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Built-in hood in the kitchen: Secrets of choice and installation

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Kitchen - a place, where families gather around the table for tea or lunch, there to receive guests and sincere conversations occur. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to any detail to create a cozy atmosphere. Importance interior, fashionable Technology, furniture and smells, what's in the room. Under the appetizing aroma in the kitchen a good time, but not every time it smells so good. Occasionally during cooking felt burnt onions or meat, vykipevshee milk and other products. These "fragrances" are not erode instantly. That is why the hood - a mandatory attribute of a modern kitchen.

black hood
Black hood for the kitchen

Household Appliances serves an indispensable tool for the preparation of food and is an important part of the interior. Buying stylish hood can immediately kill two birds do not even, but more: fight odors, soot and patina on the ceiling, illuminate the countertop, and give the room a finished look.

Options for kitchen hoods

Fume hoods are of different sizes, design, material of manufacture and so on., because they are divided into several categories.

Performance - with this feature will help to understand the specialists. It shows the amount of air, which device purify or withdraw hour. According to the norms of SES, the air in the kitchen must be cleaned during this time 10-12 time. The average thickness of extracts - 280-1000 cc. h /. The store will count yourself, which extracts power consumption for the kitchen suitable for your case. To do this, you need to know only the conditions of the room and the type plate.

chrome hood
Integrated chrome hood in white interior

Material and painting - the matter of individual taste. must be considered, the design is also an important factor, affecting the cost of the device. It is best to rely on manufacturers, who use the finest quality materials and modern technology.

There are four types of extracts for construction:

  1. island hoods - the most expensive option. They will become available to the spacious kitchen, where it is possible to place a cooking zone in the center of the room. They are attached to the ceiling and are characterized by marked the outlet side.
  2. Dome drawing presented as the hood over the cooking surface. The lower part is represented by different forms - straight, curved, round, and is made of metal or toughened glass. Suspended for kitchen hoods have many variations, so you can easily find the right model for the specific interior, and make her kitchen treasure.
  3. Recessed hoods are mounted under a cabinet, have compact options. They are almost invisible, but their functions are carried out perfectly: odors and soot do not rise to the ceiling and do not settle on the surface. Embed it should be in the cupboard over the stove, so it saves space.
  4. Sloping hood for the kitchen - the futuristic type. They complement the bold interior, do not interfere stand at the stove and excellent camouflage grease marks.

sloping hood
Model inclined kitchen hood PLYM LIGHT 90 WHITE-style hi-tech

The principle of operation can be distinguished: cleaning hood for the kitchen (banishes unpleasant odors through a filter) and the lead - through duct and a ventilation shaft brings polluted air from the room.

For the quality and performance of exhaust filters meet. They come in two types:

  • grease - protect the motor from contamination. Distinguish filters, aluminum and acrylic, catching different types of dirty air particles. Minus: must be periodically removed and washed;
  • Carbon filters are designed only for air purification. Changed at intervals of 3-6 months. Minus: not completely remove odors.

kitchen hoods 45, 60, 90 cm

Each cooker hood is designed for simple type: housing, motor (one or two), and filters. This technique is placed just above the slab, that she immediately cleaned odors, steam and smoke, until they have spread throughout the room. Design and drawing power of each individual chooses, taking into account the tastes and needs.

extract 90 cm
black hood 90 see fit for the kitchen with a big stove

Not surprising, that the main indicator of this device is its width. The main rule: drawing width should not be less than the width of the cooker. If this is not taken into account, the effectiveness of the device decreases.

Conventional widths - 45, 60, and 90 cm. Most models are made deep 90 cm. Extractor hood over the stove for the kitchen is such options at an average price. There are wide and the hood 120 cm, but they are already for professional kitchens. The larger size, the more power.

Hoods built-in type

The standard apartment kitchen is not allocated dimensions, so numerous appliances and furnishings to choose the most compact. Built in cooker hoods are designed specifically for such premises, why they have become the most popular among other types of.

The device does not protrude and is not allocated, It has an optimal power, easy to clean and comes with a backlit. With so many advantages easily become a favorite of consumers. Manufacturers regularly release built drawing for the kitchen in different sizes, operating modes and rates.

built in cooker hoods
Built-in wardrobe hood ELICA BOXIN

Built-in hood for the kitchen are different from the rest of its functionality - they are nominated, thereby increasing the air absorption surface.

At the time of purchase it is important not to get lost among the huge choice of makes and models. Most reputable companies, are engaged in manufacturing of built-in equipment, They have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Built-in hood Elikor - a representative of the Russian electronics market. On the characteristics and design of such a device is not inferior to foreign analogues. Moreover, its cost is more affordable.
  • Korting extractor hood for the kitchen - the dignity of the German company, which introduces innovations in the industry. Such devices are characterized by the best quality, They are durable and stylish, but the price of this model company varies considerably, they are more expensive domestic devices.
  • Built-in cooker hood Bosch (Bosch) - devices, which have distinctive feature - minimalism. Most new models are manufactured without any details released, a touchpad.

Kitchen furniture designers during layout offer a wardrobe under the hood, therefore disguise the device will not be difficult. It means, that extracts, built-in wardrobe, will be the best solution for any interior. Such a device is bought with the expectation, that it will fit into the design concept premises even after the following repairs.

What should be the hood lighting

hood lights
Unusual lighting hoods. Very modern solution.

The kitchen range hood is equipped with important additional function - illuminated work surface. Usually, they work with incandescent lamps, fluorescent or halogen. User already chooses the best option. Halogen lamps - the most expensive, but they are bright and less energy-consuming. But we must pay attention to the specific features of the hood model: options, design and number of lamps. When choosing a model takes into account their technical characteristics and surface area, which will be covered. Sloping hood for the kitchen have a hidden system of illumination under the glass cover - it's stylish and does not shine into the eyes during cooking, and sold at an affordable price.

Tips for Choosing

When you select a built-in technology arises the first problem - difficult to determine the appropriate model. A variety of techniques sometimes misleading customers. Therefore, the purchase is worth doing in a specialty store, which will advise in detail and even provide installation services. In this case, the risk of defective work extraction is excluded, it would serve as "excellent".

pristennaja hood
Pristennaja chimney hood with LED lighting

Before buying you need to get acquainted with the peculiarities of such equipment and follow certain rules, to choose the correct option. initially, it appears: what parameters are needed, but consider ─ drawing depth 90 See the most efficient; ─ filtering operation mode (air cleaner) or bad air outlet; filters ─ one- or reusable, fine or coarse; ─ a method of controlling the touch, button, A slider; additional opportunities.

Universal selection for each - stainless steel with rough and non-marking surface. In this way, hood cleaning will not serious business. Practicality stand and copper products, that do not darken and they are not afraid of corrosion. This option is much more expensive, but copper hue blends harmoniously with any interior.

What to take into account or «Memo» when buying hoods:

  • device operation (output shaft or through recirculation air);
  • carbon or grease filter;
  • power motors and their number (calculate for your kitchen space);
  • view of the kitchen hood (It depends on the design and space);
  • outlet diameter of the adapter to the flexible duct (the more output, the faster air withdrawal)
  • the width of the hood (for standard plates is recommended not less 90 cm).

Cooker hoods average price match data points, so consider, that the value is an indicator of high-quality equipment.

Pristennaja chimney hood
Pristennaja chimney extractor hood with lighting halogen lamps

Installation Tips

To perform correct installation of the device, better to rely on special masters. If the customer mounts hood yourself, he should be familiar with the nuances of, which involves the installation of hoods for the kitchen polnovstraivaemoy.

Immediately after purchase, When the technician brought home, it can be installed in the kitchen. Initially created setup of the art, then proceed directly to the. The first stage - an assembly unit, during which it takes into account the types - hood suspended, hoods built in wardrobe, sloping hood kitchen.

Full instructions attached to the device passport. But there are universal rules of installation, which requires the hood for the kitchen duct:

  • can not narrow the output portion of the connection pipe, because the broken engine work;
  • pipe will bend over 90 degrees;
  • each joint processed sealant;
  • if the gas stove, the mounting height 80-85 cm and not less than, if electric, the height recommended - 70 cm.

Extractor hood has become an important tool in the kitchen, because it performs a number of useful features. It provides protection against odors and maintain the premises clean, prevents microbes and fungi. Correctly chosen model will help with less energy consumption as much as possible better output odors. It will be easy to operate, and modern materials allow easy to care for her. A correctly installed equipment properly will last much longer. Now you know, which is built in hood for the kitchen.