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How to place a TV in the kitchen: expert recommendations

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Housewives have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, sacrificing watching your favorite TV shows or series. But the situation can be remedied, setting the television unit directly in kitchens. Wall TV in the kitchen a long time is not uncommon.

Телевизор на кухне
TV in the kitchen allows the hostess not to miss favorite TV series

How to choose the right place for your TV

TV type determines how and where to install it. In this case, the kitchen layout must be well thought out, To find a suitable location for the unit. The usual model kinescope put on a suitable horizontal surface, and plasma and LCD devices - Built-in, hang on the wall or put. There is also a TV, built-in fridge or cooker hood, so the problem is solved by placing itself.

If the kitchen is planned to make repairs, then think through the location of the TV before the start of preparatory work. When, If the machine will hang on the wall, it initially made Stroebe, to put to the TV cable. Then the wires are not randomly intertwined and hang, and will shape for TV. Near must be a socket, which will connect the device.

The dimensions must correspond to the kitchen area. If the 7-foot space to install a TV screen 32 inch, a bust. In a kitchen fit with a screen device 15-20 inches. Watch Movies close not recommend, as this has a negative impact on vision. The minimum distance from the eyes to the screen - 2 m. The height of the TV wall mounts is calculated depending on the position, in which it is constantly browsing.

Телевизор на кронштейне
TV picture tube with the bracket

TV set with CRT:

  • on the fridge (if it is a low altitude);
  • on a separate pedestal (if you allow room size);
  • countertop (if it has a free space);
  • on the broad shelf.

Shelf for the TV on the wall is installed as a separate, and as part of the kitchen furniture. Shelf under the TV on the wall can be purchased at any furniture store. Handyman can make a shelf for the TV on the wall with their hands out of wood or metal. Flat plasma or LCD models accommodate easier, the more so since they are complete and mounting, and stand:

  • installed on any horizontal plane;
  • Place in a recess between two lockers upper tier;
  • hang wall-mounted TV to bracket;
  • remove with a hinged locker facade, clean shelves and put into;
  • attach a hinged shelf under the TV;
  • set in a niche of drywall;
  • installed on the panel under the TV on the wall;
  • hang your TV on the wall.

Телевизор на стене
Flat TV the most convenient place on the wall

Do not place the device near a kitchen sink, since excessive ingress of water will adversely affect the art. Next to the cooking of the TV did not have because of the possibility of getting fat splashes, steam and water. When choosing a place for the machine, take into account the fact, that the TV location in the plane of the wall opposite the window, watching television will be difficult because of the bright sun glare.

Council: if no other choice, the device is placed in the window area, but be sure to hang roman shades of dense tissue. Before viewing the curtain closed.

Interesting ideas TV placement in the kitchen

The standard way - to place the device on the refrigerator, so saves space. But in this case, the freezer should not be high, as it is necessary to lift up your head high. But there are plenty of other interesting ideas. If the room is equipped with a separate area for a meal with a sofa or armchairs, the device it is advisable to put in front of them. This area is now the function to carry out the recreation area, where you can gather the whole family in the evenings.

Зона отдыха
Restroom, where you can not only dine, but also watch, with the whole family exciting show

If the kitchen is linear, you can build a medium-sized TV directly into the open upper deck locker. Creative individuals can equip the shelf under the TV on the wall with his hands and beautifully decorate it. there are models, specially designed to be placed on the door of the cupboard. They are thin and compact. The facade of the kitchen furniture carefully cut out the hole to the required size and insert screen. The back side is fastened and connected by screws. This door is opened and closed with maximum accuracy, so as not to damage the device. In such a case it is important to consider the device arrangement, as it is established on a permanent basis and rotate it in different directions will not work.

If the kitchen is very tiny, and hang the TV on the wall does not work, there is only an option of purchase of household appliances with built-in machine. This technique is worth at 2-3 times more expensive than a conventional refrigerator or drawing. Models with built-in TV do not overload the interior, It looks great in kitchens of high-tech style.

Встраиваемый телевизор на кухне
Recessed TV - ideal for kitchens

In the market, a new type of specialized TV kitchen. Their main characteristics:

  • impermeability;
  • wireless connection;
  • easy care.

Such devices are mobile and are rearranged from place to place without difficulty.

Terms of the TV position on the wall

The wall under the TV - the best solution, When in the kitchen little space. In this case, there are three options:

  1. In the free wall of the heart. What is happening on the screen can be seen from every corner of the room. Yes, and the unit performs a decorative function.
  2. Location of the TV on the wall at the entrance. This idea is relevant, if between the kitchen and dining room (living room) is absent or is equipped with septum wide arch.
  3. On the kitchen apron. Convenient for the hostess, but in terms of safety and cleanliness controversial option. If you decide to install the machine at this point, it is necessary to stop the choice on a protective screen models, which are resistant to an increased moisture content in the air, temperature difference and splashing water or fat. Behind the panel of devices easy to care for, since they are made of tempered glass.

Расположение телевизора
Flat-panel TV on the wall

The tiny kitchen conditions the device should be placed at a maximum height of suspension (1,75 m), not forgetting the metal anchors and bracket with adjustable viewing angle. If you choose to mount the TV on the wall, Optimum height from the floor is calculated depending on, the situation in which it is planned to watch. The standard answer to this question. It is necessary to identify yourself, the level at which to hang the TV on the wall. However, the optimum height of the TV on the wall corresponding to the middle of the screen at eye level.

It must be remembered, that hang the TV on the wall of the drywall can not be, otherwise it will be filled up. To mount the TV on the bracket can be, if the wall is built of bricks or gazoblokov. But first, check, Do not go in the proposed location dowels electrical wires. brackets are:

  • adjustable (mobile), make it possible to rotate the screen, or for the convenience of viewing change the angle of inclination;
  • fixed (stationary).

The first option is more convenient. Hang the TV on the bracket without seriously Assistant. To begin to read the instructions, prepare materials and install bracket for your TV on the wall.

Кронштейн для телевизора
Bracket for TV

Hanging bracket for TV, We must act in such a sequence:

  • unscrew one part of the sliding mechanism with a key;
  • mark the holes for mounting screws;
  • drilled holes required diameter;
  • insert dowels;
  • to fasten the mounting plate;
  • fit flush to the second part of the bracket bolts, reaching complete, and attach to the plate.

Farther away from the TV spun the stand and fix the bracket.

Masking wires and cables

If the apartment is in a state overhaul, you must place the device design and location of terminals for it. Popular option - to lay wires in Stroebe. But this process is tedious and dusty. Better to do a special niche in the drywall or box to collect them. Plasterboard work easy and simple, Only you must first calculate the wire exit point out.

If repairs are made, all cables hidden in a box, which carefully fed to the machine. It is conveyed in subtle places. Later this box decorate or mask, making out the style of the walls. On sale is a plastic, metal or composite cable channels white or wood imitation. They fully comply with fire safety standards. But the installation of the duct requires certain skills. The wires are arranged in a box free.


Still it is possible to hide the cable under the baseboard. But this option is suitable, if not yet installed skirting or plinth is mounted for electrical compartment. If you have the ability and desire, you can make a shelf under the TV with his hands and carefully hide the wires them, securing clips. Family communication for the evening meal - a great tradition and it is not necessary to replace the endless television viewing. Therefore, the TV should turn on only in exceptional cases. The hostess in cooking clock food company television apparatus will spend time not only with the use of, but also with pleasure. Now you know, how to hang a TV in the kitchen.