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Granite sink— undeniable chic kitchen

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Porcelain tiles - a durable and reliable material, who for many years was used only for the manufacture of paving and facades of high-rise buildings. Today it is used for Equipment Apartments houses. Manufacturers of kitchen products offer a decent selection of sinks from granite.

Granite sink in the kitchen
Granite sink decorate and ennoble kitchen area

Benefits shells of porcelain

The composition of the porcelain kitchen sink at 20% It consists of acrylic resin and 80% of granite chips. Durable material does not lose its original properties, and requires careful care. To get rid of dirt, it suffices to use an ordinary detergent.

Marble for washing dishes with a bowl made in several embodiments. oval, round, triangular and rectangular products have a long warranty. Granite sinks for the kitchen with several containers are stable and can withstand the load. The popularity they deserve thanks small size and functionality. Additional capacity from the main bowl vary in size and depth. They are used for defrosting and cleaning products.

Regardless of the shape and size of the porcelain shell has several advantages:

  • Reliability. Porcelain tiles on properties are not inferior to the natural stone. granite sink heavier and thicker, than stainless steel. In the production process the material gets a higher density. He is impervious to external damage. Unlike ceramic products, cleaning of porcelain difficult to scratch or crack.
  • durability. Granite countertops for the kitchen to cope with sudden changes in temperature. They are resistant to sunlight. Because of the density of the material does not absorb moisture sink and odor. Alkali - agent, included in the composition of detergents, also does not harm porcelain stoneware. Excluded accumulation of plaque, dirt and bacteria on the surface.
    The shell of porcelain
    Porcelain stoneware has all the qualities, to be used in the food industry
  • Environmentally friendly. Regular contact with dishes and food requires the highest degree of material security. Composed of natural ingredients is safe stoneware.
  • Decent appearance. Large selection of colors and shapes makes it possible to incorporate ceramic granite sink into the interior of many rooms. Regardless of the frequency of use, the product does not lose its original appearance.
  • Quiet. In contrast to stainless steel sinks porcelain easily dampens noise Water.

Modern granite sink tops with more practical. Equipment fitted with drying cabinets and openings for water flow. Several equipment includes a chopper for rubbish and waste. This eliminates the need for regular cleaning of pipes. Gaining popularity built detergent dosing liquids. Connection of water heaters, and self-cleaning filters.

The versatility of ceramic granite sinks confirmed by numerous kitchens design projects. Fine lines and originality of the material suitable for rooms in Scandinavian or Mediterranean style. Round granite sink for the kitchen, eg, used in high-tech style. Paired with vintage tap or mixer matt chromium sink with granite worktop kitchen becomes the central character.


Kitchen sinks are not only different colors and shapes. The equipment is characterized by the method of installation. There are two types of ceramic granite sinks:

  1. integrated,
  2. Mortice.

On the hardware configuration is recommended to pay attention, when it sold to sink already finished kitchen headset.

Flush granite sink
Mortise lock option can be installed in a pleasure headsets

Integrated granite sinks

Worktop integrated washer merges with the surface of kitchen furniture. The design is made of one material, choose who can be in the preparatory phase of the project. Since the containers have different shapes and sizes, fasteners for sinks to the table top mounted flush with the working surface or below.

Some manufacturers produce ceramic granite sink in one piece, without holes. Several integrated configurations having respective tags for the mixer and mounting brackets and alloy tube with weak edges, to knock. In this case, it is important to strike a hammer in a cork center. Doing this it is recommended on weight, substituting a chisel or knob. The resulting hole will be sharp, its fine tuning rasp.

If the sink has no tags for mixer and plug, they make their own. To drill the sink of porcelain, It requires a drill with a suitable diameter. So, cork do not more 35 mm. Drilling of holes occurs from the front side, because during operation appear cracks and chips. Granite to not burst out incandescent, metal auger during operation is filled with liquid lubricant ohlazhadayuschey, so that he may "swim" in it. Drilling should wash mill with diamond coating.

If there is no coolant, Use soapy water.

Integrated granite sink
Integrated granite sink is the height of luxury, with such a receiving set with all the functionality becomes monolithic

Flush stoneware sink

Installation shell occurs on the countertop by insertion of the container into the slotted hole on the surface of the headset. The method does not require high precision work, but it requires precise measurements. To simplify the problem of thick cardboard is recommended to cut out the template, area corresponding recessed parts washing. Its outline on the table.

to cut it out Countertops under sink, for convenience before working in every corner makes a hole-label. Work is carried out pobeditovym drill diameter of at least 6 mm. The inserted nail file hole jigsaw. Work runs from mark to mark. The alternative fret saw acts manual circular saw, during which also encouraged to take advantage of the cooling fluid. In this case, it is recommended to follow, that there was no visible gashes and creases on the surface of the countertop.

If the job of cutting out the seat failed accurately, roughness zapilivaetsya rasp or smeared with silicone. Gaps and rough edges overlap shell rim.

Installation mixer countertop in the kitchen is done by special clips and spacers. Before installing the sink in the countertop connected pipes, which are further connected to the plumbing fittings. Drainage siphon to mount after installation of the container in a horizontal countertop.

Flush stoneware sink
Choose any shape sink, manufacturers on the market can be lost from a variety of

To the cracks between the working surface and Mortise sink I do not accumulate water and did not appear mold, they are treated with a special sealant. To do this, extruded silicone on the perimeter saw cut seat. Then the installation of the container into the countertop. Edge strongly pressed, speaking artificial sealant immediately removed. After the procedure is estimated result. Countertop with a sink for the kitchen should be well pressed together. silicone, speaking from the margins - the result of the required pressure. Some mortise models granite tanks are available, complete with rubber gaskets, which replace the silicone sealant.

fasten sink to countertop You can use special hardware, which in modern model comes fully assembled. On the tops there are special clamps. Secure container mortise of porcelain can with standard screws, pulling up the sink to the table as close as possible. The elements of metal fasteners sharp, they must be securely fixed.

put siphon, connect sewage and water. To tap connects the hot and cold water. It is recommended to use flexible hoses each with a valve. When installing granite sink ends, faucet and siphon check for leaks.


When properly installed in the tabletop stoneware sink does not need regular updating. Resistant material able to serve more than one generation of housewives.