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Design options and kitchen lighting: no light anywhere

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When planning the design it is important to correctly combine the practical and aesthetic components. Lighting in the kitchen - no exception to this rule. With the help of well-chosen lighting can change the interior of the kitchen beyond recognition (in a positive way, of course).

bright kitchen
Design illuminating devices - this is the first part of the interior

Kitchen lighting levels

Each zone must be equipped with additional light sources. Kitchen lighting is divided into 4 interrelated levels:

  • ceiling Light (lamp on the ceiling);
  • eating area coverage;
  • working surface lights;
  • lighting designer.

Each level of coverage has its own functions and tasks, which he performs in full. To do this, the location of fixtures after thought out plan kitchen units. You need to know, where in the food will be the acquisition zone, Hob or washing. Then you do not have after the installation of kitchen units in a hurry to finish the necessary plugs and switches. It is better to do in advance.

Many lighting options: This lamp sconces, round flat ceiling lamp, LED Strip, design lights. Among the interesting solutions -natyazhnye ceiling with lights and a variety of lamps with their own hands.

suspended ceiling with lights
Ceiling lights are very popular in our time

Suspended lighting

Pendant lamp - a key element of general lighting. Their function - to provide kitchen space with artificial light at night and on cloudy days. The light should not be dull, and intense enough to, to the hostess while cooking is not strained glaza.Nedopustimo presence of shaded areas on your desktop. The main requirement for ceiling lights - the location on the center of the room, then the light beam evenly illuminates the room.

Lighting in a small kitchen requires hanging chandelier and a pair of extra lamps on the table. At the same time than the spectacular chandelier for kitchen, all the better. In this case, it draws the attention and distract from the small size of the room. If the kitchen is spacious, one ceiling lights do not. One can use a series of bulbs or similar lamps combination with movable fixtures.

Lamps for dining area

The tiny kitchen is no urgent need to equip the lighting over the dining table. But no one will argue, that cozy dinner under the soft light of a single lamp over the table at times nicer, than under intense lighting ceiling chandelier. Several lighting options:

  • a single hanging lamp with adjustable suspensions (standard distance from the lamp to the surface of the dining table varies from 1,3-1,6 m, but, if necessary, these lamps can easily set at the desired height);
  • Wall sconce with a shade made of fabric or paper;
  • built-in ceiling lights, mounted above the dining area.

The latter option applies to a favorite method of zoning. Suspended structure made of plasterboard visually divides the room into functional areas.

Lamps above dining area
Lamps on the dining area look original and emphasize the individuality of the place

To illuminate areas for eating better use of incandescent bulbs. Although it is no different economy, but it has a warm spectrum and is the best suited to create a pleasant atmosphere for a comfortable Activity. The light should not beat sitting in the eye, so you should look for models with shades of frosted glass. They give a soft diffused light. Ceiling made of plastic and glass are easy to clean. You can make a lampshade made of fabric. It looks nice, but it requires constant cleaning, as the fat is still settles on the bright material.

The chandelier over the table in the kitchen - this is the classical solution. There is an option to combine 3-4 pendant with tiny shades. They hang evenly along the center of the table or create one group.

The backlight working zone

Competently made general illumination gives enough light in the room, but without additional fixtures above the work surface and the oven is not oboytis.V these places must be well lit., while cooking it easier to work. Suspended ceiling light does not provide it in full. During cooking housewife faces the kitchen set and back to the light, therefore own shadow falls just on working poverhnost.Lyustra ceiling hangs in the center of the room, at the bottom of this zone is free. As a result - the lamp does not illuminate important areas, so no backlight illumination on the wall or for a table can not do.

With hob matter it is simpler: above the set hood. The vast majority of extractors are equipped with additional illumination function. In some cases, this light is enough for the whole table top. But if the kitchen is a spacious, then one luminaire can not do.

illumination of the working area in the kitchen
Highlighting the work area - it's also a romantic component

Options for additional lighting:

  1. overhead lighting. This lamps round or oblong, hidden in the body of metal or of plastic pencil. They are mounted on the lower part of the upper tier lockers. To protect against ingress of water, couple, grease and dirt equip their frosted glass. In terms of cleaning such instruments in the first place: they are periodically wiped with a soft cloth or sponge.
  2. Lamps on the brackets. The advantages of such devices - the ability to focus the flow of light to the desired location. Among the shortcomings - the need for frequent cleaning. Pull-out and swivel brackets and fixtures themselves make it difficult to work the body and soiled. Regular cleaning of air vents covers lamps, to extend their service life. If covers are constantly dirty, This will trigger their breakdown.
  3. LED Strip - the last word in the organization of kitchen lighting. They are convenient to illuminate the kitchen furniture, they are economical, easy to install and durable. On sale is a different color, so the kitchen can be issued unusually. Lighting is controlled so by remote control or switch. Also popular LED lamps in the backlight.
  4. Table lamps - this option has the right to exist, but for some reason it is better to abandon this decision. On the working surface without table lamps little space. Even the instruments are quickly spoiled, but they are not easy to clean. Therefore, stationary for the additional lighting in the lead.

Designer lighting

The above listed options - a practical solution. But do not forget, that by means of lamps can give a room a new kind of. The main thing - the right accents. To give the kitchen an updated look, sufficient to establish on top of cabinets mounted or ceiling coverings perimeter LED strip. on power costs are minimal, and the design of effective. this lighting functions as night lighting Kitchen.

Designer lights in the kitchen
Dizaynersie expensive options, but they are worth

installation of lighting

lighting installation can make yourself. But wiring own hands lesson unsafe, Therefore, you should carefully follow the safety precautions.

Wiring in the kitchen

The first phase of work - to make the wiring. To begin, calculate the wiring capacity, taking into account, that the cable is connected to the other appliances. The switchboard installed Safety machines.

When mounting two or three wiring branches (ceiling chandelier, zone eating and working surface) each branch is connected to a separate machine. After that, begin laying cable. It is advisable to make at once to Stroebe, to securely hide the wires. In places, which will be located switches, make additional recess. For safety reasons the wires placed in special plastic boxes and fix hard wire. The remaining holes carefully sealed. After that, plastered wall, hruntuyut and shpaklyuyut. When the surface is dry walls, proceed to the installation of lighting your own hands.

Installing ceiling fixtures

The first task - to set the ceiling lamp. After mounting downlights with his hands conveniently carried out other works.

ceiling lights in the kitchen
Ceiling lights should emphasize the overall style of the room


  1. For security reasons, de-energized home, to prevent electric shock.
  2. Mark out the ceiling and place, to house the lamp, fix a hook or bar. If during the construction phase in the floor slabs have built in hook, then the item is passed.
  3. Chandelier is collected and discharged outside the wire.
  4. The collected light is hung neatly on a hook. Attach the chandelier can be and on a bracket with screws.
  5. Pre stripped contacts is introduced into the terminal block and neat movements screwed. It is important to prevent deformation and kinked cables.
  6. The final stage - mount trim. It is designed to protect the contacts from dust, dirt and moisture.

Mounting wall light

Works on installation of wall-mounted light fixtures have a similar sequence of actions, Only they are easier to mount, because they do not have to raise your hands up:

  1. Is first applied to the necessary markup, to accurately drill holes for fasteners.
  2. Drilling slots for the dowels used hammer. To drilling no difficulties, as a nozzle is used borax and drill pobeditovye.
  3. The resulting neat hole hammer of plastic dowels.
  4. The base is fixed by means of screws.
  5. On the fixed base mounted housing. Variants of fastening of the case: fixing with screws or snap fasteners.
  6. Mounted luminaire check. If the light is dim, flickers or makes strange whirring sounds, so, the problem of electrical contacts.

Wall Light
Wall lighting elements are very fond of the inhabitants of the rich Africa

Connecting LEDs

Mount LED strip is not difficult, since it has a self-adhesive layer. Advantage - the ability to cut the ribbon on the part of the required length. But it can not go beyond the special zone, otherwise you may damage the diodes.

Connecting the LED strip to the mains - process uncomplicated, but it requires some specialized knowledge:

  1. To begin, determine the size of plots, that need to paste over the LED ribbon.
  2. Cut off a piece of tape soldered to the wires, going to the power supply (BP). Depending on the number of colors and the number of wires varies: for single-color LED strip only two, for the three-colored - four. Insulation soldered places - it is of first importance, because in the kitchen the room humidity, and it carries the potential hazard.
  3. Solder the wires attached to the power supply. When you connect the tape (RGB) they are carried out via the controller.
  4. PSU is connected to the mains (a plug-in or hidden wires). In the latter case it is better to do a special niche, where pryachutkontroller and block pitaniya.Togda nothing will disturb the harmonious design of the kitchen.

helpful hints

If there is a possibility, designers are highly recommended to install a dimmer (brightness control). Depending on the mood of the brightness of the light changes: while cooking it is included at full capacity, at the family dinner ubavlyayut.Myagky subdued colors create a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Original lighting in the kitchen
Original lighting in the kitchen add a highlight of the interior

they, who wants to give the kitchen originality and flair, lamp can make your own hands. For creative people - this is another opportunity samorealizatsii.Sdelat lamp with your hands, you can in one night with the necessary tools and materials.

When planning recessed lighting need to ensure that, to total lights included in parts. it is practical, as it allows you to save electricity. For the convenience of kitchen equipped with LED inside. Especially effective this technique looks, If the facade is not deaf, and are equipped with stained glass.

For lighting the lamp choosing kitchen facilities, which emit warm light. Fluorescent light bulbs are economical, durable, emit intense, but deadening light with blue. On a subconscious level so the light does not give a person to relax, causing unexplainable feeling of anxiety. Even the dishes look maloappetitno.


Furniture company when ordering the headset offer their lighting options. But we must remember, that such services are expensive. If your budget is limited, better to try to independently find and buy lighting. true, spotlights in the kitchen with a stretch ceiling alone do not work.

To create a stylish and harmonious lighting design, you need to know a lot of nuances and design tricks. Find the golden middle between usability and aesthetics is not so easy. Comprehensive study of the question of the creation of light - the first step towards the realization of their dream kitchen.