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How to get rid of flies in the kitchen: the most effective ways to control insects

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In the kitchen, a lot of food waste, attractive to insects. Therefore, the latter often appear in the house, delivered to the owners a lot of trouble and hassle. Sometimes they disappear, one has only to take out the trash. But most of the "guests" are a permanent residence. In this case, you should immediately begin to deal with them.

Кухонная мушка
No need to endure unpleasant neighborhood with cooking insects. You need to get rid of them.

Basically, there are gnats, called fruit flies. This fruit insects, they prefer to eat rotten fruit and vegetables, spoil other food. If you leave the fresh produce in the public domain, then they get to them too. Therefore Drosophila expels all available methods. There is a set of methods of struggle against insects. But how rid of lice houses, because some types of chemicals harmful to humans? Help folk remedies, but not always. And there are time-consuming methods, built on a complete fighting system, that work effectively.

Harmful insects in the kitchen

If the insects were, to get rid of small flies in the kitchen by any means necessary. This can be done by folk remedies or use chemicals, which is implemented in specialized stores. Great harm midges:

  • Carrying infections. They can not bite through human skin, so the danger is underestimated, tk. people are able to eat foods, where the female laid larvae. Infection enters the body in such a way;
  • Discomfort for young children. Adults may well remove the midge, If it gets in your mouth or eyes. Kids cope with such a task is not able to;
  • food spoilage, Consequently, material damage.

Болезнетворная инфекция
Insects - carriers of disease-causing germs and bacteria

Continue the list is endless. Therefore, we must quickly find a way, how to get rid of small black flies in the kitchen or other room.

Presence of insects in the other rooms

To effectively get rid of the fruit fly in an apartment, you need to find a place, where they nest. Most often it is in the kitchen, tk. there is every condition: moisture, products. But sometimes flies come smarter. They make nests in other areas with high humidity, and fed in the kitchen. They also targeted by the bathroom, pantry, closet, cellar or loft. The first rule of a productive struggle - the right to determine the place. To combat lice in the apartment, We need to ensure its cleanliness. Immediately it will not affect the number of insects, but some units will drive (bedroom, Hall). If we constantly maintain cleanliness, the presence of lice will soon cease to trouble.

What triggers the appearance of flies?

Before you withdraw from the apartment midges, is determined by the appearance of reason. Most often they get into the house with berries, fruit or vegetables. If any rot, the favorable conditions for insects. But the females can lay eggs, using fresh fruit and vegetables, when they are ripe. Once in the warm atmosphere of the house, larvae develop.

Личинки мух
The larvae of flies

Talking about, where midges are taken, you need to consider and pockets with trash. If the buckets and bags are long in the room, it creates excellent conditions for midges. Breed insects in indoor plants and shells. Sometimes flies come home through ventilation, if that is too polluted. Complex version - the presence of blackflies from neighbors. If they do not begin to deal with them, it affects neighboring apartments.

Types and characteristics of the Flies

There are two types of midges: Drosophila and stsiaridy. First multiply the fruit (fruits, berries, vegetables), the second - in the soil. Stsiaridy appear in apartments too, when there are indoor plants. Insect feels comfortable: in the kitchen, it can be powered, and constant watering of home colors provides the necessary moisture.

Before you get rid of gnats in the house, determined by their appearance, tk. different ways of dealing. Fruit eliminate insects by emission of rotten fruit, waste removal. With stsiaridami to do so will not work. We have to work with plant soil, to influence them.

Муха дрозофила
Fly Drosophila

The risk to humans

Apartment lice do not carry a direct threat to humans. They do not bite, so do not spread disease and other infection. But since there are many ways to get rid of flies (chemicals and folk remedies), the kind of danger is present:

  1. damage to the product. If midge gets to fresh food, It violates its integrity. Subsequently, she can come in complete disrepair.
  2. Stockpile destruction. Many people stock up for the winter bow, potatoes and other vegetables bags. The appearance of harmful insects can damage the part of the reserves, as well as to destroy them completely.
  3. boring. Besides, insects constantly fly into the eye, nose and mouth, They stain the white tablecloths, curtains and towels.
  4. Harm houseplants.

Situation is complicated by the, that nest lice are hard to find. And it multiplies very quickly (20 larvae at a time, ability to reproduce begins 8 hours after birth).

Ways to combat midge

To get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen, not necessary to use drastic methods. If deprived of food, they fly away themselves. Therefore it is necessary to remove foods in the refrigerator or pack bags, throw out the trash, Preliminary examination of the bucket and the space next to it for the detection of the remaining waste.

Хранение пищи
Perishable foods should be stored in the refrigerator, and bulk - in a sealed container

If cleaning does not help, the situation is found running in nature. Now to bring midges, We have to resort to one of the most complicated and radical methods. They are divided into hazardous and harmless to humans.

safer ways

combat midge method will differ from, exactly where it came:

  • Fruits, vegetables. In this case, you need to throw out all the rotten fruit, and the remaining folded in sealed containers or packages. If the products are put into the refrigerator, the larvae cease to grow, but they shall never perish. To be safe, it is recommended to get rid of all the fruits available in the house;
  • Sink. Here it is necessary to fill the drain a little soda, and then pour the vinegar. Through 15 minute water rinse sink, drainer clean plunger;
  • Houseplants. Excellent means of Simuliidae - weak solution of potassium permanganate or pepper. It is necessary to fill / sleep on the ground under the plant;
  • bins, neighbors, ventilation and other causes of. Here it is advisable to make a trap. It is necessary to pour sweet syrup or put the rotten fruit on the bottom of the banks, cover the neck with cling film, then do it on a few holes. Insects will crawl inside without the possibility to get out. You can use the shopping trap Velcro.

Бытовой уксус
Household vinegar will get rid of the larvae

Such methods do not carry any risk for human, cats or dogs. But they are effective only for the rapid detection of midges. When the going gets launched, without venom can not do.

methods, harmful to humans and pets

Chemical means of flies may help with the solution of several problems. In spring and autumn in the apartments there are different insects - cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes and other. Radical drugs eliminate all complex. But there is a danger. If not ease all members of midges, the next generation to respond to the poison will not. We'll have to pick another chemical.

A quick way to etching (by poison) midges dangerous to humans and household. Therefore, we must take precautions, not to get chemical poisoning. It is recommended even to refer to specialists, who will clean the whole apartment, offer a guarantee on their work.

Бытовая отрава

Prevention of lice

Kill lice at home is difficult. It is much more efficient to take preventive measures, warning their appearance:

  1. Wipe clean with damp surfaces. Water promotes the formation of rot, barely get food crumb;
  2. Timely dispose of garbage;
  3. Frequently check the seats, which are to roll crumbs or leftover food (gaps between furniture, the far corners);
  4. Regularly clean the kitchen and bathroom;
  5. Immediately get rid of the rotten, spoiled food;
  6. Every day, wash feeders and pet bowls;
  7. Immediately remove the leftover food in containers, packages, fridge.

To subsequently act in a hurry, trying to find an effective way of combating harmful insects, you need to keep your house clean -moshki will not come back, where the conditions for their development and reproduction are not favorable.


Insects always appear in the house if from nowhere. But they immediately begin to be uncomfortable, become a cause of concern for its inhabitants. Therefore, to deal with them should immediately.


In fact, get rid of the lice at home may well be on their own, using folk remedies, and not resort to the use of chemicals - expel insect safe for humans and non-radical way. Spray once more toxins and poisons in the apartment do not need. But if the population grows, and no traditional methods do not help, then turn to the professionals pollination. They will relieve an apartment for a long time, eliminate the appearance of the second generation of immune chemistry. Now you know, how to get rid of flies in the kitchen.