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Effective ways to equip a small kitchen

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A small kitchen - it is less than the size of the room 8 square meters. To the owners of these apartments there is a problem: how to equip a small kitchen?

small kitchen
A small kitchen - it is not a cause for grief

If you plan to overhaul, then increase the floor space will allow competent remodeling. For this kitchen combined with the living room or dining room. The space is visually extended by retracting the partitions and replacing the door archways.

The most important task repairs in the kitchen is considered to increase the functionality of the room and space saving.

Options for lighting and color palette

When making small kitchen significance of colors and proper lighting. Properly selected color scheme is able to visually enlarge the interior. For a small space is recommended to use light shades.

in a small kitchen lighting

Bright colors are used as accents. To increase the visual space used blue, beige, yellow, white and shades of salad.

Functional and comfortable interior helps to create a high-quality lighting. Alternatively use spotlights. They have the ability to smoothly diffuse light. These light sources are distributed all over the kitchen and perform zoning worktop and dining area.

It is necessary to ensure free access of daylight. It is recommended not to use the blackout curtains and massive flower pots on the window sill.

To equip a small kitchen will use Roman blinds or roll curtains in pastel colors.

Dining and kitchen area should be well lit.. For the working area used lamps, which are mounted under the overhead shelves and on the perimeter of the ceiling. Convenience characterized rotary model.


Original solution is to use LED strip.

Source for lighting the dining area is a chandelier. It is located above the table, in a corner or on a wall.

For kitchen lighting, the following types of lamps:

  • vacuum incandescent lamps;
  • LED products;
  • fluorescent model.

What furniture is best suited for very small kitchen

The right choice of furniture will allow to transform a modest view of the kitchen and make maximum use of the allotted space. The market offers a large selection of multi-functional, compact furniture, which is suitable for small-sized kitchen. You can order furniture on an individual project.

Furniture for a small kitchen

To equip a small kitchen will help transforming furniture, which folds and unfolds, and at the same time it takes a minimum of space. Demand functional design: a folding table or built-ins.

Custom cabinets for arrangement of table Khrushchev premises 5 and 6 sq.m

narrow and Tall unit as desired is alternative hinged construction. These products are installed along the edges of the working surface.

Some recommendations will help make installation of wall cabinets:

  1. When installing the components should take into account the growth of all, who will use them.
  2. The distance from the working surface to the bottom flange is at least half a meter.
  3. High furniture modules are located on the edges of the interior.

An interesting solution for small spaces is considered cabinet-transformer. It is characterized by versatility. In the separate unit may be located stools. there are models, combining the work surface with sink. In this model, put forward countertop, and built-in sink.

custom cabinets

Kitchen unit with built-in compartments for technology allows a small square to fit the sink, stove and refrigerator.

Choosing countertops for a living-dining room in a private house, in the country

There are different options for placing a small square table tops.

If the window sill to combine with countertop, it turns a comfortable workplace. It uses a table with a hinged bracket to the wall.

At the kitchen sets the height of the work surface 80 cm. When ordering furniture can increase the height of countertops to 90-95 cm, which will expand the space below for shelves and cabinets.


Proper installation of the table in the apartment

Table for a small kitchen not only performs the function of a dining table, but also used as a work surface. To fit in a small environment this piece of furniture should be safe, different functional and durability and ease of care.

Round small table in the kitchen It may be the ideal solution. Furniture chosen as options from classic wooden, and from modern plastic models. Round table in interior of the kitchen can accommodate up to five people.

It should consider the following options:

  1. Table-sill easy to equip: narrow sill is replaced by a larger countertop.
  2. The triangular piece of furniture placed in a free corner.
  3. Glass table round small space makes it easier to visually.
  4. Solution for small-sized kitchen furniture is transformed.
  5. Save the usable area will table hinged to the kitchen.

Do not choose a model with solid wood legs, It should prefer lighter chrome elements.

practical small kitchen

You can make a folding table to the wall with his hands. construction assembly consists of the following steps:

  1. Taken block size 60*60 mm, sticks for legs, boards 25*200 mm and a board for tsargi.
  2. It made the cover for the table. In puffer with the adhesive of the boards going cap. The keys are mounted in the trim without cutting. Boards nailed to the splines.
  3. Of the board is done side-bar, which should not exceed the distance between the dowels. The upper part of the legs is performed for opening tsargi.
  4. Drawer side is aligned with the legs and additionally strengthened nageljami.
  5. Is hinged the kitchen table their own hands. To this end, hinges are mounted to the table top and legs design. The lower portions of the lid and the edge of the table should be placed at the same level.



It should be combined with table and chairs set. For a small space folding chairs fit. furniture such items easily hide under the table, or folded into the closet.

An ideal variant is stools. They fit Wall folding table.

Chairs better to choose on a metal frame and bar design. Chairs may be replaced by a small sofa.

How to arrange the rectangular small square appliances with their own hands

Arrange a small kitchen to help built-in appliances. Overall things are placed under the worktop.

Built-in appliances is characterized by compact, functionality and security. Such equipment allows to increase work space and offers the convenience.

The choice of the refrigerator

For a small space should choose a narrow refrigerator and high. It is easy to model 50 cm. If a small family, then fit a single-chamber assembly, which is located under the table top. Two-chamber design camouflage high pencil case.

We need to follow, the width of the door and the refrigerator doors headset coincided.


Features plates and oven

Instead of the usual plate used in a confined space hob built-in type. equipment for 2 cooking zone has a width of no more than 30 cm.

The oven is separate.

When the location of the gas stove should take into account some special features:

  1. Do not install the stove near a window and close to the curtains.
  2. Between the refrigerator and the furnace should be a distance not less than 50 cm.
  3. Stove get away from other devices using the tables.

What TV to choose

choosing a TV, you should choose a model, which can be hung on the wall. Do not choose a large design. Optimal variant device with a diagonal 15-17 dm.

It is important to choose the right place for your TV. This takes into account the distance to the screen and the height of the placement.

A good option is to use a bracket, which allows you to tilt and rotate the screen. It is advisable to choose a place away from the hob and sink.

TV for a small kitchen
TV for a small kitchen can be neatly integrated into headset

Where to put the dishwasher, if there is a projection

For a small room fits a little dishwashing machine. Such a model is placed on the shelf, windowsill or on the working surface.

Popular built-in model. There polnovstraivaemye machines and open-fronted. For small-sized space suit washing machine table.

Features small household appliances

Small household appliances for the kitchen characterized by versatility. Instead of individual devices: blender, grinder or juicer worth to buy a full-fledged food processor.

it is recommended to order a special cabinets with pull-out shelves for storage of equipment.


Proper planning will help small kitchen comfortably arrange the room. The use of non-standard solutions will not only save space, but also to create a stylish and comfortable interior.