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Kitchen with patina - it is fashionable and original

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In our time, to create a modern kitchen interior owners resort to trendy and original tendencies. Now they are beginning to use popularity kitchen with patina.

Kitchen with patina!
Kitchen with patina - an excellent design choice

Such kind of decoration It gives the furniture and interior effect of antique furniture. Thanks to the patina furniture becomes aristocratic and expensive form.

Patina - a technique, which involves applying a special mixture on the surface. To old article to look as natural as possible it is applied not fully, but only partially.

Kitchen with patina


Initially patina applied only to metal objects, but, Now, this effect can be used for a variety of materials aging, including MDF.

Furniture manufacturers are doing a lot of options with patina, including angular classic cuisine. Most MDF furniture for:

  • retro;
  • Provence;
  • classical;
  • French.

trendy cuisine 2016 it is impossible to imagine without such decoration. So make attractive any countertop in a classic style.

Kitchen with a silver patina
Kitchen with a silver patina - a great choice in a modern apartment

Types of kitchen interior

nightstands, for the historical effect are romantic and delicate appearance. a guest, seeing such beauty, He asks about the history of these facades, and where they were taken.

Itself patina means giving subjects a blue-green hue. However, modern designers have little innovations. Aging is considered giving Antique furniture silver shades, golden, brown and milky-white. These shades give the impression as if the facade has long stood in direct sunlight because of what a little bit shabby and burned. But modern manufacturers facades made of MDF, necessarily reveal the varnish to avoid further cracking, nadlomov and zausenic. Unlike wooden MDF facades easy to wash and clean, and they do not require constant care.

kitchen with olive patina

Most people think, what kind of food to choose from patina? Here it is all about the effect, which will be processed facade. Kitchen with black patina, covered with silver or gold shade has a very rich appearance. In the past few years, these shades are very popular.

If a person wants to create a classic interior design for the kitchen and give it a sophistication, he will approach MDF facades. AND, by the way, Now on the market represented a huge choice of facades of different colors and shapes.

Cuisine classic patina is often complemented by paintings, framed in a heavy wooden frame, and obkladyvaetsya white brick or natural stone.

If the collection in the style of Provence - apply MDF kitchen patina of brown or white. This interior is unobtrusive appearance, which is complemented by heavy curtains, vases and high baskets with fruit.

Despite the extra decorations, kitchen classic patina is easy to maintain and does not lose its functionality. In this collection in this style has a medium price category.

Picture with patina with black shade

Collections patinated kitchens: white classic, MDF gold color, silver facades, green, vanilla, black, Ivory

This effect gives the unusual nature and sophistication of the interior. Now patinated furniture all manufacturers. This kitchen can be purchased ready-made or make to order.

In the market there are many different collections:

  1. Kollektsiya Cremona, made of golden patina. In this beautiful and neat furniture MDF fronts with patina. In this set is suitable for both simple space, and for kitchen corner.
  2. The classic style of the azalea collection, facades made of dark chocolate, It also includes a kitchen and dark walnut. Chip of this collection are the white handles to the bedside table and a white worktop.
  3. Looks gorgeous wooden facades and white kitchen from the array, patina which gives an antique look.
  4. Collection of furniture color Ivory, treated with patina. By itself, the color of the furniture gives a rich and expensive form.

Kitchen with patinated in the old days

Apply yourself to the patina oak array: film application

This lesson, It requires the ability to, patience and a lot of free time.

The very technology of the kitchen decorating patina includes several stages. It includes several shades. A lot of manufacturers to enhance the effect of bumps used a single color, and the other for recessed. Sometimes cracks are created to give greater effect.

Kitchen with patina

There are several varieties of patination:

  1. standard patinated. This cuisine option in the patina is considered available for work at home. In MDF coated film is applied to the basic solution, that is preparatory for the application of further layers. Thanks to this primer leveled surface, and from this quality depends adhesion solution Patinir. The primer layer is polished using emery paper. In places, where the effect should be bright need to rub a little harder.classic cuisine with patina
  2. Complicated embodiment considered bronze patination, gold or silver patina. This process requires additional application of multiple layers. Silver or golden color is suitable for the treatment of the facades, which have a relief structure. Such artificial patination effect emphasizes the importance and beauty of this kitchen furniture. But this type of treatment is suitable only for facades, matt structure having.
  3. Craquelure patination. This type of decoration expensive, because it is complex and requires a combination of multiple effects, just so happen to give old furniture a raid. Initially, the surface of the facade are chips and cracks, then they opened faceted varnish. And then on the surface of the desired color is applied and gently erased with sandpaper until you get the desired effect.

Skilled craftsmen claim, that can cause the patina on the facades of any color. The above described technology patination kitchen fronts with their hands.