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Washing machine in the kitchen: how to install their own hands

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Washer It is one of the most necessary household appliances. However, it is not always enough space in the usual room - the bathroom, special, if the apartment is small and bathroom bathroom. Therefore, the option is selected with the tool in the kitchen, that eliminates the problem of lack of space, and enhances the functionality of the kitchen facilities. Especially that the installation of the washing machines with their own hands is not particularly difficult for an experienced handyman.

Washing machine in the kitchen
Washing machine in the kitchen - it is convenient and practical

The advantages of the location of the washing machine in the kitchen

Placing art in the kitchen has a number of advantages. About them should know before, how to start the installation of the washing machine with his hands in his apartment. As well as a few disadvantages of options, are also available, as in any case of any location in the apartment.

A washing machine and a man


The main advantage of machines installed in kitchens is to save space in the bathroom. While in the kitchen, even small, a place, With proper placement of furniture and other interior items, there will always. The main thing - to mount the device close to the crane and sewerage, reducing communication length.


The advantage is considered such factors:

  • opportunity for housewives to cook and wash in one place;
  • a slight change in the interior, allowing, if properly install a washing machine in the kitchen, fit into headsets;
  • use of the top cover of the device or instead of it ballpen countertop.


The main drawback of the layout options in the kitchen, two cars. First of all, after washing drum remains open for an hour or two. AND, regardless of, set the washing machine or a semi-automatic version, drum drying in the kitchen room is not aesthetically pleasing and uncomfortable - not to mention keeping dirty laundry inside the unit. Secondly, powder loading washing during food preparation is not recommended, and both processes are carried out at different times.

Washing machine in the beautiful kitchen

Selection of machines

choosing the car, guided by the dimensions of the device itself and the size of the kitchen. It is recommended to stick to the machine format, corresponding to a different technique, and pre-plan accommodation. So as to establish dishwasher in the kitchen and ready "stiralku" harder embodiment while installing kitchen wall entirely. When you select should take into account the presence of machines with different ways to download, affecting the installation features.

vertical load

Ability to upload clothes on top allows you to spend less time on integration of equipment. But only one accommodation option - installation next to the furniture without worktop. Selection of the vertical width of the machine to 400 mm suitable for small kitchens and baths.

Washing machine in a small kitchen

horizontal loading

A sufficient amount of space in the kitchen room embodiment allows selection among the art from the front (horizontal) laundry tab. Wherein
self-installation of the washing machine is possible and by placing above the countertop, and using enclosure, and a separate location. For installation under the working surface of choice is stopped on the instrument height below 85 cm. When mounted in a cabinet width washing machine at selected 60 cm, instead of two doors (uncomfortable when loading) It is one. If the height is suitable for the characteristics of the unit was on the level of other furniture, Countertop stacked instead of the top cover.

Features built-in appliances

At Embedded washing machines have advantages over a single plant. disadvantages less, but they also have.

Washing machine in the large kitchen

On the plus side it is worth mentioning the following factors:

  1. Embed the technique practical furniture. Compared with a single space-saving installation in the kitchen is up to 20 percent;
  2. Machine inside the headset is compliant with the latest trends in kitchen design;
  3. The hostess is convenient to use the equipment, without making unnecessary movements - all appliances at your fingertips;
  4. Built-in appliances has no corners and ensures the safety of movement in the kitchen and does not allow dirt to accumulate;
  5. Hoses to connect the washing machine is conveniently hidden behind furniture.

Cons noticeable if necessary rearrangements of furniture or appliances. Broken car is difficult to replace a new. Uncomfortable and move individual elements, swapping. And yet the installation will cost more by a third.

Washing machine in the headset

interior organization

establish Equipment in the kitchen be so, so as not to spoil the interior of the premises and at the same time not take place. It is more convenient to do it, wherein not picked up from the other cabinets special frame, which will set the machine during assembly. Taken into account the distance to and outlet pipes and, and other equipment. Since all, you need to connect the dishwasher, suitable for washing.

If the interior is ready, and the machine is purchased later, the problem is complicated. But quickly solved - or by inserting into the cabinet (Then appearance art unimportant) or decoration in the prevailing style in the kitchen (pasting or painting). For the conversion of the product style invite experienced master, not to spoil not cheap equipment.

Washing machine on the stylish kitchen

Features installation of a corner kitchen with worktop

installing appliances, first of all check the reliability of water supply and sewerage systems - communications failure spoil machine. Another important quality of supply - supply
filter for a washing machine in bad water will help you, than pay for repairs. Floor at the installation site align, and for greater stability, adjust the washing machine according to the instructions.

Preparing to Install

Before connecting the washing machine with his own hands, perform certain actions. The first stage of the connection becomes acquainted with the instruction. The second - unpacking device and removing shipping bolts, opening of which is closed with the apparatus plugs. Further, the technique put closer to the place of installation - so it will be easier to connect the first "stiralku", and then
drain hose dishwasher - common and easier to drain the power of individual.

White washing machine

Connection to sewer

To drain the used water should properly connect the washing machine to the sewer. Properly to do so by a siphon, avoiding unpleasant odors. In this embodiment impossibility, connect the washing machine to the sewer must be directly, providing a height above the floor at the point of attachment to the pipe at least 500 mm.

Remember, connect the washing machine to the sewer without siphon should be using a rubber sleeve, Inserted into the tube.

Water connection

For a water extraction technique is connected to the water supply system,. For this purpose shut-off valve for the washing machine and the hose. Origin sold separately and placed on the pipe, the second comes bundled. Permitted and advance, when installing or replacing the tubes, establish a special mixer for washing machine tap.

setting up your washing machine

Correctly connect the washing machine to the water supply should be so:

  • from the tube by means of a tee connection with stopcock is;
  • the water supply hose to the washing machine at one end attached to the wiring system of cold water;
  • tee screwed to the water supply pipe to other devices.
  • water supply hose to the washing machine is connected to the equipment.

washing machine in the network

To connect the washing machine to the water supply do not use keys - plastic nuts are tightened hands. Some devices have two off - and then want to have separate valves for connecting the washing machine, Cold and hot water.


Aligning technology

Having finished installation, required to correctly set the washing machine to eliminate vibration and noise. For, to adjust the feet of the washing machine, I need not experience, a bubble level or plumb. After that, as it was possible to set the level of the washing machine, click on the cover to check the stability of the. The installation of the washing machine in the kitchen is complete.