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Power hoods for kitchens: features selection

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The kitchen is constantly exposed to the aggressive action of fat, evaporative, smoke and other negative factors. To prevent the spread of odors and settling of fat on the surface of kitchen appliances and household items, used hood - a device, intended for collecting fumes during cooking. The units have a different design and function. To solve, what is needed drawing power for food, нужно определиться с типом устройства и предпочитаемым режимом работы.

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The correct choice of hood to the kitchen is of great importance.

types of extracts

traditional, i.e., flat drawing, most popular, as compact, and it is - an advantage for small spaces. The device is located above the hob and the rear part is attached to the wall. The domed shape effectively removes contaminated air. Such models are divided into:

  • fireplace;
  • island;
  • corner.

Popular fireplace models, received the name because of the similarity with the chimney system: first air accumulates in the dome above the cooking surface, then, - or pulled through a duct, or returns to the room after filtration. Fence part of these devices has a slope, increasing the cultivated area, and minimizes the risk of hitting his head. Demand for fireplace hood creates a great variety of design solutions. The high price of such a purchase is dictated not so much the technical side of the issue, scale design and development. If the product cost is not essential, this model apart from utilitarian purpose could be interior decoration.

Island hoods are suitable owners spacious kitchens with a work area in the center of. They can be installed in any part of the kitchen, as they have a ceiling mount. The cost of these models is high, since the high productivity and diversity of design performance.

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Island hoods may be attached to the ceiling

corner hoods are rare, they differ from the dome is only in the specific form of housing, which makes possible installation in a corner kitchen space, if by reason of the premises the other option is not available.

Dome system is recognized as the most productive. The disadvantage can be considered, it is suitable for kitchens with large area. The standard apartment the use of this design it is impossible or difficult.

In recent years, is becoming increasingly popular built-in appliances. The operating principle of such a model does not differ from the dome, because it was created on the basis of. The difference is the fact, that such equipment does not require the original design decisions, as the impressive part is mounted in furniture. Consequently, the cost of such a device - below.

A separate item are manufacturing extracts, It is a longer appliances, and professional equipment for cafe, restaurants, pekaren etc. They are equipped with special grease, which facilitates the maintenance and cleaning, duct is not clogged with lipid droplets, in this way, extending product life. This range of models of the most powerful among the kitchen air-cleaning equipment.

Промышленная вытяжка
industrial exhaust fans

modes of operation

exhaust mode, wherein the purified air, passing through the filter, and removed from the room through a vent. Efficiency of operation of devices of this type depends on the power of the fan motor and the state of the duct in a building. Clogged ventilation passages (It happens in older homes), reduce bandwidth. Thus it is necessary to take into account such factors, as air flow, in order to ensure the necessary inflow from the street.

When the recirculation mode is performed in addition to the fat cleaning the air still and the smell of. For operation of the device in this position, together with the grease filter, used coal, to be replaced 1-2 once a year. The thus purified air, He returned to the room. Rekurtsikulyatsionny mode noisy and needs a powerful fan motor under identical conditions with an exhaust outgoing mode.

The advantage of this mode - ability to work offline without connecting to the ventilation system without disrupting its natural work.

These kitchen units, like all modern home appliances, have a variety of management options. Since the exhaust fan controller can be:

  1. slide;
  2. Button;
  3. touch;
  4. mikrsensornym;
  5. remote controlled and remote control.

Панель управления
Push-button control panel


To choose the right hood power, you need to correctly identify, its dimensions. Exhaust area should be equal, and even better - a little more than, Square hob. Shifted towards or smaller width, than the plate, utensil, reduce the quality of cleaning air. selection extract is recommended in the standard width of the premises 60 to 90 cm. There are units wide 35-40 cm, they are used in very small spaces. The effectiveness of such devices is much lower. It is necessary to take into account the presence of other kitchen furniture, such as hanging lockers, between which the device must clearly fit.


One of the criteria for the selection are the power extraction parameters. In this case, this feature concerns the fan speed. The higher the score, the more powerful the unit is considered to be. Sometimes resorted to installing two fans. If you often cook, suitable standard power, order 600 cubic meters per hour. If necessary, you can set the device with increased bandwidth (1000 cubic meters per hour and higher), but they are much more expensive, so when buying such a device is necessary to calculate the feasibility of.

Мощность вытяжки
Exhaust device should be not only functional, but powerful

power calculation

To properly make a power calculation the fan for drawing, is a universal formula, which allows to determine, which power consumption is needed for the room. The main criteria of, how much power should be in the hood, is the area of ​​the kitchen space and ceiling height in it. The formula looks like this:

P = SxHx12, where P - power household appliances, S - kitchen area, H - height of the room.

Numeral 12 - the amount of air per hour for updates SES regulations. The resulting figure is considered to be a recommendation, help determine, to what extent powerful extractor hood need specific kitchen, not only true value. In kitchens with a small area of ​​the concentration of pollutants is achieved faster, than under the same conditions in large spaces. therefore 350 m / h - the smallest power consumption, capable qualitatively to clean the room.

Council! It is more rational to choose power hood for the kitchen most, as use of technology not on speed limits, and the average time, significantly prolongs its service life, and in this case, - also reduces exhaust noise.

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Before buying a hood should determine the size of the kitchen

Noise level

Hygiene standards allow sound to be acceptable 40 decibel, and the allowable maximum noise level must not exceed 80 decibel. The fan exhaust household on average working with a noise level 53-55 decibel, which is below the noise level of human speech. factors, influencing the increase in noise:

  • mode. As noted above, Use of the device in the recirculation mode increases the noise level;
  • the stronger the fan power, the higher the sound level;
  • ducts made of thin foil when the motor starts to "rustle", amplifying the volume device operating;
  • installation defects.

The most silent and at the same time is powerful enough built-in models.


We should also touch and filters for cooker hoods. There are filters for trapping:

  • fat;
  • stations;
  • sleuth;
  • foreign odors.

The same filters are divided into:

  1. disposable;
  2. reusable.

By disposable cassettes are removable plastic, filled with synthetic padding, acrylic, flizelin, foam. reusable filters, made of steel, perforated aluminum and requires regular servicing. They must be periodically washed with soap and water, since clogging, they reduce the performance of the device. Disposable carbon filters neutralize odors in the circulation mode,.