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Secrets of stylish gold color kitchen

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Gold is associated with the interior of the luxury palaces. It was used in the design of lush halls, expensive decoration of. Noble metal - brilliant, it can not be compared with other.

Golden kitchen
Golden kitchen - a bold and daring

Golden kitchen designers defined as solar. They first see the shade, and only then the metal surface. Therefore, there is brightness in the room, joyful notes, despite the cold shine.


kitchen furnished with golden hues assumes special wall design, ceiling and floor. Decorating can damage or even eliminate the feeling of luxury. Gold is difficult to combine with other colors, if it is main or accentual. Layperson easy to work only with the items or elements of decor.

When the headset and furniture are executed in gold, walls, ceiling and floor should be light, uniform. It is not allowed even expressed wooden texture. It is better, if the surface is glossy.

Sometimes the perfect solution in the decoration becomes golden wall. It is located opposite the window, to absorb glare and distribute uniformly diffused throughout the room.

Gold - shiny metal, He initially involves the natural association. Because of this, designers are practicing the golden ratio in the design.

Golden Section in interior and architectural projects

The golden section is often used in the design. With its help it is possible to achieve perfect harmony. experts say, that the very nature suggests, what proportions should be maintained in any construction, architectural and design field.

gold interior
Bright colors in the design

The golden ratio - the ratio of two unequal parts of one segment. If the percentage of round, these parts will make 62% and 38% from the whole. Such a ratio pleases the eye because, all natural, scientific or artistic built on his principle.

The proportion of the golden section is used in interior design as rules:

  1. Exclude a clear fold 2 division - creates eyestrain.
  2. observe the asymmetry, included in the scope of the golden section (paint 60% food, 40 - wallpapered).
  3. Observe harmony when choosing furniture. kitchen length should be divided into 1,6, to get the perfect size Headset.
  4. Comply with the rule of the golden section with a choice of colors. If the basic shade is present at about 60% food, the remaining 40% maintained in other colors.
  5. Enable rule when placing accessories and decor elements.

Points are not required to fulfill, but subject they are able to create harmony, Interior effect without eyestrain.

The combination of flowers

Kitchen with white gold
Luxury smoothly flows by the rich panels of kitchen units

Kitchen with white gold suitable for large rooms or studio apartments. This is one of the best combinations. The impression of palatial luxury, but if the subjects are located far from each other.

White-gold kitchen is decorated with stucco and carvings on furniture, decoration. Sometimes space is complemented by accents - vases, lights, If a large area remains unused.

Furniture, seasoned in black, adding golden notok, looks well in small spaces. But home furnishings are endowed with rounded shapes, otherwise the look is spoiled.

When the value of the premises allows, it is possible to use wood in the production of the headset. Combined with gold accessories, it looks lively.

It is desirable to use a streamlined shape, work with simple lines inexperienced person finds it difficult. But also non-standard interior objects can overload it.

Decorative items must either be in a variety of, but small in size, or single, but overall.

For example, gold curtains will be a self-contained accessory, other decorations will not be required.

style solutions

Rounded edges in golden kitchen
The classic combination of opposite colors makes your interior a refined

Interior in gold tones inherent in the style of past eras, when luxury was the dominant. Therefore, from the Rococo and Baroque he goes. It applies pretentiousness of forms and gilding - they are everywhere (decoration, furniture, decoration).

White kitchen with gold - ideal for a luxurious antique rococo. Exquisite design is complemented by lathing and chandelier, to distract the eyes from the brightness of accents.

Art Nouveau is no stranger to gold. It is chosen by young people and couples. Different availability - the surface of the plastic film pasted golden. Art Nouveau - is always simplicity and austerity. He has no need of emphasis or decorating.

Kitchen interior in golden colors It can be a classic. It uses gold-plated decorative elements as a separate, and on furniture, walls. The facades of the headset is necessarily made of wood.

Difficult decision - arrange the room in the style of glamor, although feasible. Is not only used gilding, but also rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, bright colors.

The decor does not have to be made of gold. Designers replaced its budget materials and bronze paint.

Golden shell
Gold design elements

Features gold kitchens

Kitchen gold color, do not use other shades, looks pretentious. Therefore, it necessarily must be diluted tones. But there are other features:

  • You can not mix with the silver and all the shades of gray, Appliances must be white surfaces;
  • Excess decor is not needed. All the little things clean on the boxes, hide behind cabinet doors. functionality is reduced, but does not suffer from the appearance of;
  • In small rooms should not be used in pure gold. There may be gold-plated or ornate carving. They also give a sense of luxury, abundance;
  • To create the atmosphere of an aristocratic tone used in decorative motifs repeating. He is allowed on any fundamental tone kitchens;
  • Making perfectly complement the antiquities and antiques;
  • Effectively attached apron and tabletop, soaked in gold color, If other colors are light and warm. Presence of bright accessories.

Golden color gives a sense of celebration. But if you do not observe a sense of proportion in the design, accents and accessories, while the interior becomes tasteless. We must choose not too shiny surfaces, tk. negative emotions in this case do not arise.