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Skinali for glass kitchen: assembly instruction in 6 simple steps

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Skinali - it glass apron over the working surface in the kitchen. mirrored apron its tempered glass looks stylish and elegant. In appearance skinali resemble a glass surface with a printed or painted picture. Today SLR aprons have become very popular due to its versatility. Skinali organically fit into any room design, organically supplement headsets and give the interior elegance.

Skinali glass kitchen
chic, shine, beauty- what else can be said about skinali

Set skinali you can own hands. Enough to have some tools, liquid Nails and desire. How to do this will prompt our article.


At first glance skinali they do not differ from each other. But it is not so. SLR aprons are divided into types depending on the manufacturing material and a method of drawing:

skinali Kitchen

  1. thick glass. On the back side of the adhesive film is applied with any pattern or ornament, which is selected based on the style of cuisine. Apron for glass kitchen It can be done without the film. But in this case, on the back side of the drawing is written using oil paints.
  2. Tempered glass. In this case, the pattern or design is applied by means of printing. Do it at home is very difficult due to the scarce material. For patterning required UV inks, application allows drawing not fade.
  3. triplex. Drawing from both sides protected by glass, It is "within". Apron, made of a very durable technology.

varieties panels:

  • SLR. Organically in small rooms. Mirrors visually increase the space.
  • frosted. are practical, mask traces of contaminants.
  • illuminating. Fancy panels. Additional lighting in the kitchen gives the comfort and convenience.
  • transparent.
  • painted.
  • colored.
  • With photo printing.

Skinao glass
Choose any image, which will make the shower or to order


Skinali glass are sold off the shelf and made to order. But the option to purchase more relevant and useful, since you can choose the desired color and pattern.

At home, created a safety zone of thick glass with the help of a self-adhesive film.

Initially measurements are taken, cut the desired size glass. On the surface it is not necessary to squeeze out an additional adhesive. This is the most common mistake made by many beginners. Superimposed on the glass film and slowly sticks. With a cloth pattern is smoothed in order to avoid the appearance of bubbles under the film.

Skinao glass

Skinali kitchen glass manufactured using printing. Before printing, the measurements are taken from the work area. This is an important aspect of, because after glass tempering it can not be cut.

Next printed pattern selected human. In toughened glass pre-glued photo picture with glue. Thereafter skinali considered complete and ready for installation. In order to complement the apron can be attached to the front of the handicrafts made of glass with their hands. But it is necessary to take into account, glued elements that can not be heavy or massive. Otherwise the cooking process they will interfere.

No matter what kind of material was used,Self-adhesive film for a window with a pattern or printed pattern on a special printer, for attaching the mirror surface required for liquid metal nails.

Installation skinali simple - hands and liquid nails

Making his arms protective surface implies the existence of skills and abilities to the glass works. This is a complex and time-consuming process, requiring patience and endurance. Initially, the glass is cut and hardened, and only then it applied ornaments and drawings.


Installing your own hands illuminated surfaces extremely undesirable. builders say, that mount skinali kitchen with backlight should only professionals, as the installation is directly related to the construction process and electricity.

Skinali for glass kitchen

Materials and tools:

  • Otvёrtki.
  • dowel.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • metal slats.

Step-by-step instruction:

Beautiful apron for the kitchen

  1. de-energized socket.
  2. Fasten two metal strips parallel to each other in a horizontal position.
  3. To attach the foil surface for backlighting.
  4. Wires with LED lights on the stretch between the foil strips.
  5. Through decorative tiles flying leads and "close" them.
  6. "Dress" the panel for a pre-inserted in the dowel strips.

Install the access panel without backlight you can own hands. Suffice align plasterboard wall by means of glue and the surface on the liquid nails. For mounting on the back side of the panel the glue is applied. If you must wash liquid nails, the need to use acetone. After installation on the front side you can be stuck skinali couple decorating elements or additional images. But it is not recommended to use glue. It is better to take advantage of suckers, they do not leave marks on the panel.

Skinali own hands
The hands cover for the work area do neatly

Attach skinali alone is difficult, so if possible better to take the help of a friend or friends. Pasting one edge of the panel, the second is to be stuck symmetrically, otherwise you'll have to tear off and start all over again.

worth remembering, liquid nails that are not so quickly grasp, so installation tabernacle It may take time.


Installation of the panels - a complex process. Therefore, before installing and selecting surfaces need to be familiar with the basic rules:

Skinali glass with print

  1. After tempering the glass is not cut. Therefore, for skinali pictures chosen for the kitchen for a long time. If desired, you can not change them.
  2. Fittings for skinali with backlight can not be drilled. Panel puts on the screws, as the drill breaks glass.
  3. Glass apron set in the least. Originally made room decoration, introduced furniture, hang wall cabinets, It sets a lower number of headset and then glued panel. This sequence is very important. When a predetermined apron kitchen can not fit into the parameters. And already mounted headset allows you to select the correct placement of the decorative panel.
  4. If desired, change the old guard zone on the glass apron do not need to do pre-maintenance, change the design and make furniture. The panel is mounted in place of the old apron.


Skinali original look in the kitchen. They help protect the area and set on the water, and hot temperatures. Disadvantages panels - is the high cost of, not available to everyone and regular care of the glass using special household chemicals.