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As well complement the kitchen design with the TV

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Modern kitchen - technically equipped room in the apartment. Compact TV in the kitchen - the last chord, the final set of a full complete set of home appliances. The hostess spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and television will allow her to listen to the news or watch your favorite show without departing from the current kitchen hassle. TV in the interior of the kitchen and becomes the reason, that family members often gather there together and spend time, communicating with each other.

TV - it is an integral part of the living room, handy addition to the bedroom and familiar to many dishes attribute today
TV - it is an integral part of the living room, handy addition to the bedroom and familiar to many dishes attribute today

TV in the kitchen interior

design kitchens It differs from other rooms apartment high saturation. Her area of ​​focus elements of different shapes and textures, that the designer has combined into one. And if in other spacious premises of the apartment under the home screen is given a separate area, the small TV the kitchen should organically fit into the existing composition. designers recommend 4 options, how to place it in the kitchen:

  • allocation. This method is suitable for large rooms or if the kitchen combined with living room. Standard kitchen completely fills the space, and interior composition complete solve the problem wall-mounted TV in the kitchen in conjunction with the accompanying decorative elements. This composition will complete shelves around the TV on the wall. With the advent of widescreen plasma models it became fashionable wall panel for TV.
  • Combination. According to this principle it is placed in a small kitchen, when it is installed adjacent to other equipment on a common facade. TV on the hood in the kitchen or around microwave through a similar appearance will make them coherent composition. The interior will complete harmony, if used for curtains strict baguettes, and on the walls hang pictures in polished within.

In the kitchen equipment should be compact and stable
In the kitchen equipment should be compact and stable

  • concealment. Used in cases, when the hostess with a keen aesthetic perception does not see any options to achieve a combination of the home screen with a kitchen interior. Most often such a situation arises, when the idea to establish the plasma design emerged after repairs completed. To resolve the contradiction between the desire to look at the kitchen and the fear of favorite programs to shift the focus in the thoroughly thought-out interior is built TV in the kitchen headset.
  • Separation. Designers in determining the location of the home screen in the interior primarily take into account its ability to attract attention, even if, If next to it there is a bright and unusual item. Therefore, if the interior mistress seeks to focus attention on a single object, is positioned next to it a bright screen is not necessary. Original panels of decorative plaster close to the plasma will lose all the charm. The home screen is not recommended to place even in the same sector with the main foreseeable element of the interior.

TV should be placed away from the stove and the sink, at a height comfortable for the eyes
TV should be placed away from the stove and the sink, at a height comfortable for the eyes

TV placement options

It is important not only competently place the TV in the kitchen from an aesthetic point of view,. Its location should provide comfortable viewing, so the TV placement options in the kitchen not only depend on the design style of the room, but also on its size, shape and light. On the screen, lit by direct sunlight, nothing will be seen. For much of the plasma in a small kitchen just no place, yes and watch it up close is not very comfortable. A small TV in the small kitchen look natural and in proportion.

A simple way to determine the optimal size of the home screen for rooms: number, equal to six times the length of the room, is the length in inches diagonal.

Besides, there are a few recommendations for places to TV:

  1. It should not interfere with the process of cooking. It can not be sacrificed for the sake of workplace countertop installation;
  2. The fixing method is primarily to be reliable and safe, All electrical wiring is completely hidden.

Standard solution - to hang the TV on the wall
Standard solution - to hang the TV on the wall

Harmless to the eye and comfortable for the perception of the image distance from the screen is the distance, equal 4 its diagonals. For a standard kitchen viewing distance does not exceed 2 m, which corresponds to the size of the screen 15 -20 inches.

When choosing the location of the home screen in a small room features combine aesthetics and comfort are not too many. All versions of TV placement in a small kitchen longer pursue practical goals:

  • Wall mounting. This method allows you to use a headset hanging locker to destination, for pots and pans, not allocated a place under the TV. For this purpose, a special bracket, or constructing a separate shelf. Choose need a place, so that the image is easily visible from anywhere. Shelf for the TV on the wall can be open, a stand, and perhaps closed. This way you can secure the TV above the door in the kitchen, when closed shelf is a continuation of the upper row headset.

Located in the corner of a small kitchen TV does not take much space and will be clearly visible.

Fit the technique in furniture - perfect solution
Mount equipment in the furniture - the perfect solution

  • Built-in kitchen set. Rational option - custom manufacturing of kitchen furniture with a shelf for the home screen. Therefore, TV, which is planned to hide in headsets, purchase in advance.
  • The optimum height of the TV placement in a small kitchen - a top tier. You can consider the option of fixing the ceiling. Such an arrangement would not hamper the kitchen space, and angle adjustable hanging brackets allow to set the slope of the screen as, that it will be convenient to watch the audience sitting at the table.
  • For sale is a technique with integrated TV and a model with folding monitor, designed specifically for small kitchens. Fridge TV hostess will deliver on the search for his own bed, a hinged embodiment is attached to the bottom wall hinged locker, and when folded it will be invisible.

Placing the TV in the kitchen large devoid of such complications. The hostess is not limited in the choice of models and locations, where to place the TV in the kitchen. Usually spacious kitchen set large and expensive model, to which is allocated a separate area. Operating conditions in this room more sparing technique, because it is less subject to contamination from the operating plate and washing.

The spacious rooms can be hung TV with 36-inch diagonal
The spacious rooms can be hung TV with 36-inch diagonal

Large TV in the interior of the kitchen is installed in such embodiments,:

The central location on the kitchen island or a decorative partition, dividing the interior of the kitchen into two zones. On the island the home screen is hidden in the countertop, and on the wall it is mounted at a height of 1.5 m. In both cases, a reversal function on 1800.

wall location. In this case, the home screen is the central element of the decoration of the walls. Kitchen design with a TV on the wall is the most diverse. For high-tech style is used uncluttered frame, framing the screen, and to carry out the installation of Empire with a decorative fireplace in the dining area. Design wall TV, panel and the fireplace makes a cozy living room with kitchen.

Installation Tips

Installation location of the home screen choose away from the sink or stove. In this way it is possible to protect equipment from premature spoilage. Not to pull long wires, you need to take care of receptacles installed in an area of ​​the home screen.

TV Mount technology determines the type and installation location. Tube devices in the kitchen - a rarity, but many families are still in working condition. So after, as the hosts gained a new model for the room, they are used in the kitchen.

You can choose large or small TV, give preference to modern high-tech and more traditional designs
You can choose large or small TV, give preference to modern high-tech and more traditional designs

CRT devices are heavy, so the options for its installation are reduced to the search for a lasting foundation:

  1. on the fridge. Such an embodiment is feasible, if the refrigerator and the lamp unit peers. Older models below today, therefore, a place for the TV would be enough. Because of the disadvantages of such an arrangement is not watching telly, and listen to, and soon it receives the radio role.
  2. on the table. Bulky vacuum tube devices, so on the counter space for cooking is not left.
  3. Installation on any shelf. This mounting option for the TV on the wall is the most logical. When installing shelves pay attention to the mounting strength.

To install the flat models used 3 attachment method, each of which is equipped with corresponding fittings:

  1. Fixing to the lower partition wall units by means of movable arms. Small plasma TV in the kitchen attached to the use of just such arms.
  2. To build in kitchen unit mounted, a hole is cut in the door. On the inner side by means of crabs and screws to mount the TV.
  3. Securing the TV to the wall is performed by using decorative panel, hard (fixed) or flexible (inclined, pan-tilt, universal) bracket. This type of mounting the most reliable, since the brackets are made of metal, and their installation is performed using anchors.

The kitchen does not need a representative TV, which is installed in other rooms. In this room need a functional and organic combination.