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Features retractable hood: dimensions, power and operating noise

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Modern kitchen is inconceivable without hoods. If you want to, to the ceiling and hanging lockers near the stove looked carefully, and the air was purified from the combustion products, grease and odors, something similar to the device you need. The optimal choice for any kitchen will Built-in telescopic hood (slider).

Features retractable hood
Features retractable hood is small in size and replacement filters

Features and benefits of retractable hoods

The main objective of any type of stretching is to remove odors, vapor and contaminants together with the exhaust air. But if in addition to this main function would like to get some more benefits, the built-in telescopic hood for the kitchen - suitable option. What has positive qualities extractor slider?

  1. saving space. The deficit in the kitchen area - not uncommon, and under the hood to give a couple of cubic meters becomes a luxury. Massive device will greatly reduce the space visually. Telescoping the hood will take a minimum of space.
  2. high functionality. Despite its modest size, drawing sliders performance and can effectively clean the air (to 1000 cubic meters per hour).
  3. modern management. Retractable hood for the kitchen appeared fairly recently on the market, Similar devices are equipped with flexible settings and multiple modes.
  4. Low-key appearance. Due to the small dimensions hood slider is able to fit into any decor, without attracting undue attention. Some manufacturers of kitchen furniture (eg, Kitchens «Darina») immediately comprise suitable packaging device.

The disadvantage of retractable hoods can be called a high price.

What other features have a built-in telescopic hood for the kitchen? Sliding panel in the open position covers large space, which positively affects the quality of air purification. If necessary, it can be easily removed, so that the device looks neat and takes up little space.

Open drawer
Open the drawer allows almost completely capture the combustion waste

Extractor hood slider is like a branch, that is connected to the central ventilation, and recirculation - Air Filters. We'll talk more about, how to choose a telescopic hood for the kitchen and what specifications you need to pay special attention.

Modes and Performance

As I mentioned above, There are two modes of operation for the air purification mechanisms - Fume (otvodnoy) and filtration (recirculating). Prices on the hood for the kitchen are directly dependent on the selected mode, the type and quality of materials used in filtration, power and performance, design. Device performance is dependent on the number of fans, used to provide air flow, and their power.

exhaust mode

Telescopic hood for kitchen, functioning in the branch mode, Duct system has, that the contaminated air withdrawn in a ventilation shaft or directly to the outside. For this reason, the installation of such a device should produce a professional. If the mine is located away from the plate, the ventilation sleeve have masked. Optional equipment for the installation of the system need to be purchased separately.

The disadvantages include the fact exhaust mode, that when working in winter the room will lose heat. But such a system not only removes odors, but also moisture, heat, which are superfluous in the kitchen.

Telescopic hood
Telescopic hood for the kitchen Eleus Breeze fit into any design

filtration regime

model, operating in the recirculation mode, does not require the purchase of additional equipment to install and cheaper. Installation of such air cleaning system is easy to do yourself. The scheme works like drawing elementary: via fan contaminated air is forced through the filter system of coarse and fine purification, and returned to the room.

Pull-out hood, work in filter mode, does not require the use of bulky and pipes Duct, and thanks to the retractable panels boast a small size: 12-28 see depth when closed, instead of 60 cm.

What makes this design? The air is cleaned of harmful combustion products and fats, a ventilation shaft is free and provides a natural air circulation, temperature condition persists.

However, it should be understood, that the filters used in the system need regular maintenance and timely replacement. The apparatus requires a high fan power (because the air needed to push through the pores of the filter) and consumes more electricity. Besides, recirculating hoods are not removed from the premises excess moisture.


Performance - is the main technical characteristics of any drawing. Before purchasing you need to pay attention not only on the design of the device, but also on its size. Size of the device should match the size of the plate (standard - 50 × 60 cm). Filtration materials must promptly remove contaminants.

dome hood
Dome hoods are characterized by high capacity

solving, a performance hood buy, do not lose sight of the number and capacity of fans. but consider, that powerful devices to be noisy.

The optimized parameters defined by recessed hoods for the kitchen for an hour tenfold provide replacement of the entire volume of air of the kitchen. To figure out your own performance to the kitchen facilities, make a simple calculation. kitchen area, multiply by the height of the ceiling, and get the volume of air. Now find out, the number of times per hour that volume must pass through the unit for cleaning. According to the sanitary standards for home cooking ten - twelve times, that is, the amount is multiplied by 12.

Consider, that the drain-drawing performance decreases proportionally to the length vozduhovyvodyaschego channel, and the number of bends in the corner 10% for each bending and meter. Performance exhaust recirculating falls on 25%.

Do not choose the hood unnecessarily high performance. Fan power devices designed for placement in 65-85 cm above the working surface. Below the hood positioning not recommended, otherwise work at the stove is simply inconvenient. If you put it above the recommended 85 cm, it is necessary to select a higher power technique, which will be able to draw to itself couples.

For those, who wants to pick up the hood with high performance, but is not willing to put up with the constant noise, Existing models with power regulation. It may be a step (2-5 speeds) or smooth, Exhibited runner. Another nice thing - if the hood works at average power, it will last longer. But the maximum loading is better to reserve in reserve in case, if the food will burn.

recirculating hood
Island recirculating decorative hood is the perfect combination of power and noise from work


Air purification device equipped with one or more filters. Retractable hood with a vent mode of operation is equipped with a coarse filter, protects the motor against fat. Device for air purification, operating in the recirculation mode, equipped with additional filter - coal.


Grease filters are designed to contain rising from the stove grease and soot particles. They protect against pollution and the fan motor, increasing the life of the device. Anti-grease filters are applied in the shunt, and recirculation hoods.

Grease can be both disposable, and reusable. Disposable filters should be replaced in due time (about every 2 of the month). If you do not, extraction efficiency greatly drops, and the engine was soon clogged with fat, which will lead to breakage. Reusable filters require regular maintenance - they need to be periodically removed and washed.

Grease filters are made of several materials:

  • sinteponovye and non-woven - disposable filters, that can not be washed, otherwise they will become useless;
  • Acrylic - reusable rigid plate, that wash once a month (at the same time they need to be dry during the day and is contraindicated pressing);
  • aluminum need to be cleaned twice a month mild detergent manually or without utensils in the dishwasher;
  • Stainless Steel - expensive and long-lasting, they are washed by hand or without utensils in the dishwasher.

grease filter
Aluminum grease filter

Latest retractable hoods are equipped with sensor, signals the need to replace or clean the filter. Refer to the service you need to carefully, as the fat clogged filter media can not only cause damage, but also cause a fire.

Fine filters

coal, or as they are called, sorption, Filters are applied in recycling devices, to eliminate unpleasant odors. Because installation protivozapahovogo filter device performance is reduced by 25%, because the air has to be pushed through the small pores.

Carbon filters are often not included in the basic package, they need to acquire a separate. suitable filter parameters are described in the instruction manual. It is not necessary to purchase accessories, designed for higher performance technology, they will not deal with the elimination of odors.

Antizapahovye change the filters need to be about every three months. If the unit is not equipped with a filter change indicator, You learn something about its replacement can be watching the operation of the instrument. Extract with clogged filter starts noise, absorption decreases and the air.

Replace carbon filter can be independently. It is not necessary to save by buying cheap filters, they are made of carbon powder and worse secondary processing delay smells.

stretch management

The sensor unit
Touch hood control unit

Selecting the control type hood depends on personal preference and the overall design of the design. Management can be divided into three types:

  • push-button;
  • sensory;
  • slide.

The touch control panel is present in the modern and expensive models hoods. It is easy to use, durable. Push-button controls found on most models, It has significant shortcomings. in low-cost devices are managed with the help of sliders.

The control panel switches are arranged velocity, Breakers fans and lamps. The most advanced models determine temperature rise, humidity change, They recognize the approach of the person and can automatically turn on the backlight, power to change. Comfortable hood with remote control.

there are sliding mechanisms kitchen with flexible settings, eg, Timer can be set up on-time drawing. The device will operate at low power at specific intervals, to indoor air does not stagnate.

Additional the fan for drawing can redirect air flow from the working area into the duct, using aerodynamic effect.


Installation of a retractable hood
Installation of the sliding hood is easy to carry out on their own

The process of installing a telescopic extract varies depending on the type of. Assemble the people can, having skills in electrical, but it is better to turn to professionals.

  1. Vertical hoods - a rare type of devices. They can be placed behind, the side or above the work surface. mounted hood worktop, where as needed gets drawer. Extract from countertop instantly absorbs evaporation, not allowing them to rise up. Inclined devices also apply to vertical, but are set similarly horizontal, at an angle to the working surface.
  2. Hoods, built in wardrobe, today at the peak of popularity. They fit harmoniously into the interior - locker hides technological details, leaving in sight only the control panel.
  3. Horizontal hanging hood occupies little space, over it if desired additional set hinged locker. Typically, this low-cost recirculation model, easy to install.

The most common built-in retractable hood diverter type. we will focus on the installation of such devices more. How to fix the sliders, described in the attached instructions to them, there are specified the exact dimensions of the device. We will focus on some points.

Bleeding into the ventilation
Bleeding in ventilation hoods by using corrugated pipe

Extractor hood a lot of weight, therefore, need reliable hardware. If you are attaching the device to drywall, it is used to reinforce the wooden plank. When docking the duct elements not do without sealant.

pay attention to size drawing. Standard width - 50 cm, depth - 60 see working the open state. The minimum height of the above the work surface - 65 see for gas and 50 cm for electric cookers. Below is a mechanism of uncomfortable and dangerous - because of the contaminated filter grease can cause a fire.

The width of the air cleaning device should be equal to the width of the working surface or exceed its. The flexible corrugated drainage choose the largest diameter. Duct should be as short as possible length. Number of bends reduces productivity, but it is better to make two turns at 45 degrees, than one 90.


On the market there are a large number of different cost retractable hoods. To select optimally suitable hood, you need to consider the size of the kitchen, performance and other technical characteristics of the device.