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Terms of the TV of choice in the kitchen: good advice

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Kitchen - Bathroom, where the family spends a lot of time. In it, we're going with friends, We wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee, In the evening we gather around the table for dinner. Therefore, when the design takes into account all aspects of its use. An important point - for the kitchen TV. It will allow, together with a morning cup of coffee to hear the news, watch an interesting program while preparing a meal or favorite movie over dinner. Here are some tips, how to choose a TV in the kitchen.

TV in the kitchen
TV in the kitchen - it is for someone a necessary thing

The basic principles of the TV of choice in the kitchen

first, what are we doing, selecting a TV in the kitchen - select size. Consider, that the value of the diagonal is proportional to the distance the intended viewing. In a kitchen fit with a model to screen 20 inches. Distance, from which it is permitted to look - 1,5-2 m.


The optimal solution would be a kitchen equipped with a swivel screen. It is easy to set to the desired position and viewed from anywhere in the room. Pay attention to the fixings and the movable parts of the structure.

Another interesting option, certainly for interested buyers - the TV with wifi. This "smart" technology makes it a mini computer. This feature was initially established only in the large-format models. Today, the smart TV in the kitchen - the usual case. They are suitable for those, who wants to get the most from the technology. Wifi in the TV used to view streaming video from Internet, Visit the pages in social networks and other. Using such a TV camera and a microphone, you can easily talk over Skype and similar programs.

Factor, playing a role in the selection - resistance to moisture equipment. Since the kitchen - wet room, attention is paid to the reliability of technology installed on it. In this case, the savings can lead to premature failure of equipment.

Plasma in the kitchen

The ideal option would be the TV model with a grease resistant and water resistant screen. They are easy to cope with higher temperatures and other adverse impacts, arising in the kitchen:

  • Splashes of fat and oil;
  • The steam from the kettle or pan;
  • smell of burning, soot, etc..

Thanks to a special coating, the TV in the kitchen is easy to clean and does not mist.

TV Dimensions

TV Settings, used for kitchen equipment, They include several characteristics:

a small TV in the kitchen

  • resistance to abrasion, which are inevitable in the kitchen;
  • diagonal, not exceeding 20 inches;
  • wide viewing angle, because viewing is performed from several points.

Taking into account the size of the room - it will allow to choose the right TV diagonal.

Small kitchen corner with a beautiful design and a TV on the wall

In old-style apartment buildings, small kitchen. This place is barely enough for the, to arrange the necessary furniture and equipment. Therefore, small TVs suitable for such premises. Miniature models are available in desktop versions and in wall. And an extensive range allows to choose an option for everyone.

TV in a small kitchen

Desktop versions fit there, where it is possible to enter in the right place to put on a shelf or refrigerator. To accommodate such a model will need to take a workspace, that is problematic for such spaces. Besides, not always possible to achieve the, to the TV viewing angle was correct.

Avoid this allows wall model. Mounts easily screwed to the wall at the desired angle and take up little space. The design of this equipment is concise, allowing it to fit into any decor.

Before you there is a choice of TV in the kitchen? Note the current models, they have a good viewing angle, and transmission quality.

built-in TV in the kitchen

Another version of the TV device - installation in the facade hanging lockers. From such a position of the image can be seen throughout the room. When this is selected the TV, which corresponds to the size of the shelf. Equipment, thus used in configuration is similar to the structure of the notebook. It consists of two parts, one - is attached to the bottom of the cabinet, and the second in front of the.

Large kitchen with a sofa and a built-in white lcd plasma

If you - happy owner of a spacious kitchen, the miniature model, you will not do. Such rooms are zoned, allocating space for cooking and recreation. Pick up a new television must be so, to from anywhere in the room it could be seen. Widescreen models are now available with LCD screen, providing a wide viewing angle without loss of image quality and color reproduction.

TV on the big kitchen

With a diagonal of the TV to select a spacious kitchen? Then fit the model is not less than 21 inch. screen size increases proportionally to the room and the distance of viewing points putative.

For the location of the art select remote from the "hot" spot zone, as the widescreen models are equipped with protection against moisture and fat is extremely rare. Successful large-screen televisions will fit into the island kitchen appliances -There is not subject to aggressive influences and the most comfortable viewing angle .

Technical characteristics of the TV: Internet outlet, Smart and others

first, which attracts the attention, when they want to pick up a TV - type screen. Current models are equipped with two varieties: LCD and LED. Both screens have positive and negative sides:

TV in the kitchen of the Khrushchev

  1. LCD screens - alternative reliable technology at an affordable price. The downside of such models are called small angle, however, it is easy to remove, establishing a flexible arm for TV. Choosing the size of your TV, also no problem. They are available in a wide range, which will satisfy the needs of each customer.
  2. LED screens - offer a wide viewing angle. So the picture does not change when the distance from the center. In the manufacture of these models use energy-saving technologies, reducing electricity consumption by 40%. Sleek design of this technique complements the overall picture. But the price of TVs with LED screen on the order of magnitude higher, which affects the selection of equipment for the kitchen.

What other characteristics into account, to choose the right LCD TV? In addition to the diagonal, Screen Layout and resistance to external aggressive influences, should pay attention to such indicators:

TV sets in

  • Contrast - this parameter affects the sharpness of the image, reflection tones and colors. In modern technology, it does not fall below the level of 800:1. Some manufacturers do not indicate a static contrast of the TV, dynamic. He is achieved by using special settings, so this option is not worthy.
  • Brightness - option, influencing the viewing comfort. When choosing a kitchen TV, pay attention to the fact, that this figure was not lower 450 cd m2. Then viewing in daylight eye is not a problem. Some models are equipped with special technology detectors, assess the level of lighting and enables the automatic brightness adjustment.stylish design of the kitchen with TV
  • Viewing Angle - defines the angle indicator comfortable watching TV. For advanced models the minimum value of this parameter - 1600 for horizontal and vertical planes. To find the right viewing angle, consider the, the viewing angle in the objection on 800 from the center of the image contrast drops in 10 time.
  • Response time - index, affecting the image quality, since displays moving speed of liquid crystals. The optimal rate of this parameter - 2-4 ms.
  • Sound - parameter defining the frequency and range of audio playback. Guided him, to choose an LCD TV with a good sound. Current models are equipped with a digital amplifier, providing clear sound. This need for a comfortable audio perception even in the presence of background noise in the kitchen.

TV on a compact kitchen

Placing the TV and Care: the best with good viewing angle for normal and kitchen-living room

Today replace cumbersome and inconvenient models come thin LCD TVs. Modern technology makes it possible to use household appliances with built-in screens. Such models are found in the line of refrigerators, range hoods and other premium goods.

Another suitable model - a compact screen on the wall. It has a protective coating, allowing its use in areas with high humidity. He takes up a minimum of space and is set not only on the wall, but also on the facade of the kitchen unit.

TV in the beautiful kitchen
TV in the kitchen to make a beautiful design modern

When you place the TV, choose a place distant from the stove and sink. Suitable for this will be a wall, adjacent to the work area. In this case, Appliances not be negatively impacted.


Equipment, working in the kitchen, It requires special care. To this end, suitable means, that create a coating on the screen,, protects against dust and steam. Producers of "kitchen" equipment comes complete with it and necessary care products. Now you know, how to choose a TV in the kitchen.