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kitchen gas stove: tradition, time-tested

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Сегодня главный атрибут кухни — печь. Manufacturers offer a variety of models, which will satisfy the needs of each buyer. Gas ovens for the kitchen occupy among an assortment of equipment a special place. They, too, are different, and a complete set of built-in functions. Besides, the popularity of the equipment due to the ease of use and installation. The term gas stove operation is not less than 10 years old.

Газовая печь
kitchen gas stove

Stove and its device

Modern gas ovens, Unlike their predecessors, It has a high level of security. This is achieved through a special control system. It produces a gas supply in the event of a lock, if the fire in the burner goes out or lights up. This prevents leakage, which can lead to poisoning gas human, explosion, other negative consequences.
gas stove apparatus relatively simple, however, additional functions are integrated in many models such as:

  • temperature sensor system, disables fire when exceeding the admissible heating level;
  • Timer;
  • Infinitely variable temperature control;
  • Convector - important device gas oven, providing uniform heating of the air.

In the shops there and combined cookers with an electric oven. These models are popular, because it combines the advantages of two devices, working on two types of power sources.

gas burner apparatus

Burner - main plate member. It set the injector, feeding gas from the internal reservoir. The upper part of the burner is a divider, ensures uniform spreading of fire to maximize heating.

Устройство газовой горелки
Gas burner - the device, providing stable combustion of the fuel

Shoot divider and the cover when cleaning the stove safely. However, you should follow, that is not clogged injector tube. For best effect, you should use special chemical protective equipment and do not use abrasive objects.

Immediately below nozzle disposed divider, regulating the amount of gas entering. Due to the special pressure adjusting system, provided stable flame at all firing modes. When choosing a gas stove focuses on the parameters of the burners, since they are responsible for the formation of the mixture and its combustion. Electric ignition built for the convenience of the user in the current models of the technique. Despite the seeming simplicity, the gas stove burner apparatus has the features. Therefore, to install the equipment necessary to cause the master. From this depends on the correct setting of the gas plates and the gas supply mode, that will ensure the effective and safe use of the equipment.

Types of gas cookers

When choosing a suitable gas stove consumer focused on two indicators: functionality and appearance. Therefore, manufacturers offer a wide range of devices, characterized by external and internal indicators.

Газовая плита
Today the market offers a wide range of different plates

functional content

first, what to look for when choosing plates - ignition button. Thanks to her, there is no need to constantly use matches. And the question: "How to ignite the gas oven?», there is no. The plates installed electric ignition, which is run by a dedicated button. At the same time it is cut by spark, igniting gas. In the more expensive models, producers set avtorozzhig. This feature automatically ignites the burner by turning the handle. The system also independently shuts off gas in the case, if the fire for some reason went out. This ensures a high level of safety plate work.
The dielectric paste for a gas cooker - an integral part of modern devices of this group. It prevents the spread of leakage currents, which increases the safety of the equipment. Consequently, provided the furnace protect the electronics and electrical circuits of the device.

Varieties ovens

Another fundamental difference: oven species. As noted above, it may be an electrical and gas.

Электрическая и газовая плита
Plates come in gas and electric

Plus electric ovens in the first place is that, that they provide accurate temperature and a wide range of heating. These devices are equipped with multiple heating modes, convection, baking programs, way timer. In some models, there is a self-cleaning function. It is being implemented due to the catalytic pyrolysis or cleaning. In the first case, grease and dirt on heating turn into ashes, and secondly - they are split by special coating.

Such equipment consumes significant amounts of electricity. Do not install it in places, occur where disconnection or power failures and in homes with weak wiring.

Gas oven It has no such restrictions. It is beneficial for the price and in service. Apparatus gas oven such, which makes it possible to use the equipment even in places, where there is no centralized network, because it operates on the cylinders.
The maximum temperature of the gas oven does not exceed 230 - 250o. They heating occurs from the bottom, that becomes the cause of uneven cooking dishes. Gas cooker with convection to avoid such an effect. Due to this feature provides even heating oven.

Oven gas stove

Advantages of this type of equipment - fast heating and ease of use. By increasing the functionality of such ovens - price increases in times, that causes rejection of them in favor of electric models.

Many buyers prefer to gas ovens, since the note an improvement in the palatability of foods, prepared them.

A separate species of such devices - mini gas stove. It is similar to a standard oven, but Bole compact and equipped with additional functions: toaster and grill. This device keeps the temperature better, whereby cooking process is accelerated.

Variety of plates and hobs

Classification plates provides for two types of equipment: with built-in oven and a cooking surface separate. Separate option can be easily integrated into the kitchen furniture, Compact and convenient.
Mortise cookers have the form of hobs. They are made in two embodiments,:

  1. Gas burners on glass. Type of panels, which are easy to fit into the design, They have high strength and safe in operation. They are cleaned by special means and with the right care for a long time retain the original appearance.
  2. "Domino" panel. Represent individual sections of equipment, each element having its own functions. They are united by a common design, thereby combined with each other in the kitchen.

Варочная поверхность Teka
Teka - European industrial company, engaged in the manufacture of equipment for kitchens

Bright representative of this group of goods - hob Teka. It is compact in size with the necessary functions to work. Various models are equipped with mechanical switches or touch panel.
Popular model with a built-in oven - Electrolux cooker, which manual contains the technical characteristics of the device and the necessary information for installation and connection.

Connection - the rules and nuances

work, associated with the connection of gas devices apply strict requirements. Including the professional level installers. Therefore, the connection of gas stoves should be made members of the local branch of the "Gorgaza".
Install built-oven and other gas equipment from a practical point of view is quite simple. However, it requires compliance with standards and requirements, which are established by legislation.
Connecting the oven, which is installed separately from the cooking surface, It requires two gas hoses. In this case the gas riser mounted two retraction, the installation of which requires permission from the local branch of the "Gorgaza".
To connect a gas stove in the apartment should take into account requirements, who are nominated to the room:

  • Squaring the ratio and amount of gas burners;
  • The presence in the room ventilation outlets;
  • Installation is possible only in a room with a window.

Подключение плиты

Connect the equipment comes with a special gas hose. Never use other types of pipes, since they are not designed for such use, which can lead to leakage. Do not forget about the dielectric insert, established when you connect the equipment.
To build a gas stove in the countertop, you will need to disconnect the upper part of the oven and set it on a work surface. In this case, the oven will remain under it. Tabletop thus treated, drilled holes in the right places, for, to connect the upper and lower plates.
Connect the gas stove can also be independently, but then you may have problems registering equipment "Gorgaza" department. However, the connection of the equipment of the organization need to master for a long time. Therefore, many people prefer to do the work yourself. If you decide to make the work without the involvement of the master, you will need:

  1. Gas and wrench, screwdriver;
  2. compactor;
  3. Special hose and ball valve;
  4. Brush or swab, soap emulsion;

We should focus on connecting the plate to the gas cylinders. This work is often self-Send the Prince, without involving the master. In this connection - the nuances. To attach the plate to the gas cylinder needs to be replaced in the burner nozzle at the same, but with a smaller diameter. If the replacement does not produce, the fire begins to smoke. And in the case, If natural gas is used for operation of the equipment, rather than liquefied, the flame is weak and can attenuate. The rest of the setup process is no different.

For safe use

To avoid accidents, you need to properly use a gas stove and undergo an annual inspection of the equipment serviceability. It is important to use caution when operating equipment:

  • Do not leave the fire unattended;
  • Before opening the valve - check the flow of gas by means of a match;
  • Monitor the serviceability of ventilation ducts;
  • Keep cylinders out of premises;
  • Do not allow children to gas equipment, etc..

Use a gas oven should also be carefully. Before you start - be sure to ventilate for a few minutes. After burning the gas, make sure, that fire burns evenly.
Remember, that gas is mixed with air vzryvopozharoopasen! When the indoor smell gas - to immediately close the gas burner, turn off the tap, open the windows and call the emergency services.

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