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Gas boiler in the kitchen: ideal solution

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Kitchen with gas boiler - a pledge of heat and comfort. The boiler is not only used for space heating, but also for water heating. In case if you are using individual heating - it is more cost savings. But, when selecting and installing the machine is required to have a certain knowledge base, to a gas boiler in kitchen interior looked foreign element.

Кухня с газовым котлом
Kitchen with gas boiler

Types of boilers and configuration

There are many types and configurations of gas appliances. They are classified by the following features: functional, gas pressure, Combustion intensity adjustment, location.

Functional classification

The functional units are divided into single-circuit and double-circuit device. Single-circuit unit performs only one task - space heating. it is cheaper, but if in a private home or apartment is not organized in a centralized supply of hot water and there is no gas heater, it is recommended to purchase immediately bypass machine. It will provide not only the heating, but heating water.

Configurations of the level of gas pressure

By gas pressure level of the heating apparatuses are divided into the following types:

  • Low pressure (to 5 kPa);
  • medium pressure (5-30 kPa);
  • High pressure (more 30 kPa).

For household needs are great units of low pressure. Therefore uneconomical to purchase a more powerful device. But it is better before buying to check with gas service workers, how much pressure you have in your network, since in different localities it varies.

Types combustion intensity adjustment

Opportunity combustion heating intensity adjustment device is divided into the following categories:

  1. single-stage,;
  2. two-stage;
  3. continuously adjustable;
  4. modulated.

Одноступенчатый газовый котел
Using a single-stage gas-fired boiler allow you to save the family budget through more rational use of gas

Single stage gas aggregates by heating water to a temperature of the burner is automatically turned off. Once the water cools down to the lower limit set, they are switched on again.

Two-stage devices have two levels of power utilization - on 100%, and 40%. Burners do not fade, if you only do they not turn off, Automatic and only replaces modes. Compared with the single-stage unit, this device is more economical.

Infinitely variable devices - a subspecies of the two-stage devices, but the transition between the two modes is performed with increased smoothness, which provides additional gas savings.

Modulating devices have a wide range of automatic switching of combustion levels. They range from a 10% to 100%. This type of vehicles most economical, but at the price of costly modulating device.

Classification of vehicles by location

At the location of the gas boiler in the kitchen is classified into two types: wall and floor.

Настенный газовый котел
Wall-mounted gas boiler - ideal for small apartments

Outdoor units are much more powerful, but for an apartment or a small private houses this power is superfluous. In this case, suitable wall double gas boiler in the kitchen, which will provide space heating and water heating energy without overspending. In addition, the design of the kitchen with a wall-mounted gas boiler looks much nicer, than with floor analogue.

Design kitchens with boiler

find out, how to decorate the kitchen design with individual heating boiler, how to enter the unit in the interior of the premises, that he did not break style. will establish, Is it possible to hide the pot in the kitchen.

Interior room with wall unit

Kitchen Design with boiler, which is located on the wall, easier to make nice, and the unit itself invisible. Manufacturers pay attention, that such devices were compact, without loss of quality characteristics, and also had an aesthetically attractive appearance. The kitchen with a gas boiler on the wall looks nicer, if the unit is placed between two identical lockers. the main thing, with such an arrangement to comply with the required distance between the device and furnished, which is indicated in the technical instructions to the machine.

Настенный газовый котел на кухне
Wall mounted gas perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen

It is worth noting, it still easier to pick up the lockers to the boiler, than to the furniture unit. therefore, If the kitchen area of ​​the boiler on the wall is not crowded with furniture, it is best to pick it based on the design and size of the device. even easier, if you are going to equip the kitchen interior with mounted boiler in high-tech style. The appearance of the unit will be combined perfectly with the color of furniture, metallic.

Making room with floor heating device

Stylish kitchen interior to issue a heating boiler, located on the floor, more difficult. Primarily, this is due to the cumbersome floor unit. Positioning the device should be in the corner of the room, or elsewhere, where it is least evident. If you do not get it, it is possible to put on the sides of the machine table or two tables the same shape. In this way, aggregate naturally fit into layout elements kitchens.

Better to buy a pot of the same color, as furniture, or, conversely, select pieces of furniture under the unit. There is a way to transform the heating device in the color set of furniture with his hands. Clean the surface of the device by the manufacturer of paint layer. Thereafter, walk around the casing sanded, to achieve the maximum level of smoothness. In the next step primed metal.

Шлифовальная машинка
To achieve a smooth surface of the boiler can be used grinder

Then start to paint. The paint color should naturally fit into the design space. Mandatory condition - use in heat-resistant enamel paint works. If you have artistic talent, that in this way not only perfect register unit in the interior of the premises, but also to make of it a work of art.

safe installation

Installation of gas boiler in the kitchen and the connection is carried out exclusively employees of gas service. Installation of the unit is made in the wrong place, which is intended to position it, according to a predetermined plan. therefore, machine to naturally fit into the design space, you need to think in advance, where it would like to put. Further movement of the machine is not possible without making new layout designs of gas. And for the development and approval of each new plan for the gas department, will have to pay the money.

Hiding heating device?

There are people, which of course is not enough to enter the unit in the interior of the premises. They think, as a cover gas boiler in the kitchen. But as far as compliance with technical standards? Safety work in the kitchen and gas service regulations do not impose an outright ban on concealment device. Therefore, closing the gas boiler in the kitchen can be used only according to the specifications.

Газовый котел в шкафу
cabinet doors for gas boiler should be no latches and locks

In order to hide the wall unit, held its installation into a cabinet. rather, it is only an imitation of the cabinet, since it should not be the rear and side walls, as well as a cover. This structure is a frame with an easily opening a door without a latch. This type of cabinet is due to the following requirements:

  • there are no obstacles for the quick access to the unit;
  • free flow of air to the heating device;
  • easy disassembly design, if necessary,;
  • observance of the distance between the heating device and parts of the cabinet, in accordance with the technical specifications.

Hide outdoor boiler in the kitchen is more difficult. This is due to the relatively large dimensions. Ideal - presence in the room of the recess with the corresponding value of the free space for installation of the device.

In this case, After installation of the unit, recess cover curtain.

In the absence of such a possibility, mount cabinet for outdoor boiler in the kitchen on the same principle, as was the case for surface assembly.

masking knots

Gas central heating is not possible without the nodes in the form of gas and water pipes, meter, chimney, etc.. d. We need to do a kitchen with a gas boiler so, that communications were invisible. In developing the plan placement of gasification designs, Earn, the distance between the place of entry into the room of gas pipes and heating device was as short as possible. This will allow you to spend less material and effort to conceal pipes.


In order to cover the counter, use this type of cabinet, as well as to mask unit. In this tolerance of the side walls. Pipes lurk via panels. If all conditions are met, heating apparatus and communication naturally fit in the kitchen interior, or, at all, They will not be visible. Gas boiler installed in the kitchen.