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Especially the choice of a small TV for the kitchen

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AT each apartment kitchen - this place, where the hostess spend a lot of time, preparing culinary masterpieces in the desire to please the family. There is also an exchange of daytime news, gatherings over a cup of coffee and chat with family and friends. Therefore, it would be desirable to equip the room all kinds of household appliances, not only facilitates the cooking, but also provides warmth and comfort.

TV in the kitchen
TV in the kitchen- everyday thing in our time

And then the question arises, why not add in a small kitchen built-in TV. And to ensure that it perfectly fits into the room and did not bring unnecessary trouble, it is important to determine the parameters, having a value when a small TV.

Select options for the kitchen TV

Choose the right small TV in the kitchen It will focus on the following points:

  • dimensions. Due to the, which is often limited to a small kitchen quadrature and also filled with a variety of household appliances, They play an important role dimensions of the device. Wide screen too problematic and unsafe place for sight.
  • Screen resolution. When viewing TV programs essential this parameter is not very significant, but the video quality is better observed when the screen resolution is 1920 × 1080.
  • viewing angle. Considering that, that when watching a small TV in the kitchen a suspended mistress at the same time busy cooking, important, the picture was equally well visible from any location facilities.
  • Sound quality and volume are important, as the cooking process is accompanied by additional background noise. In order not to have to constantly listen, when buying a small TV for the kitchen should test the volume and clarity of sound.

Television, built-in kitchen furniture
Television, built-in kitchen furniture- It is the perfect solution to save space

How to calculate the required size

When choosing a diagonal wall-mounted TV for the kitchen is a start, not only on individual preferences, but also on the size of the room. The optimum distance from the eyes of the viewer to the screen - 3-4 the length of its diagonal. Therefore, before purchase of the television device it is very important to determine, where it will be placed and where it is supposed to look.

Standard compact kitchens of houses have a capacity of 6-9 m. In this case, better to choose a small TV in the kitchen: 19 inches - optimal diagonal. More parameters requires not less than three meters of space to device, with less the eyes tire quickly.

room size from 10 to 16 quarter. m. It allows you to place a small built-in TV with a diagonal of up to 26 inches. This technique is compact and has a good image quality.

If the kitchen combined with living room, or designed as a studio, possible use of television devices with a diagonal measurement of the 32 inches. In this case, you can think about the additional functionality of the characteristics of this type of technology.

Device Functionality kitchen interior

Television equipment filled with various additional features, lets you view live TV Essential, but also to listen to music, View a photo or play a video game.

TV kitchen
TV kitchen with built-in wi fi module allows you to connect to the Internet

A small TV in the kitchen with wifi function assumes the possibility of entering a user to the Internet. During cooking dinner this need is unlikely to emerge, but if you want to have dinner together and watch your favorite movie, This feature is indispensable. Wishing at any time have access to a worldwide network should pay attention to a new model of specialized TV equipment for the kitchen. It consists of two parts: analog tuner wifi for a small TV and monitor. Convenience of the device is, the tuner is placed anywhere, and the screen may be moved across the kitchen and beyond. Convenient placement on a kitchen device, equipped with a USB-port. This makes it possible to interact with various technical devices: USB flash drive, memory cards, but, respectively, listen to music from external media.

But the 3D function, in my opinion, It is not essential for the device, placed in the kitchen: in the cooking process is unlikely to have time to mess around with special glasses.

Types of small TVs

At this point in electronics stores found the following types of television sets.

  1. CRT devices. Quite bulky compared to modern counterparts, they are equipped with analog tuners and require additional converters for digital signal. CRT technology - a budget option in view of the low cost. The advantage of this type of television is a wide viewing angle: the image can be clearly seen from anywhere in the room. When choosing a small TV in the kitchen should understand, CRT device that occupies a lot of space and does not fit in every interior.
  2. The LCD or LCD TVs, the picture is formed by passing light through a liquid crystal matrix under the influence of electric discharges. Among these devices there are analog and digital models with a choice of diagonals. in which the flat panel, so it is convenient to place in conditions of lack of space in a small kitchen.
  3. Plasma televisions and flat panel characterized diagonal size over 32 inches. Therefore, use of such a device in a small kitchen not rationally.

Accommodation in the kitchen

Method placing the kitchen TV
A process for placement of kitchen TV using a ceiling mount

Accommodation options small TV in the kitchen a lot, and they depend on the size of the room, interior design and personal preference.

Do not forget a few rules, requires compliance:

  • Do not place the unit near a TV washing, the cooker or hob. splashes of water, fat droplets, deposited on surface equipment, lead to its failure.
  • The correct height of the TV Use - human eye level. This will prevent the load on the cervical spine while keeping the head in an awkward position.

The most common way - setting the TV on a table. The drawback - lack of space, necessary for a comfortable cooking.

If the room is designed in classic style, a television device which is strategically located on one of the shelves suspended by analogy with microwave and other appliances.

Small TV on the wall is attached to the rotary arm. It will provide space savings on the table and viewing favorite program from any point of the kitchen.


Interesting idea - to build television equipment into furniture or specially organized niche. So it will not interfere in the cooking process and will be an additional decoration of the interior. Small Kitchen TV always convenient, especially in our little kitchens.