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How to choose lighting for kitchen

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Proper kitchen lighting plays a huge role. To avoid errors, You should be familiar with the basic versions of the proper distribution of light in the room.

What should be the lighting

How to light the kitchen? Before proceeding to the acquisition of instrument, you must understand that, what should be the lighting? General requirements for, It should look like the correct lighting solution in the kitchen, are as follows:

  1. To work surface and dining area is not obscured by the shadows, you must correctly position the light sources.
  2. Bright lights can blind person.
  3. Acquire light sources must be given the kitchen interior. Lighting is selected based on the fact, that have light colors of the light flux up to the reflection property 80%, dark - up 12%.
  4. According to the safety distance from the light source to water should be at least 55-60 cm.
  5. Lighting must be chosen in such a way, so that together they complement each other.
  6. Lighting the working area should be more potent.

An option for a small room

Ideas for lighting small kitchen - use multiple light sources of different zones. Somebody think, that a small space will be enough of one lamp. but, far from it.


Using spots and spotlights

The basic design of the lighting in the kitchen will serve spotlights or lamps spots. Recent ideal for small rooms and allow a light flux in the right direction. This will help cover these or other objects in the room, which is very convenient.

The light in the design of small spaces

The lamp is recommended to get a compact, but not too small. Otherwise, it is even more emphasize small size of the room. medium size lamp can perfectly illuminate the kitchen, perfectly fit into the interior, and will not overload the space.

Option for the living room-kitchen

Making light in the kitchen, the living room should be a separation of the individual zones. For these purposes, you can buy a few bulbs. They are located in different areas and directed to the appropriate place, requiring illumination.

Isolation zones using fixtures

The centerpiece should take chandelier.

If the room there is a place to relax, also need to take care of his additional lighting. Near the sofa or armchair establish additional light in the kitchen. For this ideal floor lamp with fielding holiday luminous flux.

bar counter

To isolate the bar are ideal for hanging lamps. They create a pleasant atmosphere at the switched off the main light. It is also possible to install them at different heights, thereby adjusting the intensity.


dining kitchen lighting should consist of several elements. Streams of light directed on the work surface, ceiling and dining table. To do this, set the different types of lighting.


Making classical ceilings

Lighting design in the kitchen ceiling area should cover the area evenly and be neutral. To achieve such a result, fit the following lighting options:

  • Built-in lights
  • LED bulbs
  • Spot lights

The first option is a built-in lights. They are often used, because it does not reduce the space and room height. LED lamps are typically used in combination with tension ceilings.

The lighting system of LED tape of the work area

The working area occurs cooking process, that's why you need to take care of good lighting.

Additionally, the light sources can be placed on the cabinet. The light in the kitchen will fall directly on the work surface and is bright. At the same time it will not be too bright. Otherwise, wardrobes will obstruct the light, and some space on the work surface will be in the shade. All this will lead to, that will have to strain your eyes, which adversely affects the vision.

The best option would LED strip. It is attached to the bottom of the cabinets. This modern kitchen lighting will become a decoration. Besides, a local lighting in the kitchen is often used to highlight areas.


The light in the kitchen over the table should create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, so it should be soft and non-intrusive. It is best if the table is near a window. In this way, It is able to use a maximum of natural light in the kitchen.

If the table is a wall, the ideal option would be wall sconces. It looks great on the hanger lamp. They allow you to adjust the height of location. They can be hung above the table, located in the center of the room. It will be well their use for this.

ideas, where you can make more modern lighting in the interior

In addition to the already described areas, You can additionally make the lighting of the individual cooking zones. So, eg, can be illuminated furniture or sink. The most commonly used for this purpose LED strip.

Stove and sink

Sometimes you need the lighting over the sink or stove. Light above the stove mounted on the hood should be sufficient. Above the sink you can install LED strips.

Built-in LED Light Strip

Besides, additional light sources can be installed inside the cabinets of kitchen units. Exquisitely look glazed cabinets with built-in LED strips.

Which lamp to choose

Among the huge variety of lamps emit the most suitable for the kitchen area types:

  • LED. Will last for many years
  • halogen. Efficient and diverse forms
  • fluorescent. More expensive than incandescent bulbs, but brighter and more economical
  • incandescent lamp. The most common

To choose the right equipment, and arrange the lighting in the kitchen - a serious event. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room, determine the type of lamps and their number. In this way, will create the perfect design and modern kitchen lighting.