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Recessed TV in the kitchen: Secrets correct choice

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Popular Today interior design styles, used in apartments, involves equipping all sorts of technical equipment. Flush hood, oven or a built-in TV - the kitchen appliances are no longer a novelty. Rather, it is a necessity, facilitates the cooking process and make the technique less visible.

Kitchen television - an integral part of the interior

Is the TV built-in is required in the kitchen

Question the need for the TV in the kitchen is still controversial. For some families, the kitchen - just a place cooking, and they are spending their free time in the living room. Besides, nutritionists insist, that combine eating and watching the silver screen - not the best option.

However, the hostess assured, that the kitchen TV - an integral part of the interior. First of all, cooking time lunch or dinner sometimes coincides with television transmissions, who would like to view. Besides, in small apartments kitchen is the gathering place of the family: at the dinner table are discussed daily news, drawn up plans for the next day. Relatives and friends gather for a cup of tea to watch your favorite movie or TV show.

Considering, the TV, built-in kitchen, a lot of places do not take, buying dilemma increasingly resolved positively. And so you can pick up a television device, which successfully fit in the kitchen interior, we give some tips for choosing the built-in TV.

Choice for a small kitchen

choosing a TV, remember, the optimal distance from the screen to the viewer the human eye is 3-4 the length of the diagonal.

TV in the kitchen
AD NOTAM - built-in TVs for the kitchen

So first of all deal with the question of selection of the size of the TV room. Highlights are as follows:

  • small kitchen smaller than 9 m2 require the selection of the television device with a diagonal to 20 inches;
  • on kitchen space volume 10-16 m2 located screen with a diagonal measurement to 25 inches.

When choosing a small built-in TV pay attention to the angle of view. The picture should be clearly visible from anywhere in the room. Another requirement - sound. The presence of constant background noise, arising during cooking, should not interfere with the proper auditory perception. 640 × 480 is sufficient for viewing TV programs essential, but the video quality is better to look at the models with higher rates.

If we talk about the screen type, who want to buy a TV, which can be built into a kitchen set, should stop the choice on the LCD or LED devices. Availability and a large selection of diagonal liquid crystal technology - key factors of consumer choice. Among these devices there are both digital and analog models. LED TVs are more expensive, but at the same time offering the best quality and viewing angle.

Do not forget about water resistance: kitchen - a room with high humidity and fumes from the hob,. therefore, I think, that the choice of built-in TV should pay attention to models with touch coating, resistant to moisture and fat blotches. If this is not possible, alternative is teleustroystvo glass, established before the matrix. It is easy to remove and clean the detergent.

small TV
Small TV for a small kitchen

Choice for large kitchens

Holders of a spacious kitchen, studio or room, connected to the living room, the TV selection issue, built-in wall, luckier. There would look great with a diagonal of more than a device 32 inches.

at placing the TV in the spacious kitchen worth bearing in mind, that the zoning premises picture, Displayed on the Screen, It must be clearly visible in the food preparation area, and in the space of rest. Therefore, choosing a transmitting device it is important to determine the resolution and type of television. Optimal variant - LED device with a diagonal of 32 to 48 inches depending on room size.

The function of water resistance blue screen in the large kitchen is not of principle, since there is no need to stay in the immediate vicinity of the hob or sink.

But the presence of additional functional features would be most welcome:

  1. USB-connector allows you to view your favorite movie, listen to audio files or to enjoy the pictures from a portable device.
  2. In the presence of cable television and wireless Internet, it makes sense to pay attention to the built-in TVs for the kitchen with the function of Wi-Fi. In addition to the lack of wires, The advantage of this device is the ability to watch videos from a network or PC.
    average TV
    TV average size for a small kitchen
  3. If the room is designed as a studio and the possibility to place several television device is not, should think about the technique with 3D function. obviously, that in the process of cooking dinner need for it will not, but during the evening watching a movie sitting area can be converted into a full-fledged cinema.

Where to build TV?

Ergonomics and sleek design brought embedded TVs in the kitchen a lot of popularity. They do not occupy space on the work surface and is visible from anywhere in the kitchen space. But, where it is possible to incorporate a television device, that it was clearly visible, and at the same time does not create a risk of damage and contamination. The options here can be somewhat.

    1. Embed TV in the kitchen can be both at the stage of ordering furniture, and at any time of its operation. To do this, cut a hole in the required size of the cabinet door. The selected device has set, and the reverse side is brought special fasteners, are connected by four screws. Despite the seeming simplicity, This integration option has several nuances. Do not forget, that built-in kitchen drawer television device is static, it is impossible to turn in one direction or another. Another important point - the risk of damage to the screen of the device handle the neighboring drawer. To prevent such a misunderstanding at the design stage it is important to consider alternative accommodation TV.
    2. If the idea of ​​placing the kitchen came the television device at the time of overhaul facilities, you can take steps to ensure, To embed a TV on the wall. The first thing you need to build in the desired location niche of drywall with a width, equal to the size of the television device, and a depth of no more than 10-15 cm. Next niche gets off to match the walls, after which it is placed on a TV stand or bracket, to which it is attached. The use of an arm makes it possible to adjust the level of the device tilt.
  1. Another newfangled accommodation option translational device in the kitchen - Appliances, with built-in screen. On sale there are hoods or refrigerators with built-in TV. It is worth such a device is more expensive than a similar monofunctional, but it looks modern and stylish. However, in order not to be trapped, when selecting embedded in an appliance technique is important to carefully study the specifications and to give preference to well-known manufacturers. This ensures repair or replace the unit in case of breakage. Do not forget to consider and option placement equipment with built-in TV, to see at a convenient viewing.

Recessed Kitchen TV set! Enjoy watching!