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Small kitchen with gas stove: features and design solutions

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When repairing a problem of some houses is a design kitchen with gas stove. This facility does not only affect the visual perception of the new interior, but also partially defines the functional use of the space. Kindly consider the best options for solving this problem, to achieve the maximum benefit for themselves.

Modern model with stylish design

It features a kitchen with gas stove

Small kitchen with gas stove

Gas water heater in the kitchen operates to provide homes with hot water function. In most cases, the owners are not going to get rid of it, so you need to find a suitable options for interior design. Mostly kitchen with gas stove found in the Khrushchev and private homes, where there is another problem - a small area of ​​the room. It is necessary to place appliances, furniture storing dishes and products on a few square meters.

When designing small-sized kitchen with a gas column must take into account the requirements of devices and communications location. Be sure to provide access to the gas valve, gas and water supply. It has a kitchen with a column in the Khrushchev should be designed in such a way, that communications were available, but it did not spoil the overall view.

The optimal solution for a small family is a mini geyser. It is easier to hide, it takes up less space. Such a device is hung on a wall and has a separate ventilation output.

Gas water heater in the kitchen
This interior will help you in creating a harmonious atmosphere in the kitchen hruschevke

Fire safety should be left air access, and to prevent contact with combustible objects.

The project must involve both comfortably equip kitchen. The process gas issues recorded location, water pipes, relation with other machinery, removal of ventilation corrugated. The shorter the distance from the speaker to output - the better, but this is not always beneficial in terms of arrangement of furniture.

Often it needs to move column. According to the standard it is placed closer to the corner of the room, but the regeneration of the canister masking easier to bring it to a straight line headset. Note the location of pipes and out the ventilation shaft. Because hide pipe in the wall can not be, it is desirable to place the equipment in a minimum distance from all important facilities.

In view of such requirements is isolated 4 method how to equip a small-size kitchen gas stove, to combine the practicality, functionality, safety and aesthetics.

Design a small kitchen with a fridge in the Khrushchev: the best ideas on how to arrange the room

Kitchen with column
When all the hidden, while beautiful and functional

Successfully enter the interior of the column may thus be:

  • obkleitʹ vinyl;
  • Close the bezel;
  • integrated into the hinged pencil case;
  • to bring to the table;
  • hide in a corner;
  • placed near the refrigerator.

If the kitchen renovation to a column in the Khrushchev suggests independent update of furniture with the help of self-adhesive film, You can perfectly disguise this element, Using the same material. To ready the headset is also no problem to choose the right shade of PVC material. Minus - risk, the coating may melt.

kitchen with gas stove

An alternative design of the kitchen to the column provides for the bezel, that will hide the unit. In fact it is the facade of the door, fixed on the frame. Bottom, cover and the canister internal filling absent. This option is very similar to the following. By embedding a column in the wall cabinet, you are completely disguise it in the general headset. For ventilation door is made in form of a lattice, and the bottom and the housing cover are cut at the required parameters.

If you plan to tie together kitchen set с газовой колонкой, should I buy custom-made furniture. Dimensions of cabinets are adjusted to your settings, that allows you to hide the object while using the remaining space with the maximum benefit.

kitchen with gas stove

If the gas boiler has a modern appearance and a neat miniature dimensions, it can bring to the table, that is, on the work surface. Much space it will not take, it will be fully open access, and the upper space is used more efficiently. Minus - part countertops will be busy. Besides it is necessary to take into account the proximity of the object to household equipment, in particular to the cooking plate. But near the refrigerator to hang undisguised column without problems. Overall equipment partially hide her from the eyes. Necessarily leave a gap between the condenser and column. In color it is desirable to select the same equipment. to link, eg, white surface with color kitchen unit can use decorations. The optimal solution - vinyl stickers. They can be bought ready-made or make yourself from self-adhesive film suitable colors.

Proper placement of speakers will improve your kitchen

Secrets of the interior layout and angular sets

Advantageous design small kitchen with gas stove, wherein the device is transferred to the working zone angle. Corner kitchen with the column are two variations: open equipment and the use of the cabinet. In the first case, the object is placed in such a way, that the second series of cabinets located at some distance from the front panel under 90 degrees. Access to the device is available, but it is somewhat limited. Second Embodiment - close door corner column. This area is not very convenient to use as storage for glassware and other items, since access to the far side of the shelves is very limited.

cozy kitchen with gas stove

This design is a small kitchen with a column is particularly advantageous, If the corner is a wash. As a result, all water communications are placed on the same line, which simplifies wiring installation issues. When this problem may be output from a common gas pipe riser. Additional question - the location of the counters. The smaller the space will be used for nothing, the greater the storage box you can equip in their new kitchen.


Competent organization of space can accommodate column invisible gas, ensuring the safety of its further use. The remaining space is distributed according to your requirements. The skilled artisan furniture store will help you think through the interior design with all the features of the situation. Small kitchen with a gas column exists and how it spread, It depends on you.

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