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Corner sink for the kitchen: You have seen such?

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Corner sink in the kitchen - a way to save precious centimeters, countertops. This functional solution, if you choose the right sink. Combined with suite, formed in the shape of the letter "G". But there are no recommendations about the style. Here, the owners receive full freedom.

Corner sink for the kitchen
Corner sink - the most popular option in the kitchen

The traditional way of positioning the modules in series headset is outdated. He had long since lost its functionality. Now, it was replaced by more productive solutions.

A good way to save space

how to arrange sink in the corner the kitchen, to save space? It is in any case it contributes to this. But there are other factors, which sharpens focus:

  1. ergonomic space.
  2. Free space under the sink. There develops rubbish bin, household chemicals, detergents, etc..
  3. Regardless of the form, the availability of free space is not canceled.
  4. There is plenty of space for a sink. Here perform the shelf for frequently used items, products and devices.
  5. comfortable table, Where to put the dishes. This allows you to get rid of excess of the headset module, that is attractive for small kitchens.

Sometimes I buy a small corner sink, but it's not a lack of. In the choice of drawing attention to the intensity of use. This product will save extra space in the kitchen.

The convenient location of sinks
Convenient location sinks into two sections to help you quickly cope with cooking dishes

Recommendations for choosing a sink

Corner small size kitchen just have to install the corresponding shells. they are comfortable, tk. hostess overcomes distance from the plate to the sink, and back. Saving both time and space.

Designers are advised to give preference to a rectangular sinks. option bored, but comfortable. Square or oval products found, but they are inferior in terms of comfort. Encouraged to change shape in the case of, if maintained style.

Corner washbasins fit well into the cabinet with five facets with dimensions of 90 × 90cm. In this case, they have by degrees, convenient mistress. Above the sink is better not to install modules, because they are constantly exposed to moisture. Here suitable metal furniture with protective coating.

The hostess will appreciate the advantages of the sink with a wing / wings. They increase functionality at times.

Average depth - 20cm. If more, you'll have to bend over. When less than the depth, water is sprayed on the sides.

In this way, good washing should be roomy, resistant to household chemicals and temperature changes, as well as maintain a good appearance in all conditions.

roomy sink
Capacity and functionality of the wash sector is the prelude popular cuisine

What are angular in shape wash

Form distinguishes angular kitchen sinks. found:

  • rectangular. The classic version. There Corner Cupboards, vegetables and different things;
  • square. less comfortable, but still functional;
  • oval. Option is suitable for large or average cuisine, tk. We have to maintain a distance, not to merge accents and details, not broken style;
  • round. More oval suitable for small spaces;
  • other forms, carried out by private orders, as such, it is difficult to find in a free market access.

functionality increases, if double sink, not without a pair of wings. Sections differ in shape and size. dimensions double sinks for kitchen depending on the area of ​​premises, intensity washing operation.

Ideal - two bowls, differing in size, but the same depth. One section is intended for dishes, second - for vegetables.

Multi-level washing
Multi-level washing is not a luxury, but only a useful element of the kitchen facilities

material production

Market leaders - sink stainless steel. they are inexpensive, reliable, undemanding installation. They differ in configurations, dimensions, forms. The material allows you to perform any of its products, even customized. Among the disadvantages, there is increased noise, susceptibility to scratches from sharp objects. From an aesthetic point of view, too, there are disadvantages - you need to dry it thoroughly washing the walls and bottom, that was not dried drops, drips.

The composite material is purchased less. Its drawback - high price. But the costs are compensated duration of use, easy maintenance and lots of choice. Shells vary in configuration, form, sizes and even colors. There are unusually bright shades, such as blue or purple. Artificial stone is not scratched, good resistance to temperature changes and exposure to household chemicals.

The choice in favor of ceramics make ecology fans. By itself, this material is fragile, therefore a part of added additives. Product advantages - durability, wear resistance, noiseless. Minuses: high price, heavy weight, installation complexity.

Enamelled steel used in the manufacture of sinks for public premises. In houses and their homes better not to use because of minimal aesthetics and fragility.

The last option - cast iron products. Variety is almost absent, but you can find sinks, the different colors. Phosphate coating that promotes. Mechanical action quickly erases the protective coating, resulting in corrosion begins.

Cleaning of stainless steel
Stainless steel is already a classic choice of material - it was, It is and will be a popular

Methods sink mounting

Kitchen corner sink vested different ways of fastening:

  1. Mortice. here is cut tabletop, and washing mounted in it so, that the edges do not remain outside;
  2. overhead. The simplest option, does not require the participation of a specialist in the installation. Installation is made independently. Washing is superimposed on top of the countertop, sides it is held on the surface. Not exactly an aesthetic option, but comfortable, can at any time access to communications, to repair;
  3. fastened by special tools. Such sinks are bought, when strictly maintained design. In other cases they are not cost-effective - too expensive for low functionality.

Furniture plays an important role in the choice of fixing. If this is a separate cabinet or closet, it is possible to dream. When you are dealing with the module, it is recommended to choose the best option.

Gadgets and Accessories

Kitchen with corner sink is supplemented by useful tools:

  • Cutting board, follows the contour of the bowl. It is installed on top of the shell, and it is possible to cut vegetables, meat, etc.;
  • knife sets. They are sold in a curly stand, to always have on hand. Look as an accessory, do not go beyond the concept of style;
  • Basket. It is something like a sieve, but fixed on the shell ledges. It promotes the draining of excess moisture from fruit and vegetables, It allows you to easily defrost meat;
  • Kollander. This colander, executed in the form of additional bowl (if double sink). With it will go faster cooking, tk. workpiece at hand.

The list of accessories is not over. Housewives need to study the range of, to choose for themselves a comfortable fit.

The space is endowed with a comfortable layout, if it involves angular shell. The range allows to maintain the style, Modern production techniques are constantly improving the quality of. It contributes to the acquisition of good products, functional, wear-resistant and easy maintenance. Like these ones, Corner sink for the kitchen exist.