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Secrets of the choice of the TV in the kitchen: variant with protective glass, and not only

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Face the challenge, how to choose TV in the kitchen Not everyone has to - but, if the question has already arisen, to solve it is not always easy. A wide range of products with different functionality, screen size and level of reliability requires a serious approach to the selection of. choosing, take into account the dimensions and characteristics of the premises, their financial capabilities and needs. Someone will arrange a model with a diagonal of 14 '', Others - TV vayfay the kitchen, and the third thing - Waterproof and durable casing.

On a large kitchen big TV will look better, what little
On a large kitchen big TV will look better, what little

Selecting the TV in the kitchen

When we choose a TV for the kitchen, first of all draws attention to the ability to pay - because the market selling model and 5 thousand, and for 120. If a particular brand or a few well-known brands are preferable to others, limited range of choice. If necessary, to get the most functionality without overpayment - the same tapers, but in a different price range.

The choice of technique depends on, where and how you are going to hang up or put the TV in the kitchen. Compact design can be placed on a low cooler or stand on the surface - so it is more convenient to move to a new location by changing the position of the user in a large kitchen. All devices can be attached, using hangers for TV. Due to the transition to flat screen televisions stand for this technique is no longer needed. A wide range of brackets allows you to find the right type of suspension: on the wall, on the ceiling, on the kitchen cupboard.

For small-sized kitchen area up 8 quarter. m should choose a size up to 22 ''. The distance to the eye is not more 1,5 See an overview of the wide screen makes it difficult to. A mid-size device will provide:

  • good visibility from anywhere in the room;
  • opportunity to hang your TV on the wall with his hands without the use of the master services;
  • normal image quality.

Kitchen equipped with a rotating screen - the optimal solution for the kitchen with multiple zones
Kitchen equipped with a rotating screen - the optimal solution for the kitchen with multiple zones

A small device is fixed directly in front of the kitchen table or in a corner. Technique with a screen 26-32 '' are mounted at the opposite of the table or work area of ​​the spacious kitchen. correctly hang your TV on the wall at a distance from the eye level, 2-3 times larger diagonal. Suspension height can be selected individually and depending on the arrangement of furniture:

  1. Watch gears standing better on TV, suspended on eye level;
  2. From sitting comfortably look at the screen 1,2 m sex, as for the options in the living room, or, conversely, the ceiling, but set at an angle.

modern versions

Range of kitchen TV so great, allowing even choose unusual options. AND, instead of hanging on the arm to stay on specialized models, built-in furniture.

Built-in appliances

To do this, cut a hole in the door on the size of the device and it is fixed accurately TV. When inserted into the furniture, consider the possibility of opening other cases and the position of their handles. Option saves space, but limits the change in position of the device. there are models, Built in fridge door. true, space savings, convenience, style and originality of the design of the high price of overlap. The same applies to installation kitchen hoods with built-in screens.

From any corner of the kitchen will be visible to TV, if it is built in hanging lockers facade
From any corner of the kitchen will be visible to TV, if it is built in hanging lockers facade

To incorporate small kitchen TV in the surface of the handling unit or refrigerator profitable, than buying a ready-made home appliances with the function of watching TV and playing media files. When you select a built-in appliances to choose proven brands, to not have a year to replace the cheaper model. A good option would be to model ETV4500ZM Swedish manufacturer "Electrolux". acquired for 60 thousand rubles. TV with 19-tidyuymovym screen is easy to fit in the kitchen room.

Suspended models

Kitchen TV, which can be hung or set on a table and cabinets, easy to use and are traditionally popular in the market. One of them is SAMSUNG UE22H5600 with democratic price 17 thousand. rub. For a small fee you get all the features you need and a 22-inch screen. The model is equipped with a "Smart TV" system, and a built-in built-in Wi fi on TV allows you to sync with a laptop and a smartphone. Small smart TV Kitchen LG 22LF491U at the same price gives the optimum viewing angle and provides a high-quality image.

For a small kitchen suitable model of small size TVs
For a small kitchen suitable model of small size TVs

Another inexpensive (8 thousand. rub.) Hanging the TV on the kitchen FUSION FLTV-19L31B fit even in a small room. This is a TV in the kitchen with a good viewing angle - 170 degrees, and has HDMI-port among the functions and USB. A compact model SUPRA STV-LC15410WL for 6,5 thousand. rub. easily and hang on the bracket and stand alone.

Other options

The latest technology called portable TV for kitchens with protective glass, Waterproof and wireless. The device is placed in the kitchen next to the sink and worktop, is transferred into the bathroom and, the main thing, It has a high functionality. Such TV with wi fi for kitchen, as a 15-tidyuymovy NU WTW154 LCD (45 thousand. rub.), convenient with the ability to look at food cooking, rest and a meal,.

BUT, eg, flip the TV on the kitchen Aquatelevision Platinum 13.3", except for water resistance, It will provide high quality and the complete absence of the place occupied by. Feature value equipment 80 thousand. rub. - folding screen, rotates on 180 degrees, high contrast, and high-quality speakers. Recommended Aquatelevision hang the TV on the lower surface of the kitchen cabinet, where it will not be noticeable when folded.

TV wall mount takes up minimal space
TV wall mount takes up minimal space

Diagonal and resolution

Kitchen TVs with larger diagonals do not meet the requirements of ergonomics, space. The more that people here spend their time cooking and make food - designed for relaxation lounge or bedroom. Conveniently, one would not 32- and 40-inch model, a small TV for the kitchen. Attention should be paid not to the width, and clarity of the image and resolution.

In the kitchen, the distance to the screen is usually small, and the image is sometimes necessary to look at different angles (if it is not a model to swivel screen or unfastened for easy movement). Therefore, resolution and contrast device selected high. Having bought a TV for the kitchen with a good viewing angle, you simplify the viewing of the film, transmission and favorite series. If we ignore this parameter, when moving a meter towards the screen will darken and distorted area. Avoid such a situation,, not trusting your passport (where the viewing angle is not less than the point 170), and check the TV before you buy.

If you attach the TV to the bracket at a distance 1,5 m from the viewpoint, used for watching TV and only the diagonal is less than 22 '', enough resolution 720p. But in the case of, when the room is spacious, Technology is suspended far and one of the use cases is a family-view movies in high quality, desirable to have a screen with a picture or HD FullHD.

Buying Tips


By choosing kitchen TV should be taken responsibly, because sometimes it looks even more likely, than standing in the living room. Just seriously selected mounting location and, special, if the device is stationary. Better to spend time on the selection and even move the kitchen, but set the TV to the most convenient viewing, than to endure the inconvenience of its use.

Buying equipment in store, settings and parameters tested for running the model is better to spend not only on the illustrated hardware, but also on the already selected, but it paid more. Sometimes the unit on display is a specially enhanced image, which will not work to achieve at home. Online shops in this regard worse, because expensive equipment is desirable obsmotret all sides personally. But also because such a situation there is a way - customer reviews on selected goods (at several sites) and Board of Advisors.