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design kitchens: select comfortable styles and sizes of cabinets

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Construction of apartments - is always very time-consuming and lengthy process, and for non-standard apartments complexity and duration increases several times. Each room in this apartment has to be planned out to the last detail, special, when it comes to the kitchen. In the kitchen, even a small or low, everything should be convenient and thoughtful, for mistress, and for the rest of the family. Today we will analyze one of the aspects of kitchen equipment - cabinets for kitchens. What they are and which ones to choose for different types of cuisine? Let's see.

The top cupboards

From the name it is clear, that the wall cabinets for kitchen - they, that hung, not important, the top or middle of the kitchen wall. It is important to know, that this type of cabinet is a kind of magic wand for small kitchens. These cabinets are divided to several different types depending on their destination. We will analyze these types and prompt, how to make the kitchen a little easier to plan for living and cooking on it.

  • tableware.

These guys need for people, who can not spend your time on each wiping plate or mug. Cupboards are always equipped with special holders-bars, in which you can arrange the dishes, and the pallet, which collects all dripping. Besides, tableware shelves have through holes, often decorated at the finish,, necessary for the evaporation of moisture. Arrange them standing over the sink, to quickly put the washed dishes on the shelf.

  • Universal.

Lockers with one or two shelves, which will be useful for storing various non perishables. Typically, these shelves are installed for storing salt upon them, Sahara, coffee or tea, bulk spices, spices and other stuff. In different cabinets can store all of the above and pastries, along with groceries. Establish such cabinets in the kitchen is above the work surface, to be able to quickly access.

  • separate.

Special cabinets with lots of different compartments, with its door. Fragrant spices and odor absorbent products, for example, flour, It should be stored in such cabinets, to odors do not mix with each other and not spread all over the kitchen.

  • combined.

As standard, they have two different parts, door closed and open, Sometimes there may also be an average shelf. The door to the office, you can keep any of the products, including those already mentioned above, at the bottom is an open part of the costs to store equipment, which you used to enjoy most of.

There is also another type - the decorative.

If the dimensions of your kitchen allow you to pamper yourself with beautiful and unpretentious shelves, where lovely decorative items can be exhibited, like my grandmother's plates, the service or the lovely collection of well-known, we advise you to choose a couple of fit into the interior of the room.

such cabinets on the kitchen diversify your situation and will be a good complement, though you have to spend your time on wiping them from dust.

Interior options without top cabinet

We tell you about the arrangement, first of all, comfortable kitchen, and some of them can not have it hanging cabinets. To solve this problem can only be carefully thought out the lower tier, cabinets themselves must be sufficiently roomy, but it is important to have several different types for different purposes. Optimize the delivery place can be the following options:

Cabinet with built-column condenser

These cabinets are ideal for kitchens with large dimensions. Cases as such is often used in the planning of kitchens in mind your convenience, but it was a great height is important in cases, if the wall cabinets regulated impossible.

The columns can be easily integrated fridge and leave room for unimportant utensils top and bottom freezer. In another column, you can keep the rest of the utensils and dishes, together with technology and depending on the importance and necessity of those or other things put them above or below. Very friendly layout will corner columns.

Outdoor unit as desired,, he's buffet

Small kitchen does not allow for one or two cabinet spend an entire wall, so you'll have to settle for a lower cabinet, pencil case. In these cupboards and shelves can safely store all the available dishes, exposing less used on the highest and lowest shelves. buffets, as and cupboards can be of any size, any width and any height depending on the needs of your kitchen. Of course, while canisters must be practical (functional) and aesthetically appealing.

And floor cupboards are always used to mask household appliances, whether it's dishwasher, stove or washing machine, some love. Well, in the end,, in canisters buffet simply can store the usual technique, used in cooking in the kitchen, for example, microwave oven, coffee machine, toaster, bread maker and other modern housewife assistants. This cabinet is excellent hostess will quickly get to the right things.

open shelves

Single storey kitchen is also very necessary cabinets with open shelves, at least a couple. This is to ensure, to the hostess was able to quickly get the necessary essentials, whether it is salt or sugar, or permanently used utensils, for example, mugs, But without the availability of the top shelves it gets complicated.

but, many shelves - high overload, therefore it is necessary to focus on three or four shelves. Besides, they require a great deal of attention, because of their need to constantly wipe. These shelves should be near the work area and sink.

Curtain rails

If you have the opportunity to establish this little helper for your car wash, then you are lucky. all the most necessary can hang on the rails for cooking kitchen appliances, and sometimes even jars with spices. true, a railing should hang over the working zone.

Cabinets under the sink and the usual

Pedestals are the most common type of floor cabinets. Usually it is the most capacious and functional cabinets in the kitchen, because they are being given the most cases. Different types of bollards are suitable for very different tasks. For example, single storey in kitchens all the dishes are dried in the cabinet under the sink, so how to fold faster. Then used to dry cabinets with bars and the pallet under water drained.

pedestals storage system generally requires a separate calculation. Supporting tables without shelves specially designed for the storage of heavy and bulky products, for example, bundles with potatoes and carrots or packages with any cereals. Near wash them is not necessary to arrange, since there is a lack of importance. There pedestals with a special rotating carousel can arrange storage of large diameter deep dishes and pans.

Special tables are also needed with shelves for storing the rest of the utensils and household tools. for the latter,, by the way, Corner cabinets are ideal, since they take up little space. Equip it inside or on the door a couple of hooks for brushes and rags. Everything is very rarely used tools and accessories can be folded into a separate cupboard under the window on the kitchen, if there is a place for him.

fixtures: Fluorescent and LED lights for cabinets

If by the wardrobes we have tried to understand, is a key element of, which makes and kitchen, and cabinets much easier, not yet. Where better to build in a very important highlight?

Wall cabinets often are in need of light on top of each shelf in the middle. For the work surface can also make the lighting in the corners between the control cabinet and the wall of the kitchen - apron, or a lower surface of the enclosure.

Very helpful hostess lights over the sink, invested at the bottom of the hinged cabinet over the sink. She is, by the way, It should be quite bright and protected against humidity and water drops. pedestals, cupboards and buffets also require its own lighting inside, to the possibility of browsing products and dishes inside it was as accessible as possible. by the way, illumination can be done on the bottom line of the entire floor suites, but, it is rather a decorative option.

Lamps for kitchen cabinets under the, by the way, There are two different types of:

  • Built directly into the cabinets and shelves look very naturally and gently. Besides, they do not hit the light in his eyes, since they are not visible to the eye. but, with the illumination needed for a long time work, by mounting it directly into the design of.

  • Overhead svetilnichki much easier to install and change lamps when necessary, but they look not as aesthetically pleasing, and much more dangerous in the kitchen of his brothers built.

But even here the differences have not yet come to an end, because the lamps themselves are divided into two main types:

  • Fluorescent daylight lamps typically used in overhead fixtures. Modern design and manufacture of kitchens and sliding wardrobes, by the way, implies installation and assembling such tubes. Decorating fluorescent lamps is to select interesting and suitable for interior lamp.

  • LED lamp is now much more popular. They are often used for overhead fixtures thanks to its soft and bright light. LED lamps cooperate well with remote panels and sensors, which is very like a modern apartment owners. This type of lamp perfectly illuminates the work surface and dark areas in closets. A further important advantage of the diodes is that they can position in any of the figures, whether it is a triangle, or a star. This gives a lot of room for decorating.