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Meaning ergonomics in choosing the angular wash: the most important thing

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Corner sink is ideal for small kitchens. Layout of the same name is often found. When not broken usability Surface, but it manages to accommodate everything you need inside the room. The design is kept, sink becomes eye-catching accent.

Corner sink in the kitchen
Corner sink - a convenient option in the kitchen

Corner sink endowed with nuances. Location should be carefully cover. Usually mounted lights built into the upper cabinets above the sink. Natural light does not reach to other work areas - slabs, countertops. Therefore it is difficult to determine the color and style.

Corner sinks and their participation in the kitchen ergonomics

Kitchen with corner sink - Ergonomic, if properly undeveloped. But it is not only involved in the process. Designers recommend to equip sink, fridge and stove so, so they were placed in the corners of a triangle. Then freed useful space, but it does not lose the functionality of the room.

fit Corner sink for the kitchen when, If no tables or other furniture items do not interfere with the movement. On a small-sized kitchen island can not be done. He looks aesthetically pleasing, but interferes with normal movement.

To improve ergonomics cuisine, ensure its functional working area and sufficient space helpful, selected washing under growth, the length of the individual arms. sink Dimensions correspond to the frequency and intensity of use. hostess mark, the main criterion in the selection focused on depth - not less than 18cm, otherwise the water spills out. But no more than 25cm, tk. uncomfortable to bend for each new plate. designers believe, convenient location - at arm's length, at an angle of 90 degrees.

corner sink
The angle of the epicenter area working housewife

Large pots or pans can be washed in the bathroom. They are used less frequently, to take into account in the arrangement of the kitchen.

ergonomic cleaning

Corner sink in the kitchen is usually made of stainless steel, tk. to be constantly in contact with water. products available, reliable and durable. They are suitable for most styles. Issued copies to 2-5 caşami, impact on comfort. But it is unnecessary to buy the sink with a few shells in a small area of ​​the kitchen.

Sink in the corner of the kitchen has advantages:

  1. density. But is suitable for square-shaped kitchen, not rectangular.
  2. Comfort. Wash located near all worktops, so the hostess all at your fingertips.
  3. You can use two options: D- and L-shaped cabinet under the sink. Sami bowls more diverse forms.
  4. Activated fully angle. If you install a bookcase or cabinet with drawers, while ergonomics increases by 10-20% with respect to the linear version.
  5. Acceptable placement of cabinets and modules on the edges of sinks. They harmoniously fit into the interior.
  6. If the room size allows, doing something "island" or "peninsula". Slight combined working and dining area.

Sink with drainer - the best option for small-sized kitchen, than two cups. There are thawed products, dried dishes and allow water to drain from the product simultaneously.

Corner sink with drainer in the kitchen
Functional sink - very handy when cooking and defrosting meat onovremennoy

What are the angular sinks?

Hostess have different concepts, what should be the kitchen sink. Therefore, manufacturers are expanding lineups, to provide a good product even the pickiest buyer. Configuration corner sinks are classified by:

  • production of materials. Typically purchase stainless steel products, tk. they are both cheap and reliable. But there are composite, ceramic sinks. they are more expensive, but beautiful. Functionality approximately identical;
  • Type installation. are false, Mortise and integrated. The first option - easy to install. The second is also allowed to set their own. But integrated products are installed only in the presence of professionals, tk. it requires skill and special tools;
  • dimensions. Here the choice is made in accordance with the size of the kitchen, cabinets or countertops. But pay attention to the personal wishes. Sometimes, for large spaces are selected for compact washing hostess preference. And they fit in the interior;
  • additional equipment. Sink with drainer, second bowl or special devices at the bottom are more expensive, but a positive impact on the functionality and comfort of operation;
  • producers. Most of the sinks in the Russian market are delivered from abroad, but there are decent local products.

Flush corner sink
Flush model installed independently with a minimum set of tools

Sinks for dishes with a modern must meet the functionality requirements, harmoniously with the concept of the chosen style.

Data on manufacturers

Corner sink for the kitchen placed on the market by different manufacturers, they focus on individual details, so the user is satisfied range, tk. can find, his suit:

  1. A variety of materials. Kitchen Sink Frap or Leademe Chinese production made of glass. But there are other instances, characterized by quality, cost and reliability.
  2. Dimensions corner sinks for the kitchen. With this task cope Russian manufacturer. With small companies sign contracts on individual orders. sold to small, narrow items, as well as large, with a plurality of cups and extras.
  3. minimum range, but the highest quality. All European manufacturers prefer to focus on quality. Cost pays durable use.

Individual providers prefer to offer in the range of forms or colors. The product can withstand the concept of a given style designers.

Style shell pants gaining popularity

Accessories & Accessories

Design for the kitchen sink is not complete without accessories. They are represented on the market in the range of. Some immediately integrated into the sink, the rest are purchased in a single order.

The value of the additional devices is to increase the comfort of using a predetermined working area. They affect the functionality. Some articles automatically, when required, the rest are controlled manually.

Ergonomics is increased by using:

  • Baskets and containers with mesh bottom. They are designed for drying cutlery, vegetables, fruit;
  • Dispensers for washing agents or liquid soap. useful accessories, save budget;
  • Dryers for napkins, towels. They are installed above the sink, allow you to immediately get rid of excess moisture;
  • A set of plates on the drain hole. They protect the waste pipe from clogging, when large household waste. Sometimes you need to type in a bowl of water, for this, too, has a special lining;
  • Pallets of different sizes. They are easy to clean vegetables, cutting meat, etc..

There are special tools, where to put dishes. However, these accessories are not suitable for all styles. They negatively affect the aesthetics.

Corner sink with dispenser
Corner sink with dispenser looks elegant and expensive

installation Methods

Shells vary in the type of installation. Most of the options installed on their own. Waybill wash their hands properly installed, difficulties arise. To do this, clean the upper part of the cabinets or countertops. After the bottom of the bowl is covered with adhesive base, silicone sealant, then pressed to the cabinet. sealant remnants are removed. Sometimes it is unnecessary to fix the product to the glue. Use clips from the kit.

Space becomes more ergonomic when installing integrated models. Here it alone will not work, it is recommended to turn to professionals.

Inset sinks are relatively easy to install, so the process is carried out independently. Sealant will need more, tk. the upper part of the cabinets or countertops are not removed completely, as in the embodiment of the trim. It is necessary to carefully remove it after installation. Desk where you can be located on opposite sides of the sink, as well as one.


Sinks for kitchen corner are available in an assortment. But in choosing the best to rely on the opinions of professionals. Modern designers do not miss the functional parameters, convenience and aesthetics.