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Alternative tiles - bright skinali for kitchen apron

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Skinali - is lining the walls of the kitchen in the working area, protects against fat, moisture and other dirt, formed during the cooking process. This element of the interior was a good complement the room and individual design solution. Aprons Kitchen made of several kinds of materials, but popular are glass skinali.

Bright skinali for kitchen apron
Bright skinali for kitchen apron - the causative agent of good mood

Glass panels - a new design solution

apron skinali Kitchen - a universal solution for the design of the working area. Due to the lack of joints, like an apron of tile, for the product easier to care - kitchen facilities suitable for washing, and dirt have nowhere to get clogged.

new materials, of which the panel is produced, much stronger than the usual tile or wallpaper, because durable apron with an unchanged outlook.

glass products advantages over ceramic tiles:

  • A wide range of color variations, applying to the product of any image (white roses, grass, scenery, fruits), practiced by the use of family photos for skinali;
  • Individual interior - it is unlikely you will find a kitchen apron;
  • A visual extension of the room space;
  • Robust wall protection - the product moisture and thermal resistance;
  • Ease of cleaning;
  • Friendly materials for the environment;
  • Easy installation on the wall and minimum surface preparation;
  • attractive price;
  • Long product service, shock resistance.

Skinali kitchen complements the design of the room, speaking individual bright decoration, attracting the attention of visitors. Depending on the size of the room, Choose the right image on the kitchen skinali. for example, for small spaces suitable image in bright and vivid colors, and for large - city or night lights.

Skinali of multicolored glass kitchen
Paznotsvetnost - a very trendy area, and it can be traced in all aspects of life

Proper installation of the product

Installing skinali the kitchen does not require special skills and abilities, but if this happens for the first time, better to turn to the masters.

The process takes about an hour and starts after the assembly of kitchen units, when the repair is about to end. Apron set only on a flat wall, otherwise it will be impossible to attach it - the glass panel does not bend.

Ready skinali kitchen attached in several ways:

  1. With the mounting adhesive. This type of installation without traces extends on the product, but it is difficult to dismantle it. And should choose high-quality glue, the panel accidentally fell from the wall.
  2. on the screws. A reliable method of fixing, but visually noticeable. To mask mounting put special caps, caps. Disassembly is difficult, as well as after gluing.
  3. hinged fasteners. In this case it is easy to remove and replace the panel, and fasteners are hidden under the seat headset, you only need to order skinali kitchen with a couple of centimeters in reserve.

Kitchen with skinali look much more interesting, than with other types of aprons, and the simplicity and speed of installation only adds to the advantages of buying these products. In addition, often the price of the product includes the installation wizard apron.

Bright skinali fortified with glue
tabernacle, Fortified with glue for a long time kept at the work area

Which type is better to choose skinali?

Skinali in the interior of the kitchen plays an important role: it can make the room unique, and perhaps tasteless, so it is important to choose the right panel and the picture on it.

The choice of materials for the apron large enough, because it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each product before purchase.

Panels on the wall are such types:

  • skinali Kitchen from MDF, DSP, Fibreboard;
  • skinali plastic kitchen;
  • orgalitovye panel;
  • aprons made of glass;
  • wooden panels.

A suitable basis for an apron - glass. It withstands load, easy to clean and is not afraid of no heat, no moisture. Wood products that do not differ, because impractical. An inexpensive option - plastic or hardboard, but such panels do not withstand shocks, and the image variations on them much less.

Skinao glass
Glass is the most popular option for making an apron in a modern kitchen

Glass panel design

As already mentioned, glass - a good material for aprons. Indeed, various pictures on the kitchen skinali bring originality in interior. for example, Apron Kitchen with daisies makes staying indoors joyful, and tea party fun.

Apron skinali glass made from different materials:

  1. Tempered glass - resistant and durable, withstand sudden changes in temperature, cleaning or blows. If it break, sharp pieces is formed. Before ordering products, should consider all the notches on it under the socket, etc.. details, as the glass after quenching can not be changed. To order all kinds of pictures available skinali Kitchen. popular drawing a rose, fruits, scenery, grass, as well as drawing a daisy.
  2. Triplex - material, in which the picture is glued between the panes. Though drawing in safe hands, glass in this product are normal and do not withstand sudden temperature changes. The film with the picture is glued to the glass, that does not give it to crumble in case of damage.
  3. Ordinary glass - an inexpensive alternative design apron. Image is applied to it directly or, or drawn 3D picture on the wall, and then closes the glass, Then get a nice 3D skinali Kitchen. But this glass does not withstand shocks and temperature changes.
  4. Plexiglas - plastic material, which can easily be cut at all the notches on the wall. From it often make their own hands skinali, causing the top film with the image. But plexiglass often and breaks in service, that is not very convenient housewives.

Bright skinali glass
The bright spot of the glass should be on a level with the same style

After selecting a window, should decide, how it to be in the final design of the room. skinali glass options for kitchen interior can be more:

  • wholeness. a small space bar are made of solid glass. If the room is large, the product is divided into 2-3 parts, coincident boundaries with lockers headset. There is a variant design of large tile panels of glass, particularly suitable, when the furniture of varying heights and whole panel so do not tune out.
  • specular. New items in the design aprons - instead of a picture on the glass to put a mirror film. But not everyone is like, because often the glass sandblasting Matira pictures.
  • image option. On the glass can be applied to any image, gives the room a desired style, but you can choose a one-color staining panel, when the interior is already bright accents.
  • Application pictures. Image is transferred onto the glass itself directly using UV printing, or sandblasting method, and using the adhesive film.
    Are there any restrictions apron size?

Kitchen with skinali forever remembered every guest, and the owners delight the eye every day. The height of the apron selected depending on the height of the room and hanging lockers in it, and on average ranges between 60-90 cm. But there are certain limitations of long products: maximum can be ordered in the bar 2,5 m.


This is because, that the one-piece glass sheet is difficult to transport and to mount on the wall, longer because 2,5 m they do not produce. The alternative for the room, where a panel is longer - installing two or three sheets of glass. Quality installation makes the joints are almost invisible, because it does not affect the appearance of the premises.