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Interior of compact kitchen: advice best designers

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To create small-sized kitchen design, should be guided by certain rules, and that will help achieve its objectives at the appropriate level. Kitchen furniture It should not provide any discomfort during the cooking process, that is, it should not interfere and create discomfort for the hostess. properly thought-out small kitchen, It will provide an opportunity for the rational use of the internal space from the comfort of the use of certain objects.

Kitchen interier
interior of the kitchen - it's just your imagination

For small kitchen important strength and durability of furniture, and it is not recommended to select variants with projecting corners, Most preferably smooth transitions. Do not neglect the possibility of increasing the visual space, to this area of ​​the room seemed longer need to choose furniture lighter. such embodiment, make kitchen interier very elegant and cozy.

The main types of current small kitchens: golf design

Even if we consider the space in the kitchen 6 square meters, their design and interior fittings may differ between a, so do not be superfluous to consider each option separately. The main features kitchen space It depends on the location of the refrigerator, window, doors, boards and even columns.

Interior of compact kitchen

Variants with fridge, gas column

But here more often in the home can be found the following options are everything small kitchen:

  • With the availability of direct internal angle - this option is the most common among all assortment. For this variant is characterized by its distinct advantages, thanks to which developed considerable popularity. This type of arrangement of kitchen space allows all the required furniture for dotting on the short side, so it does not take up much space, which and so is not enough. And if you need to place the refrigerator, washing and washing machines, in this case, all set in a row on the long side, so the interior space properly settle in accordance with the requirements of the hostess.compact kitchen
  • Wet, installed in a corner. Best of all such an option will look with smooth lines and passages of kitchen furniture. But space can be supplemented by a radius-table, who will be able not only to emphasize the features of the interior, but also to create a comfortable space for meals. Bring greater space savings can bevelled table.Interior of a small kitchen
  • Corner kitchen without a refrigerator. If the kitchen area clean refrigerator, it provides a much more free and useful space. If a size of the kitchen is very little, in that case a suitable embodiment of the refrigerator in the corridor placement. This solution will make it possible to place in the kitchen a few more small and convenient lockers for small items. What will not be superfluous in the kitchen sector.
  • Decoration kitchen with column and refrigerator. With this arrangement of the internal space can greatly affected. But still has the option and its definite advantages in the use. Column and may be disposed inside the refrigerator cabinets of large, since this option would allow efficient use of the kitchen area.beautiful little kitchen
  • Located in one line. When the linear interior environment will be absent priorities, and the area will be at. Most often, this option is used when the situation minimalist style, so as you can emphasize all its characteristic features. As well as a linear arrangement of dishes suitable for high-tech style.

The main tips to increase the small kitchen space: 5 and 6 sq.m

Do not be afraid to spend a little kitchen improvement, because while ensuring competent approach can make an original and practical arrangement. Ergonomic furniture and compact appliances can create real miracles, therefore it will be possible to deal with the arrangement of the premises at the relevant level.

light a small kitchen

Do you want to increase the space of a small kitchen? In this case, will not be superfluous to consider certain tips.

First of all you can think about combining the kitchen space with the nearest bathroom or corridor, to enlarge the space and make interesting interior, but if this is not possible for architectural reasons, then the table can be used and the presence of folding countertop. This variant is suitable furniture, for cooking, and for its reception.

As for the door, it can and does take off, using instead the interesting drapes or curtains, to emphasize the sophistication of the interior, without taking up too much space.

white kitchen

Kitchen appliances can be selected in a minimalist style, to protect the practicality and ease of use.

Comprehensive coverage in a small kitchen

Small-sized kitchen lighting should be very carefully considered, this applies to each and every light bulb light fixture for interior furnishing, remember, they have to learn as much as possible natural and natural light, because only in this case we can speak of a competent planning Interior. Remember, that poor-quality light may provide some discomfort when cooking. And besides, the designers warn, that incorrect light may distort the appearance of the product, so do not neglect this Council. AT small room light there must be many- It is the main principle arrangement of a small kitchen.


kitchen lighting options in the interior of a modern dining room: the best original ideas

For lighting in the kitchen, you can use different options, but among the most common are the following:

  1. Vacuum lamps nakalyvaniya, which are known to mankind for more than a hundred years. But that's not even looking at it, Such lamps are present in every home, they gradually lose their popularity, as they are replaced by a more powerful and efficient lighting.beautiful kitchen
  2. Fluorescent lamps are most commonly used to create a harmonious lighting in the work area of ​​the kitchen space. they are not suitable for general lighting because, that create a soft and diffused white light shade.

    miniature kitchen
    Miniature kitchen is able to be as functional
  3. LED lamps - it's a real breakthrough in the world of lighting, who was able to win the incredible popularity, because the work period is a few thousand, and lighting quality is provided at a high level. These lamps will be very harmonious look at any place, but the most convenient for them will be a wall near the table, this use of light bulbs will create a sense of romantic atmosphere and enhance any dinner.

We hope you will choose the best design of small-sized kitchen.