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How to make a perfect little kitchen: 6 subtleties of arrangement

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Hard to say, what part of the apartment or house is less important for Appliances, well, certainly this is not the kitchen. The kitchen area is used by modern man as the cooking space, absorption of food place, a place of communication with family and friends. Kitchen turns the evening into a place of relaxation after a hard day, place of psychological conversations over a glass of tea, sorry, and also for a cup. And no matter the size - that's really important, so this is a special climate of this place.

Beautiful micro - kitchen
Beautiful and well decorated micro - kitchen give special chic small dwelling

Right, that you have decided to ask for tips. Key rules and everything subtleties prompt advice people, for which the interior layout - the basis of the profession.

We start with planning

Proper planning small kitchen - design basis.


there are items, without which the kitchen is not cost, even if it is a very small kitchen. washing, plate, for ware drying, fridge, Desktop, extract, kitchen furniture - a mandatory set, which turns a simple room into the kitchen. Custom kitchens require special sizes and locations of these things.

  1. Washing and drying. by volume, with two bowls sink with drying should be abandoned. The little capacity for washing dishes and hanging drying perform assigned functions and not overload the interior of a small kitchen.
  2. Plate. Consider economical options: minimum size, mounted oven or a separate compact hob, arranged on a pedestal.
  3. extract. Successful will retractable model, depth 45 cm.
  4. Working surface successfully replaced the bar, combined with the sill.
  5. Fridge. If you can not determine this important subject in a different location, try to acquire a refrigerator horizontal layout.
  6. Custom furniture for kitchen easily made to order. The cost of this does not increase significantly, and the opportunity to create a special interior for a small kitchen makes no problems.

Custom furniture
Custom furniture - is not only individually, but also very practical

microwave, oven, dishwasher - use of these important things is difficult to call luxury. Custom kitchen makes use custom furniture for kitchens with integrated appliances.

planning Regulations

A plan - scheme of arrangement of the main objects do not forget the golden rules of ergonomics and safety:

  1. The basic rule of convenience - line: refrigerator-sink-desktop-plate.
  2. The obligatory consent of the desired interior of the kitchen with the placement of the main communication.
  3. The work on the organization of supply: lighting and additional outlets.
  4. Note that moment, that household appliances should not be placed very close to each other, and especially, to the plate.

Workspace Organization

all small kitchen interior design reduced to a suitable organization of space in the area of ​​the working surfaces. triangle rule, this is when the plate - washing- table arranged triangle with equal sides, in this case does not matter. Location and so not a lot, not too tired with running.

Small kitchen
placing the organization of all that there is a small kitchen requires proper approach

option 1. Panel with operating elements located on one side. Such an arrangement is left free wall opposite to the organization the dining area or extra cabinet.

Attention: Use the opposite direction from the working surface of the wall as much as possible: built-in wardrobes, hanging shelves, accessories - everything has to unload a single desktop screen.

option 2. The interior for a small kitchen in the form of letter T, angle allows for washing, sill for working surface. Advantages of such an arrangement: density, ease of movement, maximum utilization of usable space. Corner filling space allows you to freely arrange the dining area.

option 3. Kitchen interior narrow kitchen, in the narrow sides of which are placed the door and window, decorate dvuhryadovym, parallel arrangement of work surfaces.

Attention: That in such a room does not feel like a passenger in a train compartment, one side does not obstruct the upper outboard tables. It is appropriate to be light shelves with mirrored or glass surfaces.

option 4. Interior of a small kitchen square shape allows placement of furniture in the form of letter P. Window, located on one of the sides, is not a reason to leave the space is not well equipped. Converted the window sill becomes a dining table, worktop and even a place for washing.

The circuit arrangement of kitchen units
The circuit arrangement of kitchen units will help you with the furniture equipping space

Some of the subtleties in the arrangement of small spaces

Design a small kitchen has a small number of rules and tricks.

  1. Using fully entire wall of the space above the working area, It allows to unload surface areas. This may help in rails. They are using a variety of accessories can be placed all the handy little things.
  2. Maximum ease of use and with the insides of drawers, area dividing them into plastic containers.
  3. The design is very small kitchen must cover the entire area of ​​the walls to the ceiling. The upper shelves are used to store infrequently used tableware, stocks of cereals and groceries.
  4. Use techniques such, as the built-in wall cabinets, tables on wheels.
  5. Using accessories mounted insides convert cabinets under sink, where you can put detergent, bags and many other things.
  6. A special word should be said about the door. This applies both to the door at the entrance to the kitchen, doors and lockers. To design the interior for a small kitchen is much easier, If these details are sliding.

Custom kitchens have a place to be, it all depends on your imagination!

Custom kitchen
Interesting unusual approach requires a lot of imagination

This original idea kitchenette occurred while equipping offices. And what is bad for domestic miniature bracket, which should be called kitchen?

The choice of colors for small spaces

plan held, layout of parts made, the pros and cons of each situation identified. What else? Kitchen interior design can not be completed without the proper distribution of light and color accents.

  • Visually expand the boundaries, well reflecting light, color neutral pastel shades. wall: white, coffee, cream. Furniture: in the tone of the walls, pastel and light colors korichnyvyh.
  • Large bright patterns of wallpaper on a tiny square look rude and inappropriate. An exception may be large, but light, barely perceptible pattern.
  • The opposite option: during design of the kitchen with one or two parallel rows, one side can be identified more vivid color.
  • glossy, lacquered, mirror surfaces, reflecting light, visually enlarge a small space.
  • Interior of small kitchen wins in visual perception when using the highlights of individual zones. The exception to the rule of minimalism when you make a room close, become a large chandelier over the dining table. This technique distracts from crowding, reflected in glossy surfaces.
  • Flooring choose a longitudinal light pattern.
  • Discard the heavy curtains, dark textiles. bright shutters, Light transparent curtains - that's all you need a small kitchen. And even better - obstavte sill potted flowers, and no curtains!
  • Furniture should also cause a feeling of lightness. This glass tables, hanging shelves, bar. Chairs in light thin legs.
  • Spacious and more advanced forms make the room rounded tops, round dining table.
  • Even on tables: This piece of furniture can be made mobile, or the transforming. This method frees the space for free movement, during cooking.
  • Decorative details, use caution. Some pictures on the wall, original vase in the tone of colors will be most welcome. At the same time a lot of bright awkward details only emphasize the closeness.

Remember: setting a small kitchen is much more convenient for cooking, The greater the distance the spacious kitchens country houses. Create a comfort to her and enjoy.

Now you know, a small kitchen interior better.