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Is it possible to create the perfect ceiling in the kitchen with the help of coloring

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The surface of the ceiling in the kitchen is different from other rooms. For kitchen area required finishing materials with special properties. Finish exposed to different temperatures, steam and humid, so facing materials must be resistant to moisture and other influences.

White ceiling is perfect for light furniture in the kitchen

To paint the ceiling in the kitchen with his hands, you must choose a quality paint. Let's find out, than to paint the ceiling in the kitchen you can, and what is to be feared.

Features of the kitchen area

Kitchen - the space, to which increased requirements.

painted ceiling in the kitchen

To choose the paint for the ceiling in the kitchen area should be familiar with the properties of the material and with the requirements of, that apply to the finishing materials of the premises.

In the kitchen during cooking it creates an atmosphere of high temperature and humidity. materials, used indoors, must be resistant to factors data.

Evaporation and moisture

Cooking and use microwaves and steamers produce evaporation and contribute to the high humidity in the room. The ventilation system has an impact on the different level of humidity during the day.

ceiling painting

Temperature changes

Regular change of temperature has an effect on the surface of the room. Use of the gas stove heating ceiling contributes to 50 degrees. If the air in the room, the temperature indicator greatly decrease.

Reduce sharp temperature differences allows extractor.

Subsidence of soot and grease

Soot and fatty suspension remains on the surface. Soot settles at the gas cookers. Making the choice of material, should take into account regular wet cleaning.

Painting the ceiling in the kitchen

Which material is selected for finishing the ceiling: the best

Before proceeding to the finishing materials worth exploring, which is better to paint the ceiling.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands It is considered to be the cheapest method. It uses burnt lime and various brushes.

Lime produces no harmful substances. It is believed, active material that cleans the air.

Before the repair costs to decide: some paint for the ceiling in the kitchen is better?

ceiling butterfly
Luxury ceiling with beautiful butterflies around exquisite chandeliers

properties lime

Paint the ceiling with your hands, you can use lime. This material is available, which is characterized by safety. Lime is diluted with plain water. In doing so, 2 Kg lime is added to hot water, 100 g. common salt. You can add a dye. Water made up to volume 10 liters.

Often used in country houses, especially in the summer kitchen. In the presence of skills of this material, curved surfaces can be aligned.

Have to regularly paint the ceiling, since the surface with lime oil and soot are not washed.

Painting of the ceiling lime has the following advantages:

  • Low costs;
  • whitewash performed thick layer, that allows you to mask minor defects. Eliminates minor cracks and undulations;
  • It characterized by safety to humans, because they do not emit harmful substances.

ceiling painting with latex paint

The whitewashed ceiling is different to standard view. The accumulation of lime after frequent repair leads to uneven surfaces.

Skilled craftsmen recommend the use of quick lime. Her long to cook, but its color is whiter.

The advantages of water-based paint

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands with water-based paint is considered a budget option. The paint is diluted with water before use.

Such material is recommended for buildings with coverings of wood. The design does not interfere with the passage of steam, so the room in the heat of summer will be cool.

ceiling paint has the following advantages:

  • solution is easily applied and dries quickly;
  • It characterized by safety and has no unpleasant odor;
  • vodoemulsionku easily applied over another paint.

beautiful painted ceiling in the kitchen

If you paint the ceiling with water-based liquid, then the coating is possible through time wash soap solution.

care for coating has some features - wash the surface can not be, but you can remove the dust with a damp cloth.

If properly paint the ceiling latex paint, the coating thickness is less, than the lime analogue.

ceiling peach

Features of acrylic paint

You can use acrylic paint for tiling in the kitchen area. This option is considered to be one of the best. This material contains properties latex solution. Plus it considered washable surface, which is obtained after work.

When cleaning the ceiling cover is not recommended abrasives.

Wash of acrylic paint can with warm water with soap and a washcloth.

If a ceiling paint with acrylic paint, you can the following advantages:

  • the composition does not fade in the sun;
  • paint fills small cracks and makes them invisible;
  • you can choose any colors;
  • no smell.

ceiling tiers
Ideal tiered ceiling with beautiful lights look good in the kitchen

How and what to paint the ceiling in the kitchen: work with their own hands

Before you paint the ceiling in the room, you should choose a matte or glossy finish.

To use a high-gloss paint will need to level the surface. Since this composition emphasize all imperfections.

Glossy material has a mirror effect and enlarges the dimensions cuisines.

For matt paints do not need a perfectly flat surface. These inks have a porous structure.

To paint the ceiling in the kitchen will need to roll with a medium nap, Brush and paint tray. prepared putty, paint or whitewash, sandpaper, anti-fungal agents and spatulas.

beautiful ceiling in the kitchen

Painting the ceiling with his hands is composed of the following sequence of actions:

  1. The design is cleared of old plaster and the other layers. The surface is cleaned with a spatula. It is recommended to use a protective mask. The door to the kitchen is covered. Concrete surface to be cleaned up.
  2. Under the plaster mold can be. This brown spots. To eliminate contamination of the surface treated with primer with anti-microbial properties. In this case, the mold is not only removed, but also does not appear again.
  3. In a cheap medium recommended white.
  4. The primer provides a strong bond to the surface. The solution strengthens portions with remnants of old plaster. Use penetrating primer.
  5. For surface alignment is required plaster ceiling. This procedure is necessary, if differences over a centimeter.
  6. If there are small cracks, it uses putty.
  7. After drying putty ceiling required for painting the second layer. Applied gypsum plaster.white ceiling in the kitchen
  8. After seven hours of drying surface is polished to a smooth state. It uses trowel mesh with different structures.
  9. Check unevenness help direct rail or steel line. On the matted surface uneven areas can not be seen.
  10. Apply additional primer layer. Primers used instead of the solution diluted with water paint.
  11. Then paint the ceiling should not divorce. The paint is applied in two stages. The second layer is applied after drying.

The kitchen creates a high-quality finish.

Tips for painting the ceiling: how to beautifully and correctly

To qualitatively paint the ceiling with a brush to start cornering. Roller is guided along the wall, where there is a window. Paint should not be much. Strips run evenly and smoothly, without interruption.

ceiling painting in the kitchen

Beautifully paint the ceiling will help to know the following features:

  1. For the uniform surface treatment is performed by staining the window.
  2. Check the readiness of the surface of the coloring will help Flashlight, which allows you to see small bumps and cracks.
  3. To avoid any joints - one layer is produced in a single operation.
  4. For registration ceiling recommended matt surfaces, that hide irregularities.
  5. To paint a good surface at home, it is recommended to use a paint manufacturer.
  6. It is not necessary to plant the paint on the eyes. For qualitative composition should comply with the instructions.woman paints the ceiling
  7. paint residues can not flush the toilet. Consideration should be given method of disposal.
  8. Before whitewashing the room is recommended to create a high humidity. For this purpose, heaters are placed with a damp cloth. It is necessary to avoid drafts. You need to quickly whiten, without gaps.
  9. In the kitchen, you can not use oil-based paint. On such a surface will be formed condensate.
  10. Latex paint and acrylic characterized elasticity, resistant to dirt and durability. With them are colored small cracks.
  11. Silicate paints are used for colored designs lime. On such surfaces does not appear mold.
  12. Silicone paints are safe and have antiseptic characteristics.
  13. When using the panel on the ceiling, it is possible to paint the foam water-based paints.

rainbow kitchen
Kitchen in different colors simply amazing

If a large area of ​​the ceiling, the gun used. This unit will allow to paint over the surface evenly.

Depending on the base are different methods of surface preparation.

If you need to paint the ceiling, the seams proshpaklevyvayutsya. Then, the entire surface of the plaster and trimming using sandpaper. performed primer, and then paint.

If you want to paint the plaster ceiling. It is estimated his fortune. If there are cracks, they are buried. In the presence of a fungus - surface is treated with a special solution.

If the base is covered with bloom, then it is recommended to wash with soapy water with the addition of soda. Spots and bumps sanded.

coloring roller

Features coloring water paint of different colors: Paint plasterboard and other surfaces

Despite modern methods of cladding, the use of water-based paint remains a popular.

If there are not used the low ceiling suspension structures, which will reduce the room.

Besides, Painting is considered a more simple way, than the installation of articles of drywall.

beautiful ceiling in the kitchen with a picture

Paint the ceiling latex paint streak-free to follow these guidelines:

  1. Staining is performed from the edge to the center.
  2. For natural and uniform coating of paint is applied in different directions. The first layer is held against the natural light source. A next layer is performed along.
  3. Before operating the paint is poured into the tank. To evenly distribute the paint on the roller, it is dipped into the solution and rolled for bath. In this case, the paint is applied evenly and smoothly.

Coloring - this is not a complicated process. On preparation takes more time. The paint is selected in advance. Good paint is not afraid of water and has a resistance to subsidence of a dust.


Compliance with the recommendations and instructions will help to qualitatively paint the ceiling in the home.