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At the present time, the furniture market offers a wide range of goods, so there is to choose from the, what every: cabinets, headsets, Table, chairs and other items. Each of them is represented in the color categories and versions, so if you have a need to equip the apartment, small functional kitchen - It's not a problem.

Orange and white kitchen
Little orange and white kitchen

Often people ask: how to equip a small kitchen, so it fit the necessary furniture and household appliances? Answer: it is difficult, but allowed. When choosing furniture buy small-sized, engage as much as possible of the space, is not used.

This article will help you to arrange the furniture so, so it does not take a lot of space and efficiently housed utensils.

Malenkuyu furnishes kitchen

Some time ago the kitchen of classical style was popular, This design is present in every second room, despite the high cost. The price is connected with the manufacture of the material - natural wood, also in a lot of shelves and cabinets, decor elements.

Now consumers prefer furniture, convenient and practical, which arrangement does not occupy a large space. Popular styles - minimalism, East, modern, Provence and techno. Each style has its own design and color, so you need to carefully choose the furniture, taking into account the interests of owners and quadrature.

Depending on the size of the room there are different sets, which are sold as a finished product or to order catalogs. That you have a functional kitchen, to calculate the design of the room size and shape. plan kitchen is:

Small kitchen
The layout of the small space equipment and lockers

  1. Isle;
  2. peninsula;
  3. angle;
  4. The two rows;
  5. In P- or L-shaped form;
  6. linear.

Besides the above mentioned types there are free - with no alignment standards, furniture and equipment is spread at its discretion.

Kitchen with island

apartment question depends cuisine by squaring, if sufficient, make an island in the middle of the room, Where to put the sink or stove, around the working surface. This layout is very convenient, So, it provides more space for storing utensils and needed items.

Opinion with an island in the kitchen is considered wrong and, it can be done in a small kitchen. To do this, engage an experienced interior design, which is made of a small kitchen a comfortable and spacious room.

Kitchen with peninsula

In this room the peninsula - a bar counter, where the working surface or table. If the correct approach to this design the housing problem a small kitchen - not a problem, and record!

Council: make the peninsula closer to the kitchen set, So you will save a missing space. Countertop put chairs.

Kitchen with peninsula
The peninsula is one of the most effective solutions for small apartments owners


As part of a small room rarely contain all the necessary furniture and equipment, so the corner kitchen - great performance. This type of room will place a lot of home appliances, and will be a place for work and dining area.

Council: To save space in the lockers attach stainless tube, which can be stored on hooks pan, pans and other cookware items. On the wall, attach the shelf with hanging table, which develops after use.

Bilateral and linear

Linear kitchen solves the housing problem in a rectangular room, wherein the one hand give headsets and appliances, and on the other - table with chairs. The room of this type has possible corner option.

If we talk about the two-sided kitchen, there is provided headsets and appliances on both sides parallel to each other. Unfortunately, It is made only in a spacious room, So, as a small kitchen does not accommodate table.

linear kitchen
The linear length of the line-up of small - best, and often the only option

Council: double-sided kitchen will turn out in the event that, if it is two rooms in studio, So, put in the living room table, and you have a working and dining area with free space.

P - or G- shaped

U-shaped kitchen It makes it possible to arrange the furniture with furniture around the perimeter of three walls, D-shaped - on the perimeter of the two. This two successful option for a small kitchen, where the dining area is in the middle or at the free wall. This layout is expensive, So, it has various components and component parts of:

  • Different options of cupboards and shelves;
  • Carousels;
  • Closers;
  • Screens and curtains.

Council: in such planning dishwasher is closer to the tap water, otherwise required hoses elongation, which is not always convenient.

Free planning

This layout is available to every person, which has interesting ideas and imagination. Free planning does not require binding of furniture and art to a particular place, the owner has everything to, where it is convenient. A good option - furniture on wheels, which can be rearranged. Furniture, to which it is impossible to attach the wheels:

Kitchen blue
Easy and comfortable classic blue

The main aspect - is the right choice of mobile elements.

Council: for such premises suitable compact dishwashers, this also applies to washing machines.

We equip small kitchen


  • Location stove and sink. Put them farther apart, and make the work area between them.
  • Buy Built-in home devices. Manufacturers offer a little: washing machines and dishwashers, oven with hob and microwave, mini-refrigerators.
  • Dividers for kitchen drawers, Where to store the necessary utensils.
  • Help diversify the room decor elements with an interesting textiles.
  • Corner carving table in the kitchen does not take much space.

Whichever It was the kitchen, select devices, furniture and their location once you. If you help the designer, it will make the room functional and comfortable.

compact kitchen
Compact and simple arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

color solution

At the present time, problems with the colors gone by the wayside. However, making out a small kitchen, pay close attention to the color, So, as a visual increase depends on it. White kitchen in this case wins, It makes the space visually larger and deeper.

A great option - Japanese cuisine in white and pink colors. Book a suite with pink lower cabinets, and white top, Pick matte glass with a sprig of cherry blossoms.


A small serving table accentuate the elegance and simplicity.

Council: In the small kitchen, hang several mirrors, Use surface with a glossy finish, reflecting tiles on the floor - it adds depth to the room.

A small kitchen - not a problem! The main thing to arrange the furniture and appliances, Using some simple advice of experienced designers.