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Standard sizes at the bar in the kitchen

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With stunning speed in modern design penetrate bars. Today this solution is found not only in contemporary styles, but also in classical and even "Soviet" interiors. Notably, that the tendency to decorate the interior of the home entertainment came in the design of conventional apartments from studios. They bar - is the boundary between the zones, in particular: between the kitchen and the living room or dining area. But still, such placement is not the only option.

bar counter
Bar counter should be as beautiful and comfortable in the kitchen

The width of the bar allows you to succinctly insert it into the interior of any space: whether Khrushchev kitchen or a private home. In addition, this element of the decor is functional. On the extra countertop is possible not only to drink morning coffee, but the bar countertop will allow itself to be used as a work surface.

Bar in you in the kitchen: small and large room

The bar counter in the kitchen in a modern style

The dimensions of the design require the use of special sizes of bar stool, which are selected individually from a height of a particular model: standard
the height of the bar does not exceed 1.15 m. However, this is a classic racks, New Century design allows for variation in height in a vast range of. by the way, picking up chairs for the home bar, give preference to models with footrests; sit with constantly dangling legs is not convenient.

The bar counter in the kitchen

Standard dimensions of the bar: height and other paramatery

the height of the bar standard allows to use it, as a continuation of the work area or to use as an extra worktop. Considering, what standard width countertop Home bars longer, than in said bars, then the surface is used as a dining table or a place for a snack. Typical table may be missing in the kitchen, but the bar should be comfortable chairs: buy soft Seats for them.

There are exotic options. Поскольку нас волнует удобство кухонного инвентаря, we will take into account, that legroom - also important. You can buy a special bar chairs with folding legs: want to, you and a regular chair or stool to stand. The only problem - to find such problematic chairs.

The bar counter in the kitchen beautiful

The model differs from the bar and the kitchen? Not only the height of the bar in the kitchen sets it apart from its progenitor, but also the fact, that stand in the kitchen is any elongated countertop space, acting abroad Headset, Add extra work surface.

In this way, we can conclude, that the home version - can be built with their own hands. Basically, this is a common table top without any special allowances. Some designers require customized fasteners for pipe-structure, to create a close copy of this stand. But if we talk about specific models, it is difficult to find a single category. but, We try to describe the popular models of racks in the next paragraph.

Bar counter-table

What models exist: with top and other

  1. have, as an outgrowth from the working zone. Today - the most popular option racks. Here are just in the role of a third pivot point stands pipe. The dimensions of the bar in the kitchen of the type defined space. She "grows" in the design of the other side, where it will not interfere with the. In another embodiment, a strut tube is not used, and worktop extends L-shaped, relying on the second end of any structure. You can use the U-shape in the spacious kitchen, to fill the space and thus save space by eliminating the classic table.
  2. Ostrovnaya stand. This option is suitable for rooms spacious and bright. On this island bar to make necessary equipment, and permitting communication, and the stove or sink. In this way, labor becomes only one side, and the other serves as a table. Important, that is the height of the bar table and the island differ significantly - the bar is higher. For convenience, create a two-level: a lower side and an upper working area - as a continuation of and the transition to the rack.The bar counter in the kitchen of hi-tech
  3. Position the wall. Remember the Soviet beer - besides roundtables, along the walls were long and narrow tables, which sometimes were attached only to walls. In this style, and we are adopting this design, and what should be the height of bar - decide on convenience. For small kitchens this rack - comfortable and harmonious solution. incontestable, it has a dining table, but thanks to this construction, saving vital space, which is given by the necessary equipment. Besides, this design does not restrict freedom of movement.

Think of an island version - it has a tangible advantage. The table top in this case continues in any convenient for you way and makes any form. In practice, there are even ideas wavy racks!

The bar counter in a modern kitchen

For families with children need to be concerned about the dining place , since the height of the bar does not allow your receivers safely eat. In such cases, for the little ones, you can buy folding table, which is removed as unnecessary in the bins Homeland. Yes, and you can open it anywhere.

The bar counter is placed against the wall in an easy to use site. Restrictions on the length of the plan or arrangement on it has no, so this option is simple and not expensive.

home bar

With a lack of space, But the desire to have a home your own piece of the bar, allowed to turn into a rack windowsill. However, it may then be necessary to replan. This work will be more expensive and will not work without the masters of their craft, however, and the result will exceed all expectations. And why not increase the size of the window? Panorama - it's beautiful! In some cases, the sill is used only as part of the post, eg, as a place for the placement of dishes, which is not another place on the table. Comfortable and everything at your fingertips.

Classic bar counter in the kitchen
Classical bar always looks good in the kitchen

At the end of


so, we have seen, Barney song can fit in any room - it would wish. As it turned out, stand function thing, can replace a table, hide equipment and even used as a work area. You will need to choose the style and stands only a specific model, to the kitchen space is not looked downtrodden. Free space in this room - the standard in the kitchen. The height of the bar to the kitchen on the contrary - it is private.