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Mortise sink stainless steel: how to make the right choice

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The correct choice of form, depths, size, placement and proper installation of kitchen sink depends on the comfort in the cooking process, washing dishes and doing other work. Flush kitchen sink stainless steel introduced to the market a large number of models from different manufacturers, that allows you to find the most suitable for the specific operating conditions.

Cleaning of the kitchen
Cleaning of the kitchen with two divisions is very convenient

Types of sinks from stainless steel kitchen

Flush stainless steel sink

Sinks of stainless steel are robust, availability and a wide choice of variants. For the manufacture of food-quality steel is used. To make the right choice and choose a really comfortable and practical sink worth a closer look at the main types of these products. In the first instance for cleaning dishes Stainless different mode of mounting accessories mortise and overhead. overhead cleaning of stainless steel in the kitchen installed on the finished countertop (wherein a surface of the cutout underneath the bowl) or themselves function as countertops and installed on the frame of the kitchen cabinets. Mortise sink Kitchen with stainless steel are set exclusively in the finished countertop and do not protrude beyond the edge, around the bowl rim fits tightly to the surface and sealed. Significant functional differences between these types of no, the choice depends on the model of kitchen units and personal preferences.

corner sink
Corner sink the perfect solution for the kitchen

Mortice model: dimensions and other technical data

In the method of manufacturing the shell are divided into two types of:

  1. Stamped sink made from a single metal sheet, that the warrants on the surface of joints and seams. At the same time, this method of manufacturing limits the depth of the bowl (maximum 15 cm), and the wall thickness differs at different locations.
  2. Welded shells are composed of two parts, bowl and base, connected by welding. Such products are more expensive, but have indisputable advantages: metal of uniform thickness and unlimited choice bowl depth.

Depending on the method of processing the material discharged washing with a glossy and matt surface.

Flush stainless steel sink in the kitchen

Brushed stainless steel sink more practical, at its surface is not as noticeable traces of water droplets or dirt stains, while the glossy surface can be seen the slightest contamination or scratches.

Made with shells various size and number of cups. Duplex wash Stainless steel is much easier to use, since one branch can be used for washing dishes and, simultaneously, the second is for the preparation of products. If space allows, better to give preference to the sink with one or two wings. Such an embodiment is more practical, additional surface will put a damp dish, put wet vegetables or fruit. When choosing a model and shell size, take into account the size of the kitchen and features kitchen furniture.

round sink
The original round sink with cutting boards for foods

Advantages and disadvantages of round steel sinks

Most of the available on the market sinks made of stainless steel. The popularity of this material is explained by a number of advantages:

  • Manufacturing technology allows products of any shape and size. Besides the standard rectangular and circular embodiments, produced angle triangle, trapezoidal, oval or other cleaning. Different depth of bowls, diameter hole and finishing methods. Produced sink with two bowls, Fitting dishwashing compartment, hole of the second mixer for filtered water and other design features.
  • Kitchen sink stainless steel hygienic, surface easy to remove any kind of dirt, not use any, including aggressive, cleaners.stainless steel sink flush
  • The kitchen sink of stainless steel does not corrode, resistant to chemical and thermal influences and physical damage. With proper care, the product retains the original appearance for many years.
  • Universal design and the use of natural materials allows the stainless sink in any environment - from country to high-tech.
  • For all its benefits, stainless steel is the most inexpensive material available on the market.

Deficiencies in stainless steel sinks are not many:

  • Metal thickness is in the standard models of 0,6 to 1,2 mm, however washing makes noise when falling water jet. The problem is solved by purchasing more expensive cleaning of thick steel or installation of soundproof gaskets.
  • Poor choice of options exterior trim.

Cleaning of stainless steel
Corner sink stainless steel is ideal for corner furniture in the kitchen

selection rules: what to look for

To select high-quality and easy-to-use product in the selection and purchase of cleaning you need to follow a number of rules and recommendations:

  • Even before the trip to the store must determine the exact dimensions, quantity, the depth and size of the bowls, the location of the wings and other details. This not only helps to save time, but also to select a specific operating model meets conditions.
  • Installation best left to professionals, the slightest error in size will lead to gapping material, and falls under the edge of the water will cause the material to deteriorate pedestals. Difficult to install a sink with two bowls or custom geometric shapes.
  • food of high quality low-carbon steel used for production of corresponding standard washing AISI 304. The alloy contains at least 18% chromium, that provides chemical resistance, and not less than 10% nickel.

Flush stainless steel sink

Unscrupulous manufacturers to save steel grade used 202, corrosion free. Visually distinguish such it is impossible to sink. Check the stainless steel can with a magnet: on the surface of high-grade steel it slides, and adheres to the poor quality.

  • Not buy the products of famous manufacturers, treasure their reputation and do not expose to the market defective products.
  • The thickness of the steel sheet is not less than 0,6 mm, and ideally - 0,9-1,2 mm. On thin quickly began to appear dents even not very strong impact.
  • When selecting the depth and size of the bowl for receiving the amount of such landmark Utensils, kettle (height) or the largest pan (diameter). It is much more convenient to fill the container with water directly into washing, not pouring water by means of a cup or scoop.stylish stainless steel sink flush
  • It is necessary to pay attention not only to the design, but also on practicality. Brushed stainless steel is more taxing and easier to clean.
  • The final selection should be doing hostess, Only it will be able to determine, how convenient for daily use will cleaning of stainless steel in the kitchen. Anyway, If space allows for the installation of, Kitchen sink with two bowls practical single.

For comfortable use manufacturers offer to purchase a number of related equipment, such as: drainer, basket for drying fruits and vegetables, installed above the sink or shredder wastes.