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Glass apron for the kitchen with his hands: 5 steps in the step by step instructions

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Even the most high-tech kitchen in need of protection panel, referred to as an apron. The surface of the wall protects against splash water, hot temperatures and accidental shocks. thanks кухонному фартуку поддерживать рабочую зону намного легче. Glass Apron Kitchen It is the height of chic decoration.

Glass Apron Kitchen

Today it is a wide range of protective panels. But the originality and sophistication differ only in glass (tabernacle). Such a surface is a glass panel with a transparent or sketch of the structure. Most often selected aprons model, где присутствуют рисунки on glass. They help to complement the interior, They serve as an additional decoration and look attractive.

glass apron

Skinali are diverse and versatile. You can create patterns on the glass with his own hands or to entrust this painstaking process artists. It all depends on the willingness and financial well-being. Skinali is expensive -. But, even without the disposal of large amounts of money can be made his kitchen apron hands. How to apply glass painting, and what types of glass panels are, tell our article.

Variety and selection criteria

Today, popular absolutely all kinds skinali: SLR, matt, glossy, with or without a pattern, transparent and patterned. When you select a pattern or ornament for the protective panel are based on the premises and interior design style headset. Not necessarily pick up the apron of one color with suite. conversely, Panel should be allocated, as it serves in addition to its functional purpose and decorate the subject.

Skinali made of:

  • thick glass.
  • Hardened glass.
  • triplex.

Skinao from triplex
High-quality glass is not broken and does not crumble in fragments, if it is made of laminated glass

For the decoration panel used photos, drawings, adhesive plёnka,Glass painting, paint and other.

But if the pattern on the glass with your hands to create a fairly simple, then printing the photo or picture will have to resort to the help of special equipment. Unfortunately, Print photos and drawings without it can not do, since printing requires special UV inks, allowing to achieve a result imitiruyuschego3-D image. These figures are not drawn to 3D technology, but obtained voluminous and realistic.

If you wish to receive a picture or photo in 3D You need to use stereopechatyu. The pictures of this format it is important to a great extension, otherwise the image will not exact.

glass kitchen apron

The manufacturing process skinali own hands

Initially, it is worth noting, what to do with their hands triplex will not work. The triplex image or picture is placed inside the panel, rather than on the back side as in other.

make glass apron the kitchen with photo printing will also be extremely difficult because of the lack of printing equipment. The manufacturing process skinali with photos very time consuming: originally cut glass and tempered, and only then it is attached selected image or photo.

make apron for kitchen glass with your hands, you can use the painting on a thick glass. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. remove the measurements.
  2. cut glass.
  3. Back surface degreasing.
  4. Apply the desired pattern in oils.
  5. Leave to dry completely.

If in doubt about your abilities, then it is better entrust the matter to the master

But it is much more elegant looks panel with self-adhesive film. It created such a "masterpiece" easily. To make the kitchen Glass Apron with their hands follow the sequence of the following processes:

  1. Remove the measurement and cut glass.
  2. Degreasing the back side.
  3. wipe, preventing divorce.
  4. By means of the atomizer spray the surface with a mixture of water and liquid soap.
  5. From film peel off the edge and begin to slowly stick.
  6. Until the move bonding flatten the formed air bubbles.
  7. After bonding pattern reserve dry.

Soap solution allows you to "move" film. As the bonding liquid is removed along with the air.

apron from the kitchen window


Pictures and drawings, printed out, look more original, nezhely figures on samokleyascheysya plёnke. Due to printing are extensive and profound image, allowing to convey the beauty of the selected pattern. Make an apron for the kitchen with his hands,Using such technology is difficult to figure, but probably. Originally need to order the production of the picture. Figure glued to toughened glass, which is several times stronger and more durable conventional. Images do not roll down and exfoliate at the edges.

Take photos on the glass with his hands in the home can not be. For this special printer needed. So if you want to have a photo panel is better apply to the printing workshops.

Photo printing on skinali
Drawing, you can choose absolutely any

Painting and Film

One alternative to decorating protection of surfaces with their hands - it's painting. Painting means drawing on glass paints, that will not melt and clambered. Apron for Production of glass dishes using painting involves applying ornament or painting on the back side. Dried paint at least one day. For deep color applied 2-3 layer of oil paints.

A worthy competitor in the mural decoration - it is Vinyl Film. The range is striking in its breadth. With self-adhesive vinyl films are all drawings and landscapes. Less material - fragility. Over time, if not properly bonding film starts to peel off.

sandblasting printing

Making glass apron by means of sand blasting technology implies a frosting surface. Can dull the entire panel in whole or certain of its pieces and parts. Production of apron by means of blasting technology in the home is not possible due to the complexity of the process and the absence of art.

Sandblasting printing allows the panel to apply the required painting patterns. patterning process itself is complicated and lengthy. It begins manufacturing kitchen aprons with the accommodation of the glass panel on the stencil. After laying the stencil on the panel directed air jet, which "fills" the empty spaces of the stencil, thereby "drawing".

Sand print apron
Sandblast drawings on long remain on the glass, almost forever


Skinali won appreciation due to its advantages:

  • Presentable appearance. Art glass painting or wallpapers give exclusivity room. Скинали органично вписываются в любой дизайн. Panel, decorated by painting technology it looks romantic and naturally, printing and helps to liven up the atmosphere.
  • It's hard to be scratched.
  • It is not subject to the adverse effects of household chemicals. To apply washing and cleaning all of the known materials for this purpose and means.
  • moisture apron
  • The ability to create a single panel without joints and seams. Uniform surface will perform not only their functional purpose, but will simplify cleaning and washing.
  • Skinali fit perfectly in any design. Suited to all styles of kitchen furniture and interior.
  • Easy installation. To install the panels enough to glue it to the liquid nails.
  • Strength.
  • Visually enhances the space. This is especially true mirror panels.
  • Glass does not collapse under the influence of fat.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.
  • hygiene.
  • Long life. With proper care will last panel more 15-20 years old.
  • Easy dismantling in case of need.
  • Ogneupornosty. Tempered glass can withstand up 120 degrees of heat.
  • Fire safety.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Apron Kitchen
Glass has very good qualities, as a material for kitchen


Step by step instructions for installing the protective panel metal profile:

  1. Initially the cover with foil or countertop material to avoid scratching.
  2. On the surfaces of a pencil or pen to note attachment points. Next they are cut.
  3. Fastened metal profile.
  4. Hang panel on the screws in the metal profile.

Mounting apron glue:

  • leveling surface. To align the use of plasterboard sheets.
  • On the back side of the upper base, a liquid nails to attach plasterboard.
  • Liquid nails "seize" a long time, so you have to wait.

beautiful apron of glass


When choosing skinali with photo printing focuses on drawing. The image of night cities fit harmoniously into the modern style. Skinali in dark shades attracts attention, focusing it on a small pattern dimensions. Recurring motifs help to brighten up life, give the kitchen of freshness and novelty. nature scenery, Ocean space or the image looks exquisitely illuminated. LED lamps are used for backlighting.

Transparent panels organically look only in a modern style. On such surfaces, noticeable scratches and dirt.


Skinali can be selected depending on the financial situation of any. But the primacy belongs to the triplex. Due to manufacturing technology, triplex more durable. He is not exposed to the destructive influence of domestic and natural factors, safe in rooms with small children. When the beating is broken into small pieces, so this situation it is better to avoid. Lack -high cost.