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Furnishing Your small kitchen is functional and stylish: secrets lineup

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Each family has a small kitchen dream about, to her tiny room, a little expanded, then the daily routine of cooking processes will be enjoyable and creative. Alas, many people living in such high-rise buildings, where the kitchen is not something that a small, and tiny, arrange it necessary furniture and appliances is difficult, what can we say about the stylish design.

Small kitchen
A small room is not a cause for grief

to furnish small kitchen according to your taste and discretion to invite the aid of an interior designer, which will help to address some of the issues, or read up until the end of this article.

Construction of a small kitchen

Before comfortably furnish the kitchen, check out tips, which will help in planning the kitchen of your dreams with the right arrangement of furniture and equipment.

The colors and patterns

Making a small kitchen, follow these tips:

  • Choose a calm and neutral color, that visually expand the room and natural light displays, To do this, choose a wallpaper or paint light tone. You will not regret it, if you add colored or dark accents, which will give a peculiar zest to the overall picture of the interior;
  • A small room filled with light cuisine as much as possible, do not cover the dark window blinds, which adds natural light, add lights on the wall, LED light bulb in the ceiling;
  • If there is a balcony, Loggia or living, they can be combined with kitchen. so wall, what unites them, It is the same color or with the same wallpaper, in this way, impression, it is one big room;
  • In this room you need to use a light-colored textiles, their appearance will make the room lighter. If you hang curtains or lay a tablecloth bright flashy colors, This will compress the kitchen and make it visually less;
  • To decorate a small kitchen help 2 paint color or wallpaper, with proper painting or glueing, you'll get more space;
  • Drawings and designs on the walls of the tire, so the choice of "clothing" for the walls, decide, what they will.

The color scheme of a small kitchen
The color scheme of the room is only your decision, the main thing to do in the same style

Council: better to choose a light-colored wallpaper with small pattern or design, thin strips, or paint in the same color and complete the stencils in gold.

Professional interior designers can visually make the room more due to the inserts in the kitchen, pick up a light-colored wallpaper, curtains and flooring - all details will make the space visually deeper and higher.

Furniture for a small kitchen

If you want to equip a small kitchen, for it is not beautiful enough to paint the walls, to lay the floor, and choose curtains. It is necessary that the furniture, which will be in the kitchen, It has a compact size, but comfortable, practical and can accommodate all utensils and small appliances. Forget the wide countertops and cabinets overall. Beautifully furnish furniture kitchen help, which is formed in the shelf or on the wall.

Council: Make a table of the sill, there set surface, which will serve as a dining area and work area. Another option - to buy a table with chairs, that develop.

Kitchen sets in a small room

To equip a small kitchen is not a dream, and reality. To do this, choose the appropriate furniture and headsets. At the present time, manufacturers of accessories offer a variety of goods, which is made specifically for the small space and use it functionally.

Kitchen set in a small kitchen
The versatility of kitchen furniture must be maximized

feature headset

Perfect solution in a small kitchen - a "smart" set, feature of which is the presence of drawers and roll-out drawers and storage systems. Such furniture is using every available centimeter of space and put the dishes.

What mechanisms exist:

  • magic corner;
  • Shelf-carousel;
  • Container;
  • Grid;
  • Shelf locomotive;
  • Drawer with divider;
  • Basket.

Each mechanism provides easy access to the owner of dishes, Krupa, seasonings and other devices, which are needed in food preparation.

If you think, how beautiful equip kitchen, so it was functional, you decide, what door will have headset:

  1. sliding.
  2. folding.
  3. lifting.

Sliding doors headset too heavy, this option is not ideal in a small room, So, it takes up a lot of space.

Design a small kitchen
Beautiful design is not difficult to do in a small room

Council: give preference to the door using, that open up - sliding, they are comfortable, because, that open up and thus do not interfere with anyone. Pay attention to the mechanisms, they must be strong.

Popular and convenient option is for all headsets, which has a pull-out shelf with a table. With such furniture considerably saves space, when the table is needed, pull it out, slide back after dinner. To him buy sliding chairs.


Exists 2 kind of planning, which help to equip a small kitchen:

  1. In the linear form.
  2. In the angular form.

Corner layout fit into a square kitchen. Headsets are located along two perpendicular walls, but not too close to the door, So, it is inconvenient and even dangerous for those, who passes by. When a set of linear layout along one of the two walls, it will take a lot of space, and make it possible to place the rest of the equipment and furniture.

there are cases, When equipped kitchen in the apartment suite are fed in a U-shaped form. This layout is good if, when there is a living room, reworked in the studio with the kitchen - the kitchen you cook and store food, and the dining area is located in the living room or dining room.

Discover tips, which are necessary when planning and landscaping:

  • Do not buy large suites with wide tops, discard the facade with a curved shape, they are designed for a large kitchen and occupy a lot of space. In the case of a small room the variant rectangular or corner furniture;
  • Take care about the working surface, which is located between the sink and stove, This will provide convenience mistress;
  • Buy headsets light color with a matte finish, on the upper facade with glass or mirror inserts. So you will achieve increase depth;
  • Make room deeper will mirror tiles on the floor. If you bought and put a tile, lay mats and rugs pointless;
  • Place the headset over the entire height of the wall, so you use more space, where you can store things, are rarely used.

As can be seen from the article, to equip a small kitchen is quite real, be patient, desire and enthusiasm - then you will succeed and please the household.