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How to get rid of gnats in the kitchen: detailed guidance

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"Bred midges!"- a common problem. Fruit lice do not carry direct harm to human health, but its annoying and intrusive presence of the large number of enviable. Often even unclear, where they came from and when the time to multiply.

Фруктовая мошка
For human fruit midge is not dangerous

types of midges

In the world there 1500 species of midges, but the most famous:

  • black (bites man);
  • white (Drosophila or fruit midge).

Fruit midge - a harmless insect, which is rapidly increasing in numbers, and spoils the fruit and other products. Fruit flies - it's small size midges 1-2 mm with two wings and neat 6 paws. Brown shade body has an oval shape elongated. Sometimes there are individuals and small black or orange. they fly slowly, because swat an insect easily, but they are bred so much, in such a way that they do not destroy. Get rid of the fruit midges on the kitchen possible for 3-4 day, but the problem needs to be addressed in a comprehensive. These insects do not bite humans and live a little, but the harm from them is great:

  1. These are the first enemies of warehouses and shops with fruits. If you do not comply with retention rules, in areas, where there is ripe fruit, lice multiply rapidly. As a result, owners of warehouses and stores are serious losses.
  2. insects harmful small basements and cellars with food, bringing damage cottagers and gardeners. Breed gnats on fruit, leftover food, in stagnant water and other products.
  3. Mote - pesky creatures. They fly in the face, nose, stain the white tablecloths, wallpaper and curtains.
  4. Drosophila harm and not collect the crop directly on trees, putting ripe fruit in their larvae. Fruits with thick skin, they do not bite through, preferring soft overripe fruit.
  5. The insects breed in decaying organic matter, therefore, they are found in clogged gutters sinks. Gnats are born at sunrise, so a person does not even notice, how and where did the hordes of these unpleasant insects. Then the mistress complains, that bred gnats in the kitchen nowhere.

Fruit - a favorite treat for lice

Midges enters the house with the purchase-products, through windows, vent. But if they can not find food for themselves, trouble there. The main reason for their appearance - clogging premises. If under the kitchen table had gone down 3-4 berries, Drosophila sure to find them and put aside their eggs. Then their number will increase exponentially.


Just get rid of flies in the kitchen little. After the destruction of the hordes of pesky need to abide by the rules of prevention:

  1. leavings, spoiled fruit without regret, throw away, but not in the trash, and immediately pass on the street.
  2. Food is not stored in the clear in warm places. Be sure to wrap thick paper (film) or cover plate.
  3. 3-4 times a day to clean the kitchen sink from food residues and organic.
  4. wine, fruit juices, sugary drinks stored tightly sealed.
  5. Bread store in a bag in the breadbaskets, Simuliidae such a barrier does not get.
  6. Every day, take out the garbage at home (summer often) and to use trash bags.
  7. Regularly wash mops and sponges for dishwashing.
  8. Wash the dishes immediately after a meal, do not store it in the evening.
  9. Every time a fresh brewed tea, not letting the tea thicker stagnate in teapot.
  10. After the cooking or eating wipe dining table and the work surface with a damp cloth dirt, Food residues and sticky spots.
  11. Hob or stove times 7 haze days with a special detergent.
  12. If you live in the house domestic animals or poultry, to monitor the cleanliness of their bowls and cells.
  13. On windows install mosquito nets.

Испорченные фрукты
Spoiled fruit and vegetables should immediately throw

Get rid of gnats in the house in the winter easier. In cold weather, they are not as proliferate.


The main tool in the fight against midges - spotlessly clean. Therefore, if the house is found a small center of breeding these insects, it simply destroy. But if the fruit midges home - this rule, rather than the exception, in that case resort to destroying methods of stripping and compliance of the whole system of preventive measures.

Easy to get rid of lice. In the kitchen, maintain cleanliness during the week (During this time, the insects disappear):

  1. The first step is clean all fruits and sweet products in inaccessible places for mosquitoes (in the fridge). Without complying with this rules to deal with lice does not make sense.
  2. The trash is washed thoroughly and dried.
  3. The drain hole is filled a special tool in the kitchen sink.
  4. If the room has a kitchen houseplants, they are watered as needed, avoiding stagnation of water in the pan. Standing water - a real breeding ground for fruit flies.
  5. In kitchen and floor thoroughly wash away safe cleaner and wipe dry.

Фрукты в холодильнике
To up your fruits have not reached the insects - store them in the refrigerator

There is an interesting way to get rid of gnats in the kitchen using powdered camphor. On heated pan pour camphor, waiting for the steam and remove the container from the stove. Pan with steam slowly sneaked through the rooms. Insects do not tolerate this smell. To get rid of lice, even use a vacuum cleaner. You can display the midges from the kitchen with the help of vinegar. take 5-6 rags, Moisten with vinegar and put them in the kitchen. After one day hold a general kitchen cleaning. Mote disappear. Instead, use vinegar peeled horseradish root, spread out in different places. Craftsmen make with their own hands the original traps for fruit midges:

  1. Trap out of the bag. Print the midges can be using a conventional package. Take a large plastic bag, put inside an overripe peach, bunch of spoiled grapes and a slice of watermelon and leave the package open at night. On the morning of check bait: package will be full of insects. Close bag deft movement and throw all its contents into the street in a trash can.
  2. banana trap. Eradicate lice can be a banana. Take a large plastic bottle, put inside the skin of a banana, made a lot of holes with a thick needle and put near the hearth numerous breeding of midges. Insects rush to the smell and fly into the trap, but get out of it will not be able.
  3. cone trap. Mark liter glass jar, put on the bottom 3-4 orange segments or any rotten fruit, in the neck of the container insert rolled paper cone with a small opening at the bottom. Midges zaletyat bank, but fail to take off.
  4. liquid trap. Take a deep bowl, pour it syrup or sweet juice, add 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent, put apples, peeled, cover film structure with a fork to pierce holes in it. Flies get into and drown in the sweet liquid. To get rid of lice home, pour into a bowl and honey, and wine, and wine vinegar, that is at hand. When a sufficient amount of blackflies, poured into a bowl of hot water and the contents drained into the toilet.

If there is a need to bring gnats in the kitchen quickly, You have to use a special insecticide. This is a radical way, which can be destroyed forever midges. In this case, the home leave for a day. All products are hiding in the refrigerator or on the shelves in sealed cans or packages. Before applying the tools wear mask, sprayed the room and leave.

After returning all surfaces thoroughly washed, since such means may be unsafe. If you live children or pets in the apartment, better to use more sparing ways and means.

Респираторная маска
During processing, the kitchen special tools required to wear a respirator

Regular cleaning and storage products compliance rules will help to quickly get rid of fruit flies in the apartment.