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How to quickly establish their own kitchen hood?

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Even cooking in a small volume is accompanied by unpleasant additions in the form of annoying odors, soot and grease. Eliminate these problems simply: modern exhaust device quickly and efficiently purify the air.

woman preparing in the kitchen
Modern kitchen hood catch all the odors

To install the exhaust unit, resort to professional help. it's fast, reliably and simply. But self-installation of the unit also has a full right to life. In addition, the installation of hoods with their own hands will not take a lot of time and save money. The owner will not have to worry about the quality of work done, because for him, he will try to do everything perfectly. installation kitchen hoods hands - another opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this industry.

types of extracts

Exhaust device type is selected depending on the technical conditions and availability of access to the ventilation shaft. The most popular are filtering, exhaust and combined models.

independent drawing assembly

The filter units operate on the principle of recirculation. Waste air mass is pulled inside the structure, passes through a filter system and is returned to the room is already free of odors and grease contaminants. Install them easier than ever, since these devices do not require a vent.

Extraction model - a flow-type machines. Metal exhaust fan sucks spent air mass and throws it out through the vent. Mounting them harder, since it is necessary to output outside the duct.

Depending on the design features of the extraction systems are divided into 4 species:

  1. dome (wall). These devices are inexpensive wall type, easy to install, but not always look appropriate in the kitchen, decorated in a particular style. To exit from the situation, you can set the box to the hood in the kitchen.
    Dome hood
    Dome hood will be indispensable in the kitchen
  2. Built in cooker hoods. These devices are cut into the upper cupboards of kitchen units and provide room presentable. These hoods in the closet does not catch the eye and attract attention, as more like a design element furniture. Fixing embedded drawing is not difficult.
  3. Insular (ceiling). Such models are mounted directly to the ceiling above the kitchen island. Driving extraction installation in the kitchen is much more difficult.
  4. Desktop. These model structure installed with the hob. Have a high quality air purification, since they are located directly above the vapor source, fat and pollutants.

preparation for installation of the hood

Each species has its own type of mounting. It is easier to install all wall unit, heavier - Ceiling.

Correct location

Hood Dimensions calculated depending on the dimensions of the plate or hob. It must be remembered, what Ideally hood It should be on 10-15 cm wider hob. If the machine has a smaller width, This adversely affects the quality of ventilation. On the kitchen headset constantly accumulates oil and dirt, and the air smells of food.

men mounted hood
Self installing the hood does not require special skills

The height of the fixing device varies 65-80 cm from the plate. From this value depends absorption of fat vapor and impurities. The height of less than the specified value is not used, since there is the possibility of fire fat, that during a long time to settle to the filters. Yes, and work on the cooker hood with a low suspended embarrassing. The device should not be installed above 80 cm, since in this case the lion's share of products of combustion pass by.

The device is installed near the outlet with the ground. Therefore, already at the time of repair have to worry about the location of electrical wiring and sockets. The cord should not hang over the stove and burners, or else it will overheat, or burn. Wire hidden in a special cable channel, which is attached to the wall.

For the machine to work with maximum efficiency, in the house provide a good forced ventilation. To do this, install forced ventilation equipment or ventilation function is used on the windows of metal. In an extreme case, the window opening (not only in the cold season).


Mounting home hood in the kitchen in the apartment is not too much difficulty. The device is attached directly to the wall or mounted in a part of the kitchen units. By purchasing the near-wall hood for the kitchen, please consult the seller about bindings, which would support its weight. The procedure for installing the wall cooker hood:

assembly kitchen hood
Assembly of the unit requires great care and caution

  1. Similarly, to measure the distance between the lower edge of the device and holes for fasteners. Marking to put on the wall and check the level.
  2. If the kitchen is already standing cooker, its cover film or paper, to protect from dust and dirt.
  3. Drill recesses for anchors.
  4. hammer dowels, tighten the screws, adjusting their length.
  5. Carefully hang the machine.
  6. Secure duct clamp.
  7. A vent pipe to bring the shaft or the street.
  8. Cover Duct cover (if available).
  9. If there is decorative box, install it.
  10. Connect supply.
  11. Activate and check the operation of the device.

extraction plant

Installation of built-in hood in the cupboard is a little different:

  1. On the rear or side wall of the hole mark for chimney exit and cable.
  2. Cut out the duct and to drill a hole for the electric wire.
  3. Secure duct.
  4. Output pipe and cable.
  5. Secure locker.

It is important to connect the hood to the mains. Measure compliance with electrical safety binding for. If you accidentally make a mistake, you can get an electric shock.

If the duct must be shortened, not recommended to cut off the part, which is inserted in the air passage. The optimal solution - cut intermediate sections. In the place, where the pipe enters the ventilation network, with foam fills all the cracks and neatly plastered. This improves the quality of ventilation and reduces the side air trap.

If the duct goes straight to the street, with the outer side of the vent check valve mounted. It does not allow air to get from the street to the kitchen.

premium hood

Installing the exhaust pipe

Connecting kitchen hood to air ducts by means of corrugated pipes or plastic. requirements, applicable to the air duct, fairly important:

  1. The optimal length of the tube for drawing the kitchen - not more than 3 m. If the duct is longer, device efficiency decreases with every meter for 10%.
  2. The minimum number of rotary knees, adapters and bends. The larger tribes, the worse the ventilation. resistance of the system increases dramatically, and exhaust air hardly comes out.
  3. Twists and turns - only at an obtuse angle. angle 90 degrees reduces efficiency by 10%. Duct should move smoothly from one wall to another.
  4. Smooth inner surface. In this case, ventilation is an effective, since the air resistance will decrease. The best way - round plastic pipes. Duct of the corrugations has ribbing, which creates additional obstacles to the outgoing air.

Kitchen Hood Connection
The process of installing the exhaust pipe - read the manual carefully

Almost all models of devices connected to the circular duct of corrugated or plastics. Rectangular tube look better, since more harmoniously fit into the space between the cabinet and the ceiling. The diameter may be different, but the cross-sectional area should be at least 0,1 m2. All connections are sealed, to avoid possible ingress of exhaust air back into the kitchen.

Plastic ducts strong, light and do not create additional noise at work. Corrugated products also have many advantages: they are flexible, lungs, do not vibrate or make noise. But in terms of aesthetics, they are inferior plastic counterparts.

beautiful hood

Duct hidden in the free inner space walls, furniture or ceiling. Convenient in that case duplex ceilings: the tube can easily hide above the lower level of. If these options do not fit, applied decorative boxes, suitable in style and color scheme of the kitchen headset or walls. His hands can make a box of drywall in the kitchen for drawing. On sale there and ducts for drawing in the kitchen with stainless steel.


Instructions for installing the hood is attached to each model. Extractor hood for kitchen combustion has detailed instructions drawings assembling apparatus. Therefore, your questions can be found a comprehensive response from the manufacturer.