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Why hood in a modern kitchen?

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Cooker hood - a constant attribute of modern kitchens. Acquire such equipment fashionable and useful: device easily cleans the polluted air in the room pairs.

flat hood
Modern cooker hoods are compact meters will fit into any kitchen interior

How to make the right choice

How to choose the kitchen hood, so that it copes with his work, stylish look in the interior space?

To do this, you need to know the classification of the following factors.

Types of extracts in the form:

  1. Flat - suspended above the hob, most often installed under the kitchen cupboard, attached to the wall. With low power, Included are supplied with a disposable filter. This class is considered cheap.
  2. Built-in hood for the kitchen
    Ideal for those, who wants to save space in the kitchen - built-hood

    recessed. Installation kitchen hoods of this type occurs in the cabinet, located above the slab. Often constructed as a drawer (telescopic), simplifying instrument control and increases efficiency. Among the buyers and artists popular Best recessed hood. They are compact and modern, besides affordable.
  3. Dome - are attached to the wall or ceiling directly above the cooktop. different in specifications, color, capacities, control method. So, fashion oblique model never cease to amaze customers design. According to the price level, they do not differ much from their "unregulated" competitors. Installing sloping hood requires further attention Wizard. So, it is important to calculate the distance between the cooking surface and the device.

2 type filters in modern extracts:

  1. Grease - capable of retaining the fat and soot. Produced synthetic (disposable), and aluminum (reusable). Recent require periodic cleaning detergent and water.
  2. Disposable carbon - filters thorough cleaning. Can trap the smallest particle contaminated, eliminates odors. Such filters buy separately and periodically changing. The service life of the device depends on the intensity of use.

Hoods for control type:

  • Slide type - switch located at the bottom or on the front part of the hood. Extractor hood Akpo made in Poland - a striking example of the device with control type.
    Extractor hood with slide control
    Extractor hood with slide control is very easy to use
  • The push-button - the traditional type of the device to switch from one state to another.
  • Electronic (feather-touch and type) - LEDs in the buttons is a nice and comfortable.
  • Mechanical - the easiest, Switching takes place by buttons or levers rotatable.

Recognized as the most comfortable push-button and the electronic control types: They are conveniently located, they can be clearly seen. In addition, for such buttons are easy to care and keep clean.

Noise level - an important indicator

You have decided on the model, color and capacity of the cooker hood, but have not seen the? Necessarily inquire noise level of the device! This is measured in decibels. Only the requirements of the respective devices, even with high power, noise is normal and does not irritate the owner. So, Faber kitchen hoods from the Italian manufacturer, considered the standard of quality in its class. Extractor hood Turboair Turbo DH1080S best example of high power with quiet operation.

hostess prepares in the kitchen
To the kitchen was comfortable, pay attention to the exhaust noise

Self-assembly of the hood for the kitchen

If you do not do the work yourself, and to cause the master, then the average kitchen hood installation will cost between 1000 to 5000 p. Price is primarily dependent on the type of device. So, installation of hoods in the kitchen ceiling (island style) the most expensive - 5000 g., and operation is suspended flat - from 1000 p. If you want to save money and get the title of "DIY" can undertake this work on their own.

In the above installation instructions kitchen hood is made of a gas stove, dirty air is discharged in the air passage. Furthermore it should be in the kitchen one such channel (usually with a lattice).

Besides, device must be connected to, so the presence of the outlet prerequisite.

man secures the hood
If you install the hood did not have enough knowledge, call master

For work you need the following tools and materials:

  • aluminum corrugated pipe ∅150 required length mm (better to take a little more, if necessary, shorten);
  • ventilation grille with a clamp for pipes;
  • 2 PC. clamps ∅150 mm;
  • 8 PC. dowels spacer ∅8 mm;
  • ruler;
  • level;
  • drill with a drill on concrete ∅8 mm;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer.

Before the final choice of the place of installation is necessary to clarify, whether such a convenient location relative to the growth of home owners. The most common device is attached at a height 75-80 cm above the cooking surface.

It is important to remember that, that the most effective work of drawing at a straight tail pipes, so avoid strong it bends.

If the hob is already installed, it is best to cover it with polyethylene, so as not to spoil the dust from drilling.

Before drilling holes in the wall is necessary to check the absence of wiring in this place (and a detector). If the cable is not - it is possible to make holes. All measurements are applied directly on the wall, Mandatory further tested. To avoid skewing to one side, during "fitting" under mounting, you must use the level.

Next, you need to drive a hammer into the hole plugs and install the brackets, and which is hinged hood.

For the installation of corrugated pipe, it is connected with a clamp stretch. The other end is attached to the ventilation grating.

Before fastening the guard hood is connected to the mains, check the work. If necessary, there is an additional adjustment of the equipment.

After connecting the guard hood installation can be considered ended.


This installation will take less than an hour of your time, but well save the family budget. Do not forget to follow safety rules when working with tools, carefully study the instructions in the appliance. Now you know, How to Install the cooker hood.