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We expect the power of the cooker hood, depending on the size of the kitchen

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Fresh and clean air in the room - the basis of good health and mood. frequent airing, the use of air fresheners can help, but what to do with the smell, wafting from the kitchen. No matter how tasty they were, distribution and absorption in the furniture and the interior paneling of rooms - unpleasant phenomenon. Therefore, housewives, in which the kitchen is not hood, should think about purchasing it. And to purchase was successful, you need to know some of the nuances of the selection of this type of home appliances, including the ideal capacity for the cooker hood.

powerful extractor
Modern powerful extractor hood GORENJE DT 9 SYB

Selection of kitchen hoods

In the market of household appliances are a large number of types of suction devices, differing in design and functional characteristics.

The shape of the following types of extracts:

  1. wall (dome) - such devices are attached to the wall above the stove instead of a kitchen cabinet.
  2. Recessed - mounted inside a pendant locker. Outside, there is only the grease filter panel.
  3. Island - are attached to the ceiling above hob. Used in kitchens, where the working area is not located near a wall, and in the middle of the room.

When choosing a kitchen hood, except for appearance, should pay attention to specifications, by which the efficiency of operation of the device depends.

Correctly chosen extractor performs many functions:

  • eliminates and neutralizes odors;
  • eliminates evaporation, formed during the cooking surface;
  • It minimizes the likelihood of plaque on the ceiling and walls, isolation of the resulting combustion products.

drawing selection
When choosing a kitchen hood pay attention to the size and power of your plate

The parameters, for which it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a kitchen hood, include noise and exhaust performance.

the noise component

As the hostess in the kitchen are a large amount of time, comfortable staying there - a defining indicator. So you should familiarize yourself with, how loud running hood.

The volume extraction steps depends on the power: the more powerful device, the louder the sound it emits. Based on this, I give you this advice: Choose equipment with power reserve. The fan is at the limit of strength ensures a high level of noise and wear rate.

Besides, should pay attention to the characteristics, referred to in the technical documentation hoods. For a comfortable location in the kitchen, this figure should not exceed the sound 55 dB. for comparison: average noise level in the room is quiet 30 dB, a quiet conversation at a distance of a few steps - 60 dB.

quiet hood
Modern kitchen hood with minimal noise

The classical formula for calculating power

To calculate the exhaust ventilation, We define the notion of device performance. It is, the quantity of air for a certain time period passes through a hood.

According to the recommendations of sanitary norms and rules, per hour of operation the device must update the amount of air, located in the room, no less 12 time.

Based on this, power is calculated according to the formula: kitchen space width * length * height * ceiling design factor. The resulting index is measured in cubic meters per hour.

average ratio, used to calculate the hood to be placed, equals 10-12. However, this figure averaged and used in all situations of incorrect. It is important to start from a combination of factors: type cooker, mode exhaust device.

Besides, payment hoods for the kitchen to make sure given the size room. We are talking here about what: If the kitchen is closed by a door, power calculation is performed based on the volume. But in the case when the door is not any organized Arch, do not forget the next room, where odors are distributed. Count extraction efficiency in this case it is necessary, taking into account the size of the adjacent premises.

drawing performance
The exhaust must pull the entire volume of air in the kitchen for 6 minutes

It should be understood, small room that does not mean the need to purchase a primitive little functional hood. conversely, the concentration of harmful substances in a very large room.

Performance and operation of the hood

To select hood, perfectly perform the work to remove contaminated air, it is important to be guided not only on external characteristics, but also from the functional features. Firstly, you need to decide on the, which mode exhaust unit will be organized.

In the case where there is a possibility in the air exhaust vent, should think about purchasing flow hoods. It requires the organization of air and fresh air from the outside.

In order to calculate the power of this type of drawing, should take into account the degree of contamination of the ventilation shaft. Installation exhaust technology experts recommend to follow this rule: result, resulting from the use of the classical power calculation formula, multiplied by two. In this case, too increase the performance reserve is also not worth it, not to create excess pressure ventilation.

If, however, the possibility to organize the outflow of air through the ventilation window is not, a good choice would be the type of recirculating hood. Its feature is the presence of a special carbon filter, allowing to neutralize odors and purify incoming air from grease and soot particles, before returning to the room.

Calculate the kitchen hood using a recirculating device type will help the understanding of the fact, that due to the filter creates additional resistance to air circulation. It means, that when calculating the power unit, the resulting figure should be increased to 30-40%.

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Depending on the type of cooking surface and the amount of combustion products, fall in the air, formula for calculating the capacity of ventilation is changed to the calculated ratio.


When using electrical or induction cooker factor worth taking, equal 15, since the products of combustion are absent.

In the case of gas cookers is released soot, which requires the utilization rate of air renewal in the room equal 20.

Therefore, that when using the appliance for the size of the room 3 on 4 meter performance hoods for kitchens must be at least 486 cubic meters per hour. If you use a gas cooker, by placing the same amount of the minimum capacity must be at the drawing level 648 m3/no. Besides, do not forget about the necessary reserve capacity, helps to increase the validity of art. Now you know, how to calculate the suction power for the kitchen.