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Dough mixer, meat grinder, juicer and other equipment— where to put everything in the kitchen ?

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Cozy and comfortable kitchen not a figment of the imagination or the ultimate dream. it happens, Will you come to the kitchen and, it seems, that no equipment, except for washing and plates there and there. What is the secret of such premises? The proper location of the equipment: and convenient, and chaos of spaced cups, bowls and other kitchen utensils is not in sight. At the same time, and the functionality of the kitchen space is not lost.

If done tastefully and hide on the shelves Kitchen Accessories, then chaos in the room will not be exact

Modern equipment: wonders in the kitchen

kitchen, equipped with the latest technology, - a paradise for the hostess. What just not come up with manufacturers to simplify the daily work in the kitchen. various mixers, blenders, juicer, Bread Maker and Multivarki designed to facilitate the process of preparation. But to rush into the maelstrom of his head and a fitted kitchen with all the novelties miracle technology is still not worth it. Kitchen equipment для дома должно экономить главный ресурс – время.

What appliances in the kitchen is really needed?

Dishwasher - a dream of a large family hostess. This unit is a desktop or floor, embedded and completely invisible or partially embedded. the main task, with which this household appliances for the kitchen manages to five points out of five, - is the release time.

Food processor - a grater, mixer, mincer and blender in one. small appliance, It combines a number of functions, a must in the kitchen. Modern hostess with the help of a food processor to quickly and easily prepare the soup or stuffing for tasty meatballs. Feed, in the restaurant, and spend less time, than waiting for the order, It helps food processor.

Microwave oven - not a novelty in the market, but a necessary and very comfortable at home thing. Child independently warm up dinner, when you're at work, and not have to wait long for thawing products - microwave cope with it in a jiffy. The advantages of this device in the kitchen a lot.

Freezer - machines for large kitchens. Convenient and practical machine for frozen food storage. The standard has a refrigerator freezer, but, usually, This small department. Keep it frozen meat, fish, berries and fruit can be only small portions.

Modern equipment for the kitchen has one important quality - it becomes invisible. Food Processor is easy to disassemble and put in the closet, and most of the cars built configuration and elegantly disguised as kitchen furniture.

Dishwasher in the kitchen
Dishwasher in the kitchen can be part of a headset - it's a great option

Principles for kitchen equipment

As strange sounds, but, without even leaving the kitchen, It can be wound more than one kilometer. The reason for the permanent mistress races on long distance and fatigue from work in the kitchen - incorrect placement of furniture and equipment. When equipping the kitchen space you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • one plane: working table surface at the same level with sink and cooker.
  • Availability: cabinets hang at a comfortable height for the hostess, to not have to get up on his toes, or use a stool.
  • expediency: on hand level has kitchen items, which the hostess enjoys daily. The upper and lower cabinets - the, that is not always required.
  • order: every item in the kitchen is strictly in its own place. it's desirable, that while it was easy to get back and clean.

The woman in the kitchen
Availability for household appliances - one of the most important principles of a placement

Kitchenware: destination secrets

All lockers, drawers and shelves are needed in the kitchen only to, to store the necessary equipment for the hostess kitchen. No kitchen can not be imagined without pans, pans, bowls and other utensils.

Pan - if not the main, the primary attribute of kitchen utensils. In the kitchen, you need to have at least three pots of different sizes - for soup (3-4 l), to extinguish the meat and vegetables (2-3 l), for the preparation of stewed fruit and jelly (4-5 liters). for sauces, cereals and milk suitable thick-walled pot in the form of a ladle.

Pan - the second (but not least) thing, required each owner. fish, meat and vegetables need a large pan, and pancakes fried in a thick-walled pan with low sides.

Pans and bakeware needed for cooking pies, cakes and muffins.

Use a colander to tilt pasta (for this purpose are also special lid for pots), washing fruits and small fruits.

Cutting boards should be separate for the fish, meat, vegetables and bread.

Mixer for dough and beaters - convenient and necessary thing for housewives, loving cuddle their homemade cakes.

Knives for meat, fish, of bread, cheese and vegetables have different views. It is advisable to have them all. They save time and effort, It has been ergonomically designed to handle specific product.

Kitchen utensils in the kitchen
The more dishes, the faster to prepare meals, If there are many components

Small kitchen - comfortable equipment

Small kitchen - sounds, if the verdict for the hostess. But if you think about it, the small - does not mean bad. Professional designer seeks to place the work area at arm's length. The rule of "arm's length" means, that sink, tabletop, cooker and a refrigerator are arranged at a distance of not more than 1 m different from other. And in this context, small - hence ergonomic, that is, time-saving and hostess force.

Everything for a small kitchen space will have to work more seriously, but creativity will manifest in full force.

Three tips to help make tiny kitchen the most comfortable place in the house.

  1. we use transformers. Flick of the wrist and a small table top turns into a full dinner table. Folding, retractable, attachments - for a small space full of different options lockers, shelves, tables and chairs.
  1. use the mirror. With mirrors arranged elaborately easily visually increase the space. Standing issue of the wall near the work area or dining mirror, make mirror elements lockers - and a small kitchen will turn into a cozy nest.
  2. multifunctionality. According to this rule should be to combine the role of objects. The space under the windowsill can be built wardrobe. Windowsill easily converted into a work surface, making appropriate coating. The dining table can be combined with the cabinet for pots and pans, which the hostess uses infrequently.

Council. The perfect solution - the use of railing. This is a thin tube, bolted to the wall above the work area. She hung on hooks for towels or pot holders, small shelves for storage of spices, etc.. Roof save space, and do the work in the kitchen a comfortable.