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Revealed the secrets of the kitchen renovation 9 quarter. m. - now you can do it yourself!

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If you think, that the repair - it is destiny elected, now everything will change. kitchen area 9 кв м легко отремонтировать independently, the main thing, know in advance, how it's done. Tips designers and professional artists will help to choose the right style and materials, and still save on repairs without compromising quality. At the heart of the transformations is planning. Project, which worked out to the last detail - the success of the upcoming repairs.

Repair of a small kitchen
Repair small kitchen - it is not as easy as it seems

What to make repairs and how to prepare for it

first, what should be defined, if you want to refresh the kitchen or ready to capital conversions - other repair options not yet invented. Cosmetic changes will affect the surface, lighting, design. Capital will make changes in electrical wiring, water supply, require replacement windows, if necessary, re-planning is performed. Redecorating their own hands will not cause too much difficulty. For capital you can call an electrician, plumber, windows installer.


stands 5 stages of preparation for repair of a small kitchen:

  1. Set a budget for kitchen renovations
  2. Drawing up a design project
  3. The interim budget for the purchase of materials, furniture, equipment
  4. Check availability of the necessary tools
  5. Compilation of the final budget, taking into account the acquisition of the necessary tools

Take as much time planning, as you need to find out every detail of the future repair - depends on its success and cost

How to repair the kitchen in a new building: with estimates project

Renovated kitchen in a new building
The new building makes everything easier, So how does a zero

Without electrical wiring, summing up the plumbing and alignment of all surfaces in the newly renovated kitchen will not do. But the main problem will be the shrinkage of the house, so do not spend money on the purchase of expensive materials - slightly skewed house will crack on the wall or ceiling. Exists 2 ways, how to repair the freshly kitchen:

  1. Purchase construction materials from the econom, that through 2-3 year after shrinking to make a real overhaul
  2. use materials, imitating expensive, to live a couple of years in the comfort and coziness

If the repair is carried out in a new building, the kitchen ceiling is painted or done tensioning, the floor is laid linoleum or laminate, and the walls are pasted waterproof wallpaper. Purchase exclusive tile, finishing natural stone, laying expensive countertops, organization of multi-level ceiling is better to postpone.

kitchen 9 squares

Disposition 9-meter kitchen: capital approach

This is not 6 narrow - squares solutions becomes greater, but every centimeter still counts. There are the following layout options, allowing to create a functional and comfortable space:

  • U-shape - suitable for square room, where instead of the dining room table used bar
  • D-shaped - leaves open one of the walls for the organization of the dining area
  • Parallel - for a long space: Plate Wet remain on one side, refrigerator is placed in front of
  • Linear - for narrow spaces: plate, washing, refrigerator stretched along one side, Corner solutions are used for washing plates or. The dining table is executed as a bar
    Disposition 9-meter kitchen
    Pick the right plan, it affects all

A popular solution - make the continuation of countertops windowsill or turn it into a table. Additional area won with kitchen combined with a balcony.

Nine of beauty and fantasy squares: ideas of design with their own hands

A small kitchen is bound to be beautiful. If you do repairs, then think about non-standard solutions, which are gaining popularity. Pay attention to the following elements of design:

  1. Ceiling - you should look to the composite structure of the stretch panels and drywall. It becomes relevant pink stretch ceiling in the interior of the kitchen - it gives the room a lightness, romanticism, removes negative emotions.
  2. Lighting - additional to the working area, built-in ceiling, LED Strip.
  3. Sex - is laid in the working area of ​​the tile or moisture resistant laminate, and used for dining or plain linoleum laminate.
  4. Walls - used sample finishing decorative stone: in the area of ​​food preparation, framing the door, free corners. Marble plaster in the interior of the kitchen replaces the paint or wallpaper. It makes the walls even and smooth, It allows you to choose any color.
  5. Entrance door - fit with glass inserts, or two-color stained-glass windows. The cloth should be contrasted with the floor, so the idea, To find the door under the laminate is not considered successful. To visually enlarge the area of ​​the premises, designers offer to remove the door, opening draw arch and close the rope curtains.
  6. Bar table - a popular item for the organization of the dining area. If you already have this experience and special chairs, do not rush to get rid of them. Repair of bar stools - constriction or upholstery - you can do yourself, to renovate the interior.
    kitchen 9 sq.m with bar
    Even in the micro - kitchen can be an island with breakfast bar
  7. Window - at 9-timetrovoy kitchen is not worth doing accentual. Close the opening louver, roman or roller blinds.

stands 3 style, which are suitable for a small kitchen - with classic light wood, Modern-based functionality, minimalism without any extra accessories. The choice of style is complemented by built-in appliances - saving a small kitchen space is very urgent.

On what can be saved: all options

The word "inexpensive "in relation to repair It is not synonymous with poor quality work. There are many ways to keep costs to a minimum. This will help:

  1. The acquisition of the right for your particular repair materials - for example,, consumption of plaster per square meter is 1-1,2 kg, and with thermal insulation properties already 1,5 kg plus the difference in price
  2. Replacing natural materials artificial - set of MDF wood do not look worse, than natural wood
  3. The combination of finishing materials
  4. Use of residues from building materials - look spectacular slopes of laminate doors
  5. Acquisition of a compact and multi-functional equipment
  6. Repair really need in this kitchen elements
  7. The use of modern storage systems - installation of the drawer under the sink, can eliminate the purchase of an additional cabinet
    Drawer under sink
    Use the maximum amount of drawers and cabinets- that's where you put all the kitchen utensils

Can not be used to save on building materials - low-quality primer, putty, paint or glue lead to a new repair.

Step by step instructions for kitchen remodeling: we do the ceiling, balcony, sticking beautiful wallpapers

To leave no doubt, how to approach the kitchen, consider a step by step repair, ie instructions:

kitchen 9 sq.m

  • Decide on the kind of repair, layout, room design
  • Make an estimate
  • Buy the necessary materials
  • Take out of the kitchen furniture, remove the old finish
  • If necessary, change communication, install missing sockets
  • Swap box
  • Carry out a rough finish surfaces - seal the gap, cracks. To equalize the wall plaster using gypsum-based drywall or sheet
  • Perform final finishing surface decorative materials - first ceiling, and then the walls and floor
  • After the repair install with the technique of furniture

About 2000 rubles worth sq.m repair, and devyatimetrovke total area of ​​the surfaces is 25-27 squares. Reduce the cost of expenses in half will, if the work on their own ideas and use an inexpensive repair.