of furniture for kitchen. Cooking process consists of three stages: storage, treatment, cooking, and accordingly refrigerator, sink or countertop and working hob. If properly positioned in the kitchen these items, Food will become more comfortable, and the size of the room will no longer have values. so, "Triangle rule" - a layout of furniture and equipment for convenience.

plan kitchen

Layout of furniture and its dimensions owner chooses at its discretion, but there is an optimal size, from which is a start:

built-in kitchen

  • worktop depth - 60 cm;
  • height from floor to table top - 85 cm;
  • the distance from the tabletop to the upper cabinet - a 45 cm;
  • the depth of the wall cabinet - 30 cm;
  • the depth of the lower cabinet - from 45 cm;
  • the height of the lower base of the cabinet - 8,5 cm.

This optional dimensions, they are suitable for the comfort and functionality of the headset. Use them to your plan or change at will.

Single-row for small spaces

Single-row fitted kitchen

Such an arrangement is typical for small spaces, and spacious rooms, where one side of the work, and the other - dining. In this case, the "triangle rule" does not apply, therefore we recommend to place the sink in the middle, a fridge and hob - on the sides. note, that between the gas cooker and sink must leave a gap of countertops.


This option is suitable for through-rooms. So, located on one side of the refrigerator, and on the other - a sink and hob. The advantage of two-row embodiment - is a large working surface.

Two-row fitted kitchen


Kitchen with right angles are set in small rooms to save space. The spacious rooms also look good, but follow, to sink and stove were not far from each other.


Set mounted on three walls of the room. This arrangement easily lends itself to the "triangle rule", but keep in mind, that the distance between the walls is not less than 120 cm, otherwise the move will be uncomfortable.

U-shaped fitted kitchen


This form is similar to any of the above, but the difference - a projecting portion. They can be the cabinet, cabinet or bar, separating the working and dining area.

The island

This angular or U-shaped kitchen, center-filled. This furniture is located in the middle of the room, therefore it is used in large rooms. The optimum size of island - not less than 120 × 120 cm.


Furniture Buying Tips

  1. Built-in furniture for the kitchen is planned after the selection of technology. Do not receive a separate purchase furniture and equipment, and then combine.
  2. Choosing built-in appliances, you decide, you need to hide behind the facade, and what can be put on the table or eliminate.
  3. Using the services of a designer or consultant, Advance reservation amount, had counted, built to the kitchen is not cost more, than planned.
  4. If you do not plan to hide the door machinery, make, that they are in harmony with each other and facades. Manufacturers produce sets of built-in appliances, which perfectly fit into the interior.

    Stylish built-in kitchen
    Stylish fitted kitchen decorate your home
  5. comfortable option, when the built-in furniture for the kitchen are available on request. Designers and workers of the company will pick up their own equipment in color and size.