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Bugs in the kitchen: effective methods of struggle against insects

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Kitchen cabinets, where cereals are stored, flour, pasta and dried fruits are often home to home insects. Their variety is not that great, but they bring a lot of problems. The most annoying thing - to find them in such an unexpected place, like soup, cereal or pastries. This can happen when washing cereals in haste or lack of habit of sifting flour. What insects can be got in the apartment and how to struggle with them?

Fighting bugs cooking must be carried out comprehensively

Types of bugs in the kitchen

The kitchen can find a tabernacle for two types of insects:

  • wood beetles;
  • mukoedy.

Small black bugs - it mukoedy, their color may vary from dark- brown to black. Outwardly, they look like weevils, but longer and more extended. They are found in flour, cereals, some spices. Wood bugs can also be black, but more often dark brown or even yellow, but they form a dense and rounded with a small head. like timber, crackers, drying.

Small bugs in the kitchen no harm to human health, but, if they bred, It means all products will have to throw it away and start a serious fight. These insects are sufficiently tenacious and good heat transfer vibrations from -15 to + 40, although their larvae are not as stable, but will have to fight with one, and other.

Causes of

Bugs in the flour and cereals (mukoedy) the flat coming out of the store, and there with the processing plants and mills. In a closed pack of flour or cereal notice them and larvae difficult, but after a few days or weeks, they successfully reproduce and perekochuyut other goodies available in lockers. They are particularly fond of flour and semolina.

insect larvae may be in the rump

This process contributes additional favorable conditions:

  • use of unsealed containers for food storage;
  • storage of cereals, flour and dried fruit in one small locker;
  • the presence of contaminants in the lockers (sprinkled on cereal shelves, remnants of flour).

Such domestic insects in the apartment, as wood borers also appear from the outside. They love the tree, plywood, so live in the crevices of the tables, sofas, wooden skirting boards and window sills. Additional factors provoking occurrence of bugs include:

  • the presence of mold and mildew in the room;
  • north side of the house, which is rarely natural sunlight, and ventilation is carried out infrequently;
  • waste wood in its pure raw form.

Wood bugs in the apartment live in wooden structures and in order to disguise not damage their outer side. Harm are larvae, which feed intensively timber, but do not disdain and crackers. The adults do not eat, short-lived with the aim to leave as many offspring. To get rid of the wood grinder is necessary to fight against adults and larvae of the same ways.

Древесного точильщика
Wood Grinder - view from the family of beetles, borers

ways to deal

Both types of bugs require different approaches in liquidation. Means of struggle are reduced to finding their place of birth and the active power, elimination products, sanitization. If there were bugs in the rump, must:

  • get all containers with bulk solids out of the box, pour in a bag and throw it away;
  • container thoroughly disinfected;
  • remove residues of cereals or flour out of the box (if they are scattered);
  • wash, disinfect the walls of kitchen drawers, if they have a gap, carefully from close up;
  • conduct routine inspection of containers with spices.

Important: You have to throw all the cereals, even if traces of bugs in them no. The larvae of some mukoedov same small, as the sands of flour, so they are very difficult to notice.

You have to pay attention to the dried fruit, cookies and even legumes. Black bugs in the kitchen, too, love them. After purification tanks for storing wash them with any disinfectant, used in the house. To be safe, they can be parboiled or even boil. If the container tightly closed, better of to replace other (ideally transparent).

Черные жучки
To destroy the beetles and their larvae should disinfect all containers for food storage

that get rid of small bugs, Careful disinfection of kitchen drawers. It is carried out a strong solution of any disinfectant, eg, Domestos. Suitable strong saline or acetic. The water should be hot. Bugs in the kitchen can lay eggs in crevices of boxes or table tops, therefore, all the cracks must be sealed (solder glue, zashpatlevat, zasilikonit).

After these procedures,, re-purchased bulk products first 2 Time needs to be stored in the refrigerator, I leave the boxes empty, and watch, whether new insects in the kitchen did not appear.

As additional measures you can use peeled garlic cloves, laid out in the corners of the boxes or leaves lavrushki - these smells flour beetles do not like.

Wood small brown bugs in the kitchen require a tactic of war. They love wood, book pages, dry bread, drying. How to deal with them?

  1. any cracks, cracks and holes in the furniture must be treated with a solution of vinegar, salts or any chlorine-containing disinfectant and sealed.
  2. Crackers and similar products must be discarded.
  3. books, if they have symptoms of a bug found, better handle hot steam and send to the balcony.
  4. Angles lockers, slit window sill and other potential insect habitats can be sprinkled pharmacy pyrethrum powder. suitable drill.

Бытовые ядохимикаты
Do not use household pesticides in the kitchen, that you are putting your life and the severe health risks

If the home bred little black bugs, they can not be output using pesticides. It is dangerous to their health, because chemical residues can get into food by accident. There needs careful hygiene, food choices and prevention.

prevention, findings

If a in an apartment infested little brown bugs, as well as black and other varieties - is not a sign of slovenliness hostess. In the house they came with food, are improperly stored and processed before. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to know the preventive measures.

  1. Brought out of the store cereals, flour, dried fruits and nuts, slowly pour in a glass container and thoroughly review. Sami bugs and their eggs are clearly visible to the naked eye.
  2. These products for a few days can be put in the freezer, insect, if any, die there.
  3. Store bulk foods in sealed glass jars or specially treated fabric bags. The treatment is carried out as follows:: preparing a strong salt solution and heated therein sacs 30 minutes, allow to cool, become obsolete and iron iron. No bug does not enter into such containers.
  4. As a preventive measure in favor regular viewing tanks with cereals and dried fruits, suspect may be placed in the refrigerator or freezer for 2 of the week.
  5. Excellent effect processing kitchen cabinets with superheated steam, For this fit the vertical steam generator iron. He has to cope with such hazardous to human parasites, like bedbugs in the apartment.

The best method of treatment - is prevention. So doctors like to say, but this phrase in relation to the theme bugs in apartment. In a situation of lack of free time, Still should allocate a few extra minutes in the selection of products in the store and to refuse delivery to your home. Out of it packing with grains or dried fruit in their hands and making sure, suspicious that there is no indication of beetles, will allow in the future to save time and effort in the fight against these insects.

Bugs in the rump - another reason to do spring cleaning in the house, upon completion of which the purity of the feeling will last long.