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Repairing kitchen 7 squares with his own hands: recommendations of the master

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kitchen renovation in our area occur frequently, people try to somehow extend the Small kitchens, designed by Soviet engineers building. But here is to seek help from professionals rarely - cost of plastering work per sq m large, and the other working out does not come cheap, these are the men and try to possible to perform tasks independently. Select interior and choose the appropriate materials for the price alone is not the problem, but we recommend that you first sort out what is the procedure works and what kind of design is recommended to choose for small kitchens Soviet plan. In these premises, even before trying to remove or reduce the air ducts - so small built premises. Disposition did not have even the installation of a full dining table - just eat and run.

kitchen renovation
Furniture in bright colors, wall cabinet with brown trim, glass table with chairs fit perfectly in a small kitchen

Options for external kitchen repairs 7 square mterov

When you decide to do cosmetic repairs food 7 and 8 m q m, without changing the layout of the room, in this regard, there is no means of consuming options, that the strength to perform on their own, without the aid of expensive professionals:

kitchen 7 squares

  • Cheapest option - sticking to the walls of wallpaper, and painting the ceiling lime;
  • Option-consuming means, but more beautiful - wall decoration decorative plaster with subsequent painting;
  • wooden wall paneling, which is used to overlay the walls. As a replacement for expensive wood is placed on the walls of the plastic with the corresponding figure;
  • In the working area of ​​the apron is put tile in the overall interior style. Tile necessarily combined with the color of the walls and floors, with paint or wallpaper;
  • Silk decorative plaster and other non-standard decorations help make the room unique, dilute environment.

On the Internet a lot of information about the, how to decorate the room, suitable for this purpose and batten with a picture and a variety of other ways. See photos, perhaps some of the existing options will have you like and not have to invent something new.

kitchen renovations 7 m

Pasting wallpaper the walls and the ceiling whitewash: capital works

This option is used for a long time and is also used frequently, as well as decorative plaster. Plus, this type of repair is, that wielding an area of 10 square meters of repair you're done within a couple of days, radically transforming the room. And if you are afraid to start the renovation yourself, then get a couple of assistants and manage even faster. The order of actions in this next repair:

  1. The first premise is correct vymeryat, count the number of wallpapers, required for pasting premises. The same point is executed, if the decorative plaster under a stone to be used - you need to learn what the consumption of plaster in your room. Wallpaper desirable to acquire a stock of, so if something happens quickly perekleit missing section. In addition, the wallpaper produced in series and then buy the same piece not happen;white kitchen 7 squares
  2. Finishing the ceiling lime is performed in advance, before, both glued wallpaper, if you do the opposite, then you smudge whitewashed walls. If the room is small, the white or beige color will go perfectly with white-washed ceiling. Since the kitchen regularly burn natural gas, and some even smoke, the ceiling light is usually yellow, In this case, however, this effect will not be;
  3. Wallpaper with a pattern will create a mural on the wall, make a beautiful picture. the main thing, that it does not stand out from the general interior.

Wallpaper in the kitchen
Light blue wallpaper suitable for kitchen furniture yellow

When designing a note, that the decorative structural plaster or wallpaper in different colors on the walls opposite each other can visually change the geometry of the room in the direction useful for you. This will help to change the attitude of the parties in the room, at least visually.

Choosing a plaster for painting with his hands

If during your repair will be chosen decorative plaster for interior, the standard kitchen will become a work of art. In DIY stores this material meets these kinds of:

  • Ragged wild stone;
  • Silk stone;
  • Rakushnik;
  • Decorative plaster marble using natural marble krosheva.

kitchen 7 squares

Decide, some decorative plaster the walls with his own hands will cause the surface of the note on the moisture - the main criterion for selection. It is important, since in the kitchen to wash the grease with a damp cloth often fall, than in other areas.

Consumption of plaster on 1m2 high, so bear this in stages finishing on the walls, in accordance with the recommendations, specified by the manufacturer. Selected in plaster at the personal request of each, but in such a small space it is desirable to select among the light colors. If you make a small kitchen in dark colors, it will greatly reduce the visual area of ​​the premises, with these colors heavily can not iterate. But if you plan on making panels, the black frame for it will be a good frame.

classic cuisine
Classic cuisine blue color matches perfectly with the white wallpaper

Choosing linings for finishing the room

Wall paneling in the interior as a style appropriate for the case, When on the walls there are bumps and potholes, which are not easy to get away. With this appearance of the wall plasterer work is expensive, to properly align the wall. Therefore the walls of plastic trim paneling become valid way out, it is mounted on a metal frame, and does not require further action. Compared with wallpaper and painted clapboard siding trim will cost more, but it will serve as an example not longer.

Note, that the plastic lining perfectly clean and do not need regular maintenance, and the choice of colors allows you to choose the desired options for each. In addition, to strengthen the battens and easily handle the man alone, no installation cost.

kitchen 7 squares with clapboard

Choosing an apron according to the chosen design

In the kitchen, near the site of cooking can not do without apron, which is easy to clean. For, to realize our plans go to the hardware store, where there are suitable options:

  • Ceramic Tile, which is used for a long time. Installation requires skillful hands;
  • Plastic panels of various kinds and colors. Installation is simple and the forces of each person, We need a minimum of available tools;
  • Washable wallpaper with the adhesive side. This setting is not so simple, but can be carried out, choosing colorful wallpaper consider the right mix of scales;
  • Using colored tempered glass. This is the new fashion, Glass aprons are even with three-dimensional drawings.

kitchen apron
Kitchen apron under a stone and oak furniture is not large kitchen

The choice of such materials is not easy, because the variety is very big. When choosing, consider every moment, apron to fit into the composition.

The current decor

It is fashionable to do mirror surfaces, which visually expand the space considerably. This unexpected kitchen element as a room mirror decorate, and it will be unusual. In terms of the use of mirrors is such a set of tips, with which it is desirable to be considered:

kitchen 7 squares in warm colors

  • If you want to expand the space, Mount the in the side walls of the narrow glass inserts;
  • Together with glass looks extremely impressive wooden carving. With proper selection of furniture kitchen will be a unique;
  • Often found on sale and special labels on household appliances. If you will paste exactly, it will transform the room in minutes.

Also, when choosing a color scheme, consider the now fashionable colors, This design will decorate the room and give the sensation of novelty.


How visible, repairs made so difficult in the kitchen - mortar stores are filled with materials, that every person can afford, and even build one yourself is not a problem desired. Therefore, to include fantasy person can easily make the kitchen an enviable space.