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The uniqueness of the built-in appliances for kitchens Kaiser: secrets producer

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Built-in kitchen appliances Kaiser - is not a luxury, and the functionality and ergonomics. Modern equipment - a stylish addition cuisine. In this case, these devices save valuable area. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products: from large appliances to small microwave ovens.

The convenient location of equipment in the kitchen - this is a big plus

Household Appliances Kaiser It characterized by ease of application and ease of maintenance.

Before you make a choice is necessary to familiarize with the models and choose the location of the equipment.

Features of modern embedded Kaiser household appliances for the kitchen: extract, electrical and other

Kaiser is a manufacturer of household appliances for the kitchen. German appliances are in demand in many countries. These products are characterized by quality and functionality.

appliances Kaiser

Equipment of this brand looks in the interior and is suitable for rooms of various shapes and sizes.

Household appliances Kaiser presented the following equipment:

  1. combined, electric and gas cooktops.
  2. Ovens.
  3. Hoods and microwave.
  4. Dishwashing equipment.
  5. food processor, fryers and grill.

Equipment Kaiser selected according to individual needs:

  • Fiscal equipment suitable for those, who spends much time in the kitchen, optional refrigerator, hob and an electric kettle;
  • a standard set includes oven, food processor, hob, refrigerator and equipment for drawing;
  • full equipment includes the most functional equipment, in addition to standard items used Dishwasher Kaiser, food scales and coffee machine.

Kaiser household appliances in the kitchen

Advantages of embedded devices

You should choose a model, which have the function of self-cleaning. They are characterized by simple care.

Embedded equipment has the following advantages:

  1. no gaps.
  2. The equipment is not afraid of overheating and fire.
  3. Appliances for the kitchen in any style.
  4. It is easy to find the dimensions of the product.

Gas stove
Gas stove is installed between the kitchen table - it is very convenient

The disadvantages of such a technique relates stationarity, since the change of location for the device will have to change headsets.

Functional interior will help to create a multistory furniture. In this case, small home appliances located in cabinets, canisters on the upper shelves.

German machinery and other embedded equipment is purchased in the following ways:

  • Equipment sold complete with furniture set. Under the project selected special equipment;
  • Furniture must be ordered separately from household appliances. Such a method makes it possible to save money.

Buy branded equipment can be in the chain stores. The leader of the built-in technology is considered to be an oven Kaiser. This equipment is present in almost every kitchen and have functional.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen Kaiser

Advantages and types of company Kaiser combined hobs

Combined cooking Kaiser panel combines the advantages of electric and gas appliances. At the same time used for rapid heating gas burners, and for controlled temperatures - electric.

The control panel is characterized by simplicity. Number of burners depends on the device dimensions.

These devices are equipped with protection systems of gas leakage and blocking of random inclusions electric units.

cooking hobs
A small cooking stove for a small kitchen does not occupy much space

standard hob It has a width of about 65 cm.

Hobs gas types include::

  1. Glass gas hob.
  2. Panels of glass ceramics.
  3. Melting and stainless steel appliances.

Gas and electric models

Kaiser gas stove with an oven made from quality materials and with current technology. Models equipped with burners of different power and different numbers of rows of flame.

Kaiser stove in the kitchen

In the manufacture of glass and ceramics Surface applied or tempered glass. Products from a glass-ceramic capable of withstanding higher temperatures, than structures made of tempered glass.

The working surface is connected to a container with liquid gas. For this design is equipped with special fittings. Connection is made by specialists.

It is recommended to choose the surface with gas burners of different diameters. It is worth paying attention to the mechanical ELECTRONIC. It can be automated, when the flame ignition knob is rotated or activated by pressing the button.

gas control function when the flame extinction - block the supply of gas.

Kaiser Electric hobs equipped with fast heating. When this equipment is characterized by security and functionality. Do not appear combustion products, oxygen not burned and.

Equipment Kaiser in the kitchen

Country of origin Kaiser - Germany, so the devices are endowed with high quality and ergonomics. The advantage of this cooking hob burners separation company considered depending on the degree of warm-. Products equipped with protection against acts of young children and touch control mechanisms.

Of electric models selected products with glass ceramic surface.

devices induction heating have touch control mechanism.

Models of this brand fitted with additional devices:

  1. The heating zone are equipped with multiple loops.
  2. Burners with fast heating.
  3. Sensors final heat, which show the cooling heating zone.
  4. timer is used.

Electric stove with oven is an average 20-30 thousand.

kitchen appliances
Installed in the kitchen cooking hobs, oven, built-in refrigerator - all for the convenience of housewives

Features ovens built-in type

Built in gas ovens and electric designed for baking. These devices are equipped with comfortable control and safety control mechanisms.

there are models, which are equipped with a grill.

Electric oven Kaiser mounted to a furniture profile separately from the cooking plate.

Ovens come in standard widths- 60 cm, increased - about 95 cm and narrow - about 40 cm. The height of the structures is less than 60 cm.

Electric Oven Kaiser has the following features:

Appliances in the kitchen

  1. The existence of different modes of heating.
  2. Additional devices. for example, skewer.
  3. Automatic programs for cooking. Selects the optimum setting time, Warm mode and temperature settings.
  4. Combination variants equipped with functions of microwave ovens and steamers.
  5. The inner coating consists of a material, that facilitates purification.
  6. The design is completed with a special touch controls.

lights installed in work area. On average, electric oven consumes about 2-4 kW of electricity. The thickness of the glass affects the reduction of heat loss.

In order to use the gas oven has the following recommendations:

  • before cooking oven checked, because it may remain particles of food or dishware;
  • Shelves are installed at the right level;
  • activated oven and regulated temperature;
  • at the desired heat inside put form;
  • dishes are not placed in the unheated oven.

Kaiser machinery under the color of the kitchen

Use the electric oven easy. To accelerate the cooking process includes a heater and a fan, both. To brown the baking is turned upper fan and the grill function.

In this design a lot of advantages:

  • the ability to set the temperature;
  • in electric models are heated all surfaces;
  • is a function of defrosting;

The cost of production depends on the optional accessories and functionality.

Advantages of the dishwasher

Dishwashing Equipment - a unit, which frees up useful time and is characterized by a higher level of comfort. There are two types of such structures. Partially built in dishwasher is not closed with a decorative panel. Fully built-in models equipped with the door closed. Compact models are placed in the cabinet.

Kaiser in the kitchen

Microwave equipment has the following features:

    1. washing program, to 10 regimes.
    2. Small power consumption and versatility.
    3. Availability of drying dishes.
    4. It provides an integrated control panel.

It is recommended to buy with the dishwashing equipment often throw parties and celebrations.

The advantage of built-in appliances is considered an opportunity to enter into the interior of the product and does not disturb the original style.