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Replacement of the facade for the kitchen and features repair

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Replacing kitchen facades allows to update the interior, change the appearance of the premises, bringing it in line with the style, which made design. This approach will help to quickly and with minimal investment to update and improve on the appearance of kitchen units.

When you want to update facades?

Replacement or restoration of the kitchen fronts may be required, if you want to update the interior of the kitchen or the old cabinets in need of repair, and the appearance of their already unattractive. Get a new kitchen, without spending a lot of money, can: this will require updating textiles, decoration, facades, accessories. In this way, kitchen seriously change their appearance, but its costs will be significantly reduced creation.

Besides, restoration in this manner may be necessary for significant damage facade kitchen units. This can happen for various reasons, most often it takes place to be careless use, Cabinets in which mechanical damage is obtained, or exposure to moisture. exchange kitchen facades much faster, easier and cheaper, than completely change the furniture in the kitchen, especially when you consider the fact, that restored it in any other way is not always possible.

partial Replacement of kitchen fronts It can be performed using cells stained. There are many ways to create a stained glass window - on the order of the individual items in the shop to self-assembly using the most affordable for you to devices and methods - for example,, film or solder.

kitchen facade repair
Replacing kitchen facade - it's an easy way to transform the interior

Using stained glass It helps make the kitchen more interesting and rich, will add elegance and style to your interior.

How is the replacement of the façade?

The idea to update the kitchen facade can visit the owner not only from a practical point of view, but if the appearance of the old kitchen frankly obsolete. Kitchen - this is the place, where not only prepare food, but also to receive visitors, spend a lot of time. If the area is large, the room is used for family gathering, so it is important, to set looked aesthetically pleasing, feast for the eyes, creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. Changing kitchen façade and a location of its elements, you can make it more ergonomic, comfortable.

The new facade can determine your mood, emphasize the style and good taste. Updating the kitchen facade will transform the outdated furniture modern headsets, stylish or old - in any case, you get a fresh version, based on the already existing furniture. Thanks to such a reception your kitchen will never go out of fashion, since it can be changed at any time. New facades may be made of any material, that you like at a price, style and quality. Replacement of the facade is straightforward, It does not require a lot of time, much cheaper, than buying a new headset.

replace the facade before and after

What material to choose?

Facade of a new kitchen can be made-to-measure, on a special project, so the choice of material, from which it is made, He remains with the buyer. The following varieties are used more often:

Chipboard - a great way to inexpensively replace kitchen facades. It is quite durable, thus inexpensive material, available for almost every. With proper processing it has the attractive appearance, It can last for a long time. If high quality plate and passed a special treatment, it can withstand high temperatures, humidity, fungi, other destructive factors and is guaranteed to last for up to 10 years old.production of kitchen fronts

MDF, which can still be called fiberboard. This material is similar to natural wood characteristics, it has high strength, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. Replacing the doors of the old DSP headset on the kitchen more modern MDF - a good idea, since the material is characterized by high quality. MDF is easier and cheaper than natural wood thanks to its special technology, by which the plate is made.

product quality determines its appearance and price. The following types of facades:

  • plastic-coated. These facades are well suited for rooms with high humidity, since plastic protects against moisture. Such a surface is perfectly smooth, which has no textures. Color can be selected at the discretion.
  • MDF board can be covered with a protective film. Unlike plastic, film may be textured, have a pattern or be of a certain color. This allows you to decorate the furniture as you like, eg, a marble or natural wood. The film may have a matte or glossy appearance.
  • there are surface, coated with special structures against fire or moisture, Besides, widespread facades from MDF, upholstered, silk, special films, glossy or matte.
  • High-quality products made from MDF can be coated with a layer of plywood. This type of veneer durable, nice-looking, apparently it is difficult to distinguish from real wood, making kitchen Salting. Replacement kitchen doors on such a model will be cheaper, than an analogue of natural wood, while outwardly kitchen nothing will not concede to more expensive.

natural wood. The cost of replacing kitchen with facades made of valuable wood products is much higher, than all the previously mentioned possibilities, however, this facade is different and noble style. The most popular varieties of wood for use in the manufacture of kitchen furniture are beech, oak, Birch tree, ash and cherry. Products may vary in complexity and performance style, suitable for almost any style of decoration.

Metal and glass. Metal frame with glass door looks easy and stylish, It harmonizes well with modern styles, eg, Hi-Tech, inexpensive, is not afraid of moisture and high temperature.


Conclusion: wanting to upgrade the kitchen, you can use this trick, as a partial replacement of the facades, which will save enough money and renovate the interior.