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Overhead stainless steel sinks: What is the secret of their success

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Kitchen - a room with high humidity. For this reason the most practical and reliable raw material for the manufacture of stainless steel sinks acts. Waybill sink stainless steel kitchen is successfully combined with different interior and fits in the lowest family budget. The leading position of the worthy manufacturers occupy commercial brands Franke, White, Kohler, Reginox, Stala and others

Waybill sink stainless steel
Cleaning of stainless steel is very popular among housewives

Stainless steel: production technology

In today's market the destination of the kitchen equipment manufacturers offer dozens of different models to suit all tastes and preferences even sophisticated buyers. The main products are placed in the middle price segment. This causes a high demand among a wide buyer.

Waybill kitchen sink Stainless steel can be combined with a variety of interior, even with dry and austere "hi-tech" or miserly minimalism. Waybill sink, stainless steel classic style will add elegance and original design.

Differ in such washing is not only a form of, and a texture. Invoice stainless kitchen sink produced with gloss or matte surface, and how the original version - imitation flax and other similar materials.

What is the reason for the ability to change the usual styles? And everything is covered in chrome-nickel stainless steel, perfectly protects against corrosion process, temperature extremes, up to mechanical influences.

Sink stainless steel
Stainless steel has all the qualities, to be used in the food industry

stamped wash

The technological process of manufacturing such shells provides the use of a single metal sheet. This technique reduces the number of seams to a minimum, and this is a significant advantage. And apparently forged stainless steel kitchen sinks have a more attractive appearance. Несложное производство моек из of stainless steel по штампованному типу обуславливает демократические цены на них, even the lowest available on the market. A small drawback - it is the presence of a shallow bowl, which ranges 15 cm. A reason for this disadvantage lies in the very requirements of the process.

When choosing a stamped model is recommended to pay special attention to the thickness of the sheet throughout. Little-known on the market, manufacturers do not adhere to the rules of production in the form of cost reductions - products obtained by varying the thickness and in some places reaches hundredths of a millimeter.

weld cleaning

Made such false wash separately on separate elements. Then last welded together alternately. Such joints are sometimes seen, but have a strong hold. The surface then is subjected to grinding and polishing. In a qualitative production of the weld seam is extremely difficult to find. This technology allows you to choose the optimum for the hostess depth and shape of the product.

Welded stainless steel sink
Welded sink - great for those who like to cook

The main point in such acts welding stainless products. The quality of the execution duration of the operation depends on the shell. This plays a huge role and the quality of used equipment. Low-grade stainless steel, Sink for kitchens obtained during machining.

advantages of stainless Steel

Sinks of stainless steel are popular in the market of kitchen equipment. The demand is dictated by the practical advantages of such products:

  • Low pricing. A variety of design solutions made sink in a piece of art, available to each owner.
  • The product is inert to corrosive processes, thermal fluctuations and mechanical stress.
  • Easy maintenance. Using aggressive household chemicals (abrasive component, acid, alkali) It does not cause a negative result on the surface of stainless. What contributes to the disinfecting process in the domestic environment. It will be enough just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Environmentally friendly products. Undone, served for a long time stainless steel kitchen sink bill undergoes disposal and subsequently from it manufactured new products.
  • Durable and reliable kitchen equipment. The product will serve the mistress more than a decade, the same and save the family budget in some degree. Even after ten years of service life of stainless steel sink will delight their appearance. And only after a long period possible (and with careful care offline) the emergence of small defects and loss of gloss.
  • A variety of external design.

Beautiful sink
Beautiful design of the washing sector kun

Buying Tips

When buying such a product will reflect the hostess, what to look for, to wash stainless steel sink was a real lifesaver, and besides also the subject of the original kitchen facilities. experts, of course, We tried in this matter:

  1. Washings with polished surfaces have decent appearance until, until you begin any general cleaning - can be seen on the surface of minor defects and traces of liquid. You can certainly wipe dry after use, and this - the extra problems. Advantage, true, in a simple cleaning of plaque. In the case of a matte surface opposite.
  2. Quality is checked magnet, with quality materials magnet glides on a plane. The magnet is attracted to the product bends due to the intricacies of manufacturing process technology.
  3. The depth of the cup. According to experts sink dimensions: depth -180 mm, and a width / length as the 800 mm 600 mm. Therefore it advised to carefully assess the depth and width.
  4. Future connection of additional accessories or functional elements. If you intend to connect a water filter or othodoizmelchitel, recommended model with a wide wing.
  5. Invoice sink requires additional acquisition sealant for the seams or gaps. If you need a corner sink bill, flow of funds doubled.
  6. Included with the sink provides mounting for mounting on the side surfaces of kitchen cupboards, the absence of evidence of falsified product.
  7. It is recommended to pay attention to the packaging material of the product - the absence of compulsory cuts, gusts or dents.
  8. The absence of the cutout faucet will entail additional expenditure.

If you are interested in the right choice, It advised to consult your authorized dealer. The market is not able to offer a quality product.