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Corner kitchen with breakfast bar: How to make the dream a reality

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still popular corner in the kitchen with modern interiors bar. Such a decision to equip the space has many functional advantages, but only if the proper organization of the project. Unfortunate location and violation basic standards will for so, that extra piece of furniture will be a major mistake all repair and you will create one disadvantage. To avoid this, should consider this issue in more detail.

corner kitchen
Always emphasize the aristocracy and luxury

Features and design advantage: modern interior

corner kitchen

Corner bar - the dream of many people. Build such a structure at home it is quite possible, even in tight spaces. Kitchen unit supplemented auxiliary surface, which may be a direct continuation of the work area or at an angle thereto. Sometimes rack brought separately, but it is suitable mainly for large buildings.

Interior corner kitchen should be carefully considered, that the beneficial effect of the new facility was the highest. If successful, location-hour Which performs functions:

  1. Working surface - extension of the main part of the furniture, auxiliary area headset.
  2. Dining table - for a small family, replaces dimensional freestanding table.
  3. Zoning - divides the interior of labor and a dining section.
  4. Decor - modern design course, by which transformed the whole room.

Kitchen with breakfast bar
Relaxing ambiance of the bar will not leave anyone indifferent

Additionally bar Kitchen can be used for storage of utensils and accessories, being supplemented pipe and flanges. Some models are equipped with cabinets and shelves.

Another feature of the design - it facilitates the general view of the furniture. It is ideal for decorating the useful space near the window. Corner kitchen is projected taking into account the placement of the boxes so, to them remained free access, but it shall be made to the windowsill countertops.

Most of the pillars has a height of 85 to 100 cm. To them it was possible to use, as a dining or work desk provides the purchase bar stools. They differ greater height - 100-110 cm. For the legs equipped with the stand on a chair or shelf under the table. Some people prefer the combined model, when the worktop has two levels. In this case it is possible to avoid unnecessary expenditure on special chairs, in fact part of a rack adapted height for standard queries.

Corner kitchen with breakfast bar

Options for small corner kitchen studios 5 sq m and more

In modern apartments often found in the layout of a studio. The spacious room combines hallway, living room and kitchen. This opens the possibility for the arrangement of the individual functional areas. It is a corner bar often serves as a separator between cooking food and leisure sector.

kitchen studio
Ideal Interior version - the original and delicious

Options with built-in refrigerator according to the classical project: red and other colors

Kitchen with breakfast bar provides for such tasks:

  • Providing additional work surface for the cooking;
  • Desktop performance for home office tasks;
  • distributing zone in the presence of hotel dining Sets;
  • place for breakfast and snacking.

The rack can be a continuation of part of the headset, but in most cases it unfolded at a right angle, to visually distinguish the kitchen area from the living room. Particularly impressive look radius countertops, but the cost is much higher, than the standard straight.

According to the arrangement angle kitchen with breakfast bar resembling the letter U. The distance between the lines of the unit must be at least 100-120 cm. If corner kitchen has enough space for furniture in the central part, you can arrange a rack in the form of the island. This not only makes it more interesting view of the interior, but will also place a comfortable supporting surface, additional storage boxes. Island should make the edge of the kitchen area, that he played one of the most important tasks for a studio rack - delineation of space.

Small-sized kitchen with breakfast bar

Compact kitchen
element of the interior for a modern kitchen

It does not always have the opportunity to demolish the wall partitions and turn the apartment into a studio. Corner post to fit into the interior of the kitchen to the standard 10 square meters, the project should be computed literally millimeters.

The main condition - convenience. Often small corner kitchen with breakfast bar suggest a retractable worktop. It rests on the bar with the rollers, and retracted, if necessary under the tabletop. The second option - folding table. The part may be a fixed worktop, but elongation occurs exclusively through the use of an additional section on hinges with lock.

The rack should not clutter the space and close the passage. Wall shelves at a bar in this case is not always appropriate. The same applies to the shelves, because they interfere with the legs when sitting at the table.

kitchen with breakfast bar

It should consider the option with high stand on a pedestal. Such furniture is not well suited for eating, but it allows you to put in a large number of boxes of dishes, products and other household items. The difference in the level of tabletops adds a decorative overall composition. In addition, people with high growth it is more convenient to work at a height.

Another way to save space in the regeneration of the rack - reduces its width. To be placed on the table fruits, bread bins and tea set is enough 30 cm.

Be sure to think through the location of the main sections of the headset and household appliances. Doors and drawers should not overlap with the support or the surface of the bar. If you plan to use it instead of a dining table, Consider placing chairs.

If desired, the bar can be fit even a little kitchen Khrushchevite. More opportunities in terms of design and experimentation with style offers spacious studio. In this room this element carries additional functional and aesthetic burden. In any case, only a careful study of the project ensures the benefits of auxiliary countertops in a corner headset.

See a video review with photos of popular solutions.