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small kitchen: how to make a room the most functional and comfortable

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The real problem for many housewives It is small in kitchen area. The design of such facilities should be developed on the basis of two criteria - saving space and functionality. To make the best use of the available square footage you need to carefully consider each element, in particular, the decoration and furniture.

round kitchen
With the help of the interior your kitchen become a convenient and comfortable

small size kitchen design

As an example, consider the design small kitchen Sleeper. Such an option allows the use of space in several directions. For ease of design planning is necessary to allocate separate blocks:


  1. surface finish;
  2. working area and equipment;
  3. storing things;
  4. dining group;
  5. bed in the kitchen;
  6. decoration.

With limited space is organized kitchen convertible, where most of the elements perform several functions.

Orange kitchen
Comfortable and visually increase the room

Covering involves the creation of a background, which favorably reflect available area and expand its visually. The optimum light shades, but they should not be merged with other home furnishings. Ceiling pick white background or milk. You can use glossy stretch ceiling. Flooring is best to do light of the medium-format tiles. Diagonal layout visually pushes the wall. Apron and the wall can be arranged strips or medium-sized drawing. Pastel shades, beige, light gray - ideal. Dark accents should not be more than 2-3.

Secrets of a modern interior in a small area apartment: ideas with a sofa, berth, table, bar, TV, seating, window

The working area can be positioned in a straight line or the letter D. Island in this case - not a good idea. You must place the main objects on the basis of the triangle, with intermediate worktops. Refrigerator transferred to the corridor, if space is not enough. Pick up small technique, but roomy and functional. Housing is enough small oven, which can replace and microwave, as well as the cooking surface 2 burners. Place the sink in the corner, and extend the tabletop to the windowsill.

small kitchen

Furniture should contain a maximum of items, so the use of modern furniture. If you plan to kitchen design with sofa, Organize drawers under the seat, and in the corner - a curbstone. Narrow Cargo and drawers, antresoli, shelves and racks on the doors, angle spinning shelves and complex system under the sink - all take note of this. Partial space saving is possible by removing the handles and use of the system click-clack. The storage system includes outdoor seating household items with hooks, Organizer and auxiliary shelves. Set better produce under the order on an individual project. Competent specialists to help make optimal use of the available opportunities in the development of the furniture plan.

Compact kitchen
Great design for a small-sized kitchen

Dining group may consist of a bar, miniature table or a sliding tabletop. Use folding tables, books, tranformerı, retractable, Folding etc. The calculation goes on 2-3 man. Narrow folding table book design can be increased twice if necessary, but in daily life enough to countertops 1 m. Seating used stools, compact chairs or small-sized sofas.

If the equipment can be arranged soft corner bed in the kitchen. Small sofas are working on a modular system, evroknizhka or dolphin. Advantageous to use a folding chair in the kitchen with a sleeping place. It is used in the case of the arrival of guests, but not every day.

cozy kitchen neebolshaya

Decor is used on a minimum. It should reflect the beneficial environment, therefore too rough texture and minor and major elements - banned. Mirrors pushing the wall, as well as a glossy surface. For windows use a light tulle or blinds. The main principle - minimalism. Clutter the walls with paintings and shelves will cluttering effect and narrows the space.

Change plan kitchen

If the space is too limited, and the selected design is not expected to cause a visual effect, the only way it becomes a change plan. Ways of solving problems such:

  1. the movement of the functional areas;
  2. partitions transfer;
  3. premises combine.

cozy kitchen
Everything you need is close at hand

Fitted kitchen with a sleeping place is not always possible, so you need to consider alternative removal eating areas and rest in another place, eg, adjacent to the living room. The alternative - the revision of the basic layout object. The room is rebuilt without modification of its basic parameters. The work area can be divided into two parts, to shift some of the objects, which often requires the transfer of communications. Eventually kitchen sofa Sleeper manages to fit in a vacant corner. Method Minus - a small beneficial effect at significant cost to rebuild.

Kitchens do 8 meters do not allow the fine to settle. Output is offset partitions. Sometimes you can "bite" of the area of ​​the corridor or living room. Expanding the available layout, additional square footage will become a wardrobe, table. That will have a full kitchen with a modest berth.

small kitchen

The most favorable option - removal Perestenko. Combine the design of the kitchen can be with such premises:

  • Balcony or loggia;
  • pantry;
  • living room;
  • hallway.

The effect has even banal removal of the door. Open aperture makes it possible to place it close to the furniture and equipment.

practical kitchen

Studio allows you to arrange full sofas in the interior, allocating separate functional zone. These sleeper sofas are suitable for daily use. Under the working space is given a separate area, that nothing more is not limited to. The result is a kitchen-dining room with a sitting area and sleeping. To distinguish between use furniture, eg, sofa or shelving, decorative screens, partitions and low Perestenko.


Each option worth closer examination. With proper placement of objects and the design space can be even of a small kitchen to make the most.

Small kitchens are very convenient, when very little space in the apartment.