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6 profitable for two-color styles of kitchens: secrets designer

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I want to cook with inspiration, and money for a new kitchen there? No problem, if desired, can twine old furniture, creating a new kitchen design in two colors. How to do it, and what dignity acquires a newly created set, - see below.

Dvuhtsvetnaya kitchen
The unusual design of two-tone kitchen, It leaves no one indifferent

Repair or renovation of the furniture in the kitchen

High-quality furniture is expensive and is a long time. During operation it manages to look pretty bored. And if scheduled repairs, against the background of the new interior become familiar typefaces will look even more archaic. What to do, if fashion gives way to quality? Update set with walls! food coloring in two colors - option to refine the interior without global costs.

Two-tone kitchen

Facelift kitchen furniture for the non-professional forces and made improvised means. Fashionable design glossy two-tone kitchen with small financial and physical costs will give new life to old lockers.

is preset for dyeing quality, made of a material kitchen facades:

  • DSP. Budget option for facades, For this reason, common. Of the advantages only the low price and wide range of colors. List of deficiencies extensive: loose inner structure, warping and swelling when wet, short lifetime, appearance.
  • MDF painted or laminated. Looks aesthetically fiberboard panels, able to accept non-standard shape, giving headset streamlining and rounding. Covered with PVC film or a painted enamel, which makes the material capable of restoring most of the presented. dignity: strength, resistance to absorption of odors, humidity, choice of colors is not limited to. disadvantages: fade when exposed to direct sunlight, PVC film is peeled with time and deteriorates the aesthetic appearance of palpable.
    Kitchen in two colors
    2 color still need to be able to combine
  • Plastic. basis, onto which the plastic panels, are chipboard and MDF, that determines the cost of the final product. basis, onto which the plastic panels, are chipboard and MDF, that determines the cost of the final product. Benefits: low temperature resistance, strength, resistance to sunlight and aggressive detergents, impermeability, the life of the highest among the materials used. disadvantages: eventually could become deformed, manifesting as depressed areas, due to the touch of fingers left prints, require constant polishing surface, painting complexity.
  • safety glass. Elevations of textured or matte glass used in curtain lockers. Glass is used in a frame of aluminum profiles or MDF, and without edging, that gives the facade of weightlessness and visually expands space. Modern primers and dye compositions allow stain glass surfaces, but lost the advantage of this material - lightness and transparency.beautiful two-tone kitchen
  • Solid wood. Furniture with facades of wood suitable spacious kitchen. The expensive models locker door and floor modules are manufactured from a single web or panels, in models are available - splicing. Benefits: environmental friendliness, of status, durability, fashion whims no effect on the demand for natural furniture. disadvantages: Over time, these facades darken, starting to absorb odors and moisture; price.

kitchen painting technique in two colors: white, beige, Brown and others

Getting renewal of kitchen furniture, be sure to take into account operational requirements:

  1. Humidity resistance.
  2. Resistance to high temperatures.
  3. Resistance to temperature extremes.
  4. Easy care.
    painted kitchen
    Materials design furniture must fully comply with the practicality of finding the kitchen

First of all, selected color. Sells a variety of coloring compositions, but for use under the influence of aggressive environment not suitable all. The kitchens are not recommended to produce color with acrylic paints and varnishes, since they are exposed to acids. This can be vinegar, acid, contained in fruit juices, cleaning products, etc. The best means of painting kitchen furniture recognized enamel, because it corresponds to the essential requirements: resistant to moisture and temperature, It is not erased and does not fade, damage it can only directly affecting sharp objects.

Since the ink is not applied to the laminated surface, preliminarily remove PVC film. Hairdryer construction heats the facing surface of facades and thoroughly layer will act. Next is grinding. If not available grinding machine - manually, emery cloth. Or use a special liquid, intended for removal compositions lakokrasyaschih. The final stage of the preparatory work - applying a primer on wood.

black and white kitchen

Council! Primer necessarily shaken, because it tends to precipitate. Plastic parts are coated with primer for plastics.

Begin painting should not be used, than a day after priming.

Most accurate look surface, colored spray gun or spray. When painting with a brush or roller in order to avoid visible smears need to follow, to prokraska conducted in one direction.

An additional effect is given to application on the painted fronts glizali.

Modern style and interior: fashion design, combination with a glossy one and two-level tensioning ceiling

modern interior
2 colors in the modern kitchen is not new- sometimes more

Two-tone kitchen - modern design solution, wherein the look favorably:

  • classic style,
  • Japanese minimalism,
  • high-tech,
  • urbanism,
  • modern,
  • country.

two-color set

The nuances of wallpaper, curtains, facades: light dark top and bottom

Achieve dualism in the interior of the room will help to paint the walls in two colors and two-tone kitchen sets. If the design of two-tone kitchen decided to implement through a kitchen with a two-tone facade, Guide, that the furniture chosen colors deeper and richer, than for walls. Selection of colors for the kitchen of the two colors is performed using the color wheel or color tables. For combination selected contrasting tone or analog, depending, what semantic load intended for the interior. Guide rule: kitchen in two colors means, one color soloist, the other - sets off the color-dominant.


In contrast to other premises, bicolored food permit not only the traditional color combinations. Youth avant-garde interior suggests solutions, that the older generation sometimes seem too bold. But the kitchen - the place, where appropriate experiments. For young furniture of wood - ponderous, two-tone kitchen plastic with a glossy finish and bold color ideas accurately reflect the rebellious spirit of youth.