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We make the 8-meter kitchen: ideas and practical tips

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Construction of the space in the kitchen is a personal matter for each owner, who desires to make room not only practical and convenient, but also functional. plan kitchen is different, but first of all it depends on the quadrature. kitchen 8 sq.m executed in different styles, but preference is given to the classics.

Originally equipped kitchen 8 m2
Choose bright colors furniture, because it is perfect for a small kitchen

Classic kitchen

Classic style is always popular and never out of style, because it is - the golden mean. Undergo changes in the use of building materials, furniture, equipment, objects of decoration, technology, but not a classic.

Small kitchen in classical style

Design a small kitchen 8 sq m in a classic style looks stylish and fun, Unlike dry minimalist, strict and inaccessible to high-tech, or arrogant Empire style. Classic gives excellence kitchen, convenience and practicality, particularly a par with modern innovations.


The most popular designs:

  1. Classic Mediterranean.
  2. Classic combined with modernity.
  3. Classic timeless.

Classics and Mediterranean

If we consider the first design, here the classic style of the country is connected to the Mediterranean elements, So, these styles are aimed at, to create comfort and beauty of the building. Putting this type has Mediterranean motifs, cold different shades, together with the warm color of the classic style.

Small kitchen in the Mediterranean style
For a small kitchen is better to choose a Mediterranean design, because it assumes the existence of interesting decorative elements

design kitchens 8 sq m in white and blue color looks very gentle and modern, and to dilute and heat the dim interior, add to the work area or island countertop dark wood.

Council: on the ceiling make the insertion blur turquoise, it will resemble a cloud, and make the environment peaceful and quiet.

Kitchen interier 8 sq m in a classic style perfectly complement the bright elements - it can be curtains, inserts on the furniture or utensils. Bright red and blue dilute sterile atmosphere and will bring some flavor to the design.

design kitchens 8 sq.m

Classic and modern

kitchen 8 meters need not be boring because of lack of space, traditional classic style elements dilute Nouveau, and see, as the kitchen will play in a new light.

For registration, take a few basic colors, which contrast with each other and making the room and vigor of an entirely different species. So that the surface became easy and brilliant, stop your choice on the glass or metal.

To transform a bit boring room, apply these design techniques:

  • Hang on the island a few small metal chandelier on a long cord, supplement them with lamps on the walls of the same type;
  • Put wicker table and chairs;
  • On the walls hang paintings with abstract art;
  • The ceiling vmontiruete additional LED bulbs;
  • As a decor suitable deciduous plants on the floor and on the windowsill, fruit basket, a few picture frames.

Small kitchen in pastel shades

Furniture upholstered with bright, ideal for the kitchen interior design 8 quarter m, and will not disrupt the overall concept, the same can be said of designer lamps.

plan kitchen 8 sq.m in a style is a manifestation of tenderness and perfection. In kitchen must look stylish and reliable, moreover, practical and functional. The color scheme of pastel bring home owners a sense of trust and comfort.

This design provides a complete action and the right to issue the freedom of all so, how you like it, and no one else.

color solutions

Design kitchen corner 8 sq.m make fresh, and some depart from banal design. Try to use the antique green color with olive shades for the walls and floor. In this project, the wall does not take over any attention, the main role is played by the furniture, elements of decor and lighting. Option dark green hues with pastel colors - a great way to make the design of the old type.

Council: pick up the curtains in the color of the walls or furniture. Emphasize on the dishes and table setting.

Small kitchen in purple

Stunning interior food 8 square meters get in velvety purple, which together with the white will make the kitchen is not only light, but the contrast.

Council: to emphasize the expressive nuances room, make the island countertop and table made of dark wood. To supplement this combination will help doorways and window frames in the same colors.

that design kitchens 8 m He looked in particularly rich, the main color of a gold shade, who need to paint the walls or ceiling. On the floor, lay down the glossy tiles, select another work area color. Furniture must comply with this format of premises, therefore furnish the kitchen 8 meters need to tastefully and functionally. Welcome kitchen sets with geometric carvings, and cut aristocratic animals - a lion and an eagle.

Small kitchen with Gold color

Council: pick up a huge gorgeous chandelier, that resembles a candlestick, her buy a few similar fixtures on the wall, and the ceiling Mount the LED light bulb in a gold frame. Welcome your own ideas for the kitchen 8 sq.m, by which you implement itself and surprise family.

kitchen 8 sq.m

design kitchens 8 squares in the classic style with a modern twist looks: kitchen with inserts of brown, light table with black chairs with white seat and back. On the floor, brown laminate, white walls, tulle with dark brown heavy curtains. As for the lighting elements, they are like all the rest, made in white and brown colors.

A great option - a design kitchen with fridge, which can be hidden behind a door of kitchen units, the, who do not know about it, I will never be able to guess, that in addition to the furniture in the room even has a fridge and.


Whatever the classic kitchen interior, its main functionality, proximity of kitchen utensils, as well as the comfort of the family members, often gather here.