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Tips for choosing a wall-mounted TV in the kitchen

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Family gatherings in the kitchen for a cup of milk and cakes - sweet version of leisure. Technique frequented room in the house should not be inferior to the degree of comfort, created a caring hostess.

The family at the table
Traditional cuisine is full of warm freshly prepared food, and the people at the table or at the stove become outspoken

Folk wisdom urges man to do something in the kitchen, for which it is intended. Practice shows, that is constantly driven by employment and try to save time, family members combine delicacies absorption of viewing or listening to the news feeds of exciting TV. There are low cost and high-end models, for every taste. Even the pickiest consumer comfort the fact, The average price of the TV is in the kitchen - 850-950 rubles, with a small amount of the unit.

TV the way from the store to the buyer the kitchen consists of a series of stages:

  1. study product info;
  2. selection;
  3. order through the online store or in Technomarket;
  4. Payment and delivery;
  5. installation and configuration.

The best approach to the organization of leisure at home involves not so much idle yawning in front of a colorful screen, how to combine fun and learning. The source of both - TV.

TV in the kitchen
monitor mount on a wall in the kitchen for a long time ceased to be unusual luxury: business disputes, accompanied by distant interlocutors on the screen or the actors of the exciting TV series

Varieties of wall-mounted TV

TV in the kitchen - a nice gift for family and friends. To a miracle of technology has brought pleasure, you need to make the right choice, in accordance with the size of the room, personal preferences, features a kitchen interior.

A simple classification is to divide the TV size. The spacious rooms are small instance may simply get lost among the other elements of an interior, and a modest kitchen of a huge screen on the wall is able to make disharmony in the stylistic concept of the interior design. Small wall-mounted TVs are good, that the diagonal length makes it possible to view even a small distance without harm to health.

In accordance with the shape and features of the monitor isolated landline and mobile screens. This parameter affects the installation method. The attempt to establish TV on the wall It ends sadly, if carelessly to the choice of mounts or brackets.

Securing the TV in the kitchen
Otherwise, it is up to small: care of fasteners and according to the diameter of the drill, make a hole in the surface, install fasteners per se

If the flat panel monitor looks, as a picture, which acts as a backdrop for wall, then rotating around its axis monitor is rather like a security camera, rather than the usual person to a "window to the world". the screen to the device 20 inches can be accommodated in the kitchen, regardless of plan. This diagonal offers versatility. A clear sense of purpose, with which the device is purchased, It allows you to select the parameters TV.

To enjoy TV technician achievement in your own kitchen for a long period, you need to take care of the observance of essential protection parameters, whereby the TV sets are divided into standard and specialized.

In the first case, to mount the TV on the wall using the building and installation equipment possible without compromising the integrity of the home in any room. The second type of equipment is designed for function rooms, eg, bathroom, food, gym, masterful.

In connection with an excess of destructive factors in the art for such smokers, it is important to choose the right monitor is protected against moisture and drafts, fat splashes, hot steam.

TV in the kitchen
The screen must be insensitive to changes in temperature, which is characterized by the activity in the kitchen

To add an element of fun into the bustling kitchen atmosphere, people hang a flat screen TV on the wall, or allow themselves the luxury to take one of the panels near the cutting surface, despite compactness workspace. In the pursuit of leisure full person rarely gives up the possibility of improving living conditions.

Council: TV in the kitchen - the device is not so much for the attentive viewer programs or movies, how to create a sound like a series of business background, so the choice in favor of small models suitable for common food format - miniature, which is characterized by: no more 1 m² of space "to maneuver" and one priority review.

eternal dilemma: plasma or LCD?

Right TV selection of the parameters based on the account screen size and weight of the machine. When doubts were dispelled, still had time to make a choice between types of consumers take root among the wall-mounted TV. Plasma or LCD (JK) screen - unlike those from the classic TV, installed in a few dozen years ago, the main room of the house. The latter occupy a corner, and the picture quality is not happy. Another thing - thin TVs in the kitchen.

With their characteristic elegance and clarity associated.

TV in the kitchen
Flat-panel TV on the wall with the LCD monitor has a problem: the image becomes blurred and fades as you change the viewing angle

As for the cost, Wall units with an LCD screen - example of an optimal combination of quality and price. This is an appropriate option for a family with an average income and the eternal desire for comfort.

Even a superficial knowledge about the features of the kitchen TV technician "prompt", how to choose a TV monitor (the so called ultra-thin TV). To determine the requirements for technology, with the right dimensions and means of protection should be to hike to the store equipment, to avoid disappointment and to speed up the checkout.

Improving the quality of service for customers gradually led to, that the thinnest TVs mounted in cabinets, and refrigerators, and other surfaces for viewing in the kitchen. In this case the thickness of the monitor is decreased in inverse proportion to the price.

TV in the kitchen
When purchasing a TV in the kitchen with wall mounting, the consumer feels the freedom of action, it remains to solve, how to fix the TV to the wall

If the customer's compliance with laws and adherence to style a fashion not fundamental, it is not necessary to overpay, just to get a hybrid television equipment and functional equipment.

Features wall-mounted TV in the kitchen

Lifetime wall TV depends on Performance, declared by the manufacturer, and the strength of the fastening. Optimal for placing teleapparata the kitchen is the place, near which ruled out the possibility of mechanical obstruction to view. A special panel for TV is provided for some models on the wall: It is the foundation for mounting and additional cloth, enhancing attachment strength.

fasteners types include wall and swivel. Mounting the TV on the wall It allows for tight coupling between the device and the surface. Before choosing a suitable location for mounting, we should remember, that a safe site kitchen in terms of expansion is spray wall, adjacent to the site of the main kitchen work. To attach the TV to the wall, select the method of attachment, taking into account the space savings and optimum location for viewing.

Television flat and sophisticated forms, built and suitable for mounting to the facades of furniture - whatever the device for the kitchen, you can consider the option of attaching it to the wall. In most cases used for this purpose brackets. Wall mount for monitors is desirable to acquire on the advice of experienced consultants.

steel brackets
Steel brackets have a high safety factor, and through holes in the side members mounting angle changes

Hinged bracket for your TV on the wall allows you to install equipment so, to view did not deliver physical discomfort. To improve image quality on the LCD monitor, it is recommended to use a rotary (rotating) bracket: it can be used to avoid distortion and color changes on the screen. Before, how to hang LCD televior Wall, it is important to ensure there are no built-in communications, eg, wiring, and find out, what materials were used in the construction of floors.

Handyman will not be difficult to make a wall mount for your TV with your hands. Resort to the personal skill and technical sharpness can, if confidence in the strength and reliability of the device homemade. Starting material and details should not be visible corrosion, a drill and screws allow to combine elements into a single unit.

Bracket for TV with their own hands
If you make the bracket to the TV with his own hands, savings of up to 5000 rubles

Mounting the TV on the wall is associated with a number of difficulties:

  • Inability to drill holes in the right place because of the hardness (Concrete) or looseness (plasterboard) wall material;
  • Great choice "assorted" fasteners available in combination with a lack of awareness of consumers about their quality;
  • The fragility of the technology (Thin and flat-panel TVs) and the ease of occurrence of damage (scratch, dents, cracks).

If you fix the TV on the wall permanently, one must be content with an acceptable position for viewing. Saving space and distance from the source of heat and humidity - the advantages of installing equipment on the wall. Built-in or attached with powerful bolts shelf allows you to set the TV to the wall, what, but, It does not provide for active movement techniques. Design of special brackets for TVs guarantee the protection of the device from falling, and the maximum level of comfort while watching.

Mounting bracket
Brackets allow to fix the TV to the wall and keep the monitor mobility

selection, installation and operation of the TV in the kitchen - a feasible task for those, who strive to keep abreast of developments and to watch the latest movies, even while eating. It should once make a good buy - and combine business with pleasure provided!


Now you know, how to select the TV on the kitchen wall. Ask your questions in the comments!